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Friday, July 18, 2008

[NJ] Any excuse to think of slain Sgt's wife Barbara Vanaman is a good one

Millville police sergeant accused of killing wife appears in court
Press of Atlantic City, NJ
July 14, 2008

BRIDGETON - Robert Vanaman, a Millville police sergeant charged with murdering his wife, appeared in Superior Court on Monday nearly a month after a request by the defense for a change in trial venue was denied.

Judge Walter Marshall Jr. set the next hearing for Sept. 15 and indicated he could set a date for the final hearing before Vanaman's trial.

Attorneys for Vanaman, 39, asked that the upcoming trial be moved to Gloucester County because, they contended, Cumberland County's juror pool was tainted by the media coverage of the May 11, 2006, death.

The request was denied May 16.

According to police, Vanaman shot his wife, Barbara, twice in the chest with his service revolver. Vanaman's defense maintains that the shooting was done in self-defense and in response to his wife attacking him with a knife.

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  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2014

    looks like the fix was on this was not justice


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