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Thursday, July 17, 2008

[GA] A LEADER LEADS: Kudos to Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren

"...I have no tolerance for misconduct by anyone sworn to uphold the law and, as a result, have immediately terminated Jason Bill’s employment with the Cobb County Sheriff's Office..."

I don't know what kind of a man Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren is, or what kind of a husband. I don't know his history or what people say. I do know that the SAME DAY that Deputy Jason Anthony Bill was arrested for violent crimes against a female victim - with the information that was clear to the Sheriff - the Deputy was fired. Articles coming out the day after Deputy Bill's arrest already were calling him a "former" deputy.

It's not the so-called bad apples that define the department, but it's leaders.
Kudo's to Sheriff Warren
Sheriff’s Statement Regarding Arrest Of Deputy
WSBtv.com, GA
Jul 15, 2008

It was with a profound sense of outrage and betrayal that I learned of the actions and subsequent charges lodged against Deputy Jason Bill. This type of conduct is reprehensible under any circumstances but even more so when committed by a law enforcement officer. I have no tolerance for misconduct by anyone sworn to uphold the law and, as a result, have immediately terminated Jason Bill’s employment with the Cobb County Sheriff's Office.

This is indeed a sad day for the Cobb County Sheriff's Office and law enforcement in general. It is particularly disheartening when a law enforcement officer breaks trust with his co-workers and with those he is sworn to protect. We have many dedicated and honorable employees who give unselfishly of themselves on a daily basis to serve the citizens of this County. Our deepest condolences are with the alleged victim of this offense.

The investigation into this incident is on-going by the Cobb County Police Department and I have the utmost confidence in their ability and commitment to bring it to a successful conclusion. The Cobb County Sheriff's Office will assist in any manner necessary and will work to insure that any criminal violations are vigorously prosecuted.

Cobb Deputy Charged With Kidnapping, Rape
Tracey Christensen tchristensen@wxia.gannett.com
Julie Wolfe jwolfe@11alive.com
July 16, 2008

MARIETTA -- Cobb County police arrested a Cobb County Sheriff's deputy Tuesday on charges he kidnapped and raped a woman Monday night. The suspect, Jason Anthony Bill, 37, was immediately fired from his job, the sheriff's office said.

Investigators said the deputy entered a bar in Marietta, where he placed handcuffs on the woman's hands and tied her legs. He then took her to his apartment on South Cobb Drive where he sexually assaulted her, police said. The warrant says Bill also held a gun to her head and beat the woman with his hands and a belt. When two Cobb County police officers found the victim, she had "visible marks" on her face and "significant bruising" on her legs.

Bill, of Marietta, is currently being held at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center on charges of rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment and battery...

[Full article here]


  1. AnonymousJuly 17, 2008

    Dont judge this man , let the courts do that . He was fired for drinking , not this incident . He already had a dui and the sheriff let that slide, how nice . He told Bill that you touch alchohol again and you are fired . So dont let this sorry sheriff fool you .

  2. I'm not "fooled" - few are either purely good or bad - including myself. That's why I started out with the disclaimer. But this act is a good one in my opinion and I report so many bad acts here on this blog that I have to say when I see something done right.

    I believe that the Sheriff's response in this case and point in time was wise... regardless of Bill's or the Sheriff's history.

    There was obviously enough evidence to say


  3. Oh, and thank you for that info.

    The timing still seems perfect.

    It was time to go.

    You know the area better than I do. Do you think the attack won't be followed through on legally?

  4. Do Any of you know him or her personally. Doubt it. I know him and there is no way that story s 100% accurate.

    1. Weird that I see this comment 14 years later. Yes I do know him personally and the VA has been paying me for years for a rape Jason Bill particiated in in 1998! He is a rapist with zero doubt! The military protected him which is obviously how he got on to the police force!

  5. This former Deputy was arrested by the Paulding County Sherirf's office while drunk and threatening his wife and two small boys with a pistol. He was taken to their jail and then turned over to 2 Cobb county Deputies. Charges not taken by Paulding County. He was then put on a program and made to take medication to keep him from drinking. A year later he gets pulled over by Cobb County Police on Austell Road and arrested for Drunk Driving. He has his car towed and is then turned over to the morning watch Sgt. of the Cobb County Sheriff's Office. He is then suspended for 1 day. No DUI charges. He is made to see a shrink and put on restricted duty where he tells people he hurt his leg or that is what the Chief Deputy told him to say. He then 3 months later kidnaps tortures and rapes this woman at gun point. She was found handcuffed running down South Cobb Drive nude when police arrived. Deputy Bill was found in a wooded area passed out with his Sheriff's Office pistol on him. He committed crime after crime and they WOULD NOT FIRE HIM until he tried to kill someone!! What a bunk of crap..kudos to Warren. This Sheriff's Office will not fire anyone ever, look at the guy who killed a student, they gave him a RAISE and LESS work until he retired on full benefits a few years later. A DAMN JOKE of A SHERIFF's OFFICE!

  6. I knew Bill, he fooled us all. He is paying for the errors of his ways as we speak. It is true that he did break the law while employed as a Deputy. Like any other company or organization does, the Sheriff gave him the opportunity to straighten up. He failed. The law will deal with his misdeeds. I work for the Sheriff and yes he has faults, just like the rest of us do. I appreciate the fact that I have a job to go to and good people to work with.
    If some of you must blame somebody, blame the Military. Bill was in the military and had serious problems with alcohol then. He claimed that he was wounded in action. The truth is he was involved in a humvee accident while drunk.

  7. You do not write like someone who works for the Sheriff's office. You write like someone who could not get hired by them or who was fired. Very bitter and toxic, and your daggers aren't even hidden. What do you gain?

  8. Guilty, Guilty, Guilty.
    "Ex-Deputy Convicted of Rape, Kidnapping
    ---Jason Anthony Bill faces at least 25 years in prison after a Cobb County jury found him guilty.
    March 12, 2011


  9. stories from WSB TV, Atlanta: http://tinyurl.com/6y4xyze

    Atlanta newspaper: http://www.ajc.com/news/cobb/former-cobb-deputy-convicted-868924.html
    or http://tinyurl.com/4kz8ofj

  10. Justice has been served!!! I sat in on some of the trial and it was VERY clear that he was guilty. A group of 12 of his peers felt the same way and he was found guilty on all 7 counts, even after multiple lies were told on the stand by the defense and their witnesses. He must have a lot of problems, and now he'll have a long time to work on them.

  11. "MARIETTA Ga. (CN) - An undocumented waitress from El Salvador says a drunk Cobb County deputy , obb County Deputy Sheriff Jason Anthony Bill, dragged her from her workplace and drove her at gunpoint to his apartment, where he demanded oral sex at gunpoint, then handcuffed her and raped her for hours. The deputy was convicted of multiple criminal charges. " "punitive damages from Bill, Cobb County, its Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Bill Warren, Corona Bar & Restaurant and Bill's apartment complex, for assault, battery, infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and constitutional violations." - Seems so many officers are doing the wrong thing now a days. Recently a NEW MEXICO SHERIFF WAS FIRED FOR HAVING SEX WITH WOMEN AS HE WAS VIDEO TAPED FROM A BUSINESS IN THE LOCATION IT WAS TAKING PLACE.


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