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Monday, July 21, 2008

[NH] Ex-deputy/Current Dispatch boss Scribner arrested for battery with a DANGEROUS WEAPON & assault

...Scribner's girlfriend, told Officer Diep H. Nguyen she and Scribner were arguing and he punched her in the face. She was knocked to the floor and, while down, Scribner kicked her with his black boots, Nguyen wrote in his report. While talking to Nguyen, [Scribner's girlfriend] held an ice pack to her left eye, which the officer said was swollen and bruised. She was taken by ambulance to Massachusetts General Hospital for further treatment...

NOT knowing where the victim lives [NH or MA], not knowing Scribner's HISTORY with his county, and KNOWing Boston's penchant for keeping officers who beat their wives employed & armed - I just pray the alleged victim is safe and afforded all the protections that any other victim of domestic violence should be entitled to receive.

The Union Leader, NH
Jul 21, 2008
[Excerpts] A former Rockingham County deputy sheriff was arrested in May at a posh Boston hotel for allegedly beating his girlfriend. Richard J. Scribner, 41, of 454 Narrows Road, Barnstead [NH], is employed as a dispatch supervisor with the county, said Martha S. Roy, director of the county's Human Resources Department. He was a special (part-time) deputy sheriff but no longer is, according to Roy. Royd said she does not know [??] the date Scribner was hired as a deputy or when his employment ended... A Rockingham County dispatcher who answered a call for Scribner said he was on administrative leave. She did not know when he would be returning... Roy would not comment on what affect, if any, Scribner's arrest and/or conviction would have on his employment with the county. Sheriff J. Daniel Linehan declined comment, saying the matter was a personnel issue. Scribner was arrested on May 4 at the Four Seasons, 200 Boylston St., according to police and court records. At 1:50 a.m., police went to his hotel room for a domestic violence report... Scribner's girlfriend, told Officer Diep H. Nguyen she and Scribner were arguing and he punched her in the face. She was knocked to the floor and, while down, Scribner kicked her with his black boots, Nguyen wrote in his report. While talking to Nguyen, [Scribner's girlfriend] held an ice pack to her left eye, which the officer said was swollen and bruised. She was taken by ambulance to Massachusetts General Hospital for further treatment. Scribner is charged with assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon -- a shod foot -- a felony, according to records on file in Boston Municipal Court. He posted $1,000 cash bail on June 5. Bail conditions include he abstain from drugs/alcohol and have no contact with Prunier. His next court hearing is Aug. 19. [Full article here]
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  1. This is a bunch of BS!!! Talk about guilty unitl proven innocent!! This woman was just looking to destroy his life and 23 plus years of dedication to the County of Rockingham.. They have lost a very valuable employee as well as a (go above and beyond) employee. The sheriff should be ashamed of his need to (let go) of this person. Because of the voting time of the year. I for one will never vote for him again. there is something called KARMA and it will be victorious.

  2. You have some real problems.

  3. Anonymous, I have "real problems" I think this "punk" whom "Cried Wolf" has REAL problems..Step up to the plate as don't be Anonymous!!

  4. I think the Skank that has cried wolf is a coward and you "anonymous" are no different.. I think you are the one with "real problems" and to remain "undercover" just shows that.

  5. Mam,

    that last sentence was very twisted.

    "...as don't be anonymous."


    Were you trying to say that I should not be anonymous?

    If so, YOUR first name must be "U",
    your middle name must be "S",
    and your last name must be "A"...

    or you ALSO are anonymous.

    Did that occur to you?

    She was NOT out to destroy his life. You would like to think that or have someone to blame, but it is not true.

    Because someone has given service doesn't mean that person has some free passes for committing crimes.

    Law abiding means abiding by the laws. Period.

  6. Hey USA, do you have some personal knowledge about this crime? Do you think that the victim did something to deserve to be hit? Look the sheriff has a dept to run and really had no choice but to let him go. He must hold his employees to a higher standard off duty. Mr. Scibner knew then and knows now the definition of assault. It was his job to know. This was an unfortunate incident because Mr. Scibner made a poor choice in how to handle his anger. He also knew that working for a law enforcement agency meant that he would be held to a higher moral standard as there is a great deal of scutiny on every law enforcement agency. It is too bad that law enforcement had to lose such a knowledgable dispatcher. Hopefully he has leaned how to handle his anger in a more usefull way then to hit.

  7. Just to update you all she 'AP" was NOT his girlfriend, The news got it all wrong. She was just looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow. And FYI the Rockingham County Sheriff "Linehan" has resigned. HA. I just love KARMA!!

  8. Huh? she was looking for
    the gold at the end of the rainbow and got a beat
    down. Come on all women expect that to happen right?
    No matter what he put his hands on her
    and caused physical harm can't deny that!
    Glad to see "RS" is getting the love and support
    from someone in his circle, but he was wrong...period

  9. I can appreciate your site it's worth every penny. My alleged crime was dismissed on 3/21/09. Check the MA criminal history log. I was never a "Deputy" as reported. Thanks for following up on the "truth" and following a newspaper that didn't know the facts from the start. Thanks a lot. Richard J Scribner. Your (original article dated 7-21-08 was not what happen and justice prevailed)

  10. You got away with it.

  11. Mr or Mrs Anonymous like I said this is a great site to deserving law enforcement officials. I was a dispatcher not a "deputy". All I can tell you after all that was "reported" all charges were dismissed. Sorry you do not like the outcome.

    Richard J. Scribner

  12. Mr or Mrs Anonymous just a foot note. Sheriff Linehan was "fired" and ordered by a judge never to be a law enforcement official again. He is now a private investigator. Capt. Peirce who was also fired for the same incident "is moving on with his life". I think it would be a good story for this forum website. Behind the blue wall check out his story it fits with your criteria. PS: The "victim" was not my wife as reported and she was not my girlfriend. "USA" thanks for your support and Mr or Mrs Anonymous get your facts right. They are public record. "Firefly" I appreciate your comments but I do not have a "anger" problem. Ask anyone that knows me I have never and would never hit a women. Look me up on facebook and see the support I have received. Karma is true, good or bad it all works out in the end. I just wanted to say thanks for the many people that do know me and supported me through this very tough ordeal that ruin my life. Thanks.

    Richard J. Scribner

  13. Produce something besides talk. She wasn't your wife or girlfriend? Is that some kind of this-wasn't-actually-domestic-violence riddle? I don't even care. Her face was swollen and she was taken to the hospital. Word games. The Sheriff made a deal to resign and it has nothing to do with this blog. But you do - whether you got cleared or convicted. Most of the officers get cleared. Many get convicted. That's the way this goes.

    You have access to your files but others should go find them because what? Because you are so interesting? If you want people to know I suggest you will have to provide the information yourself.

  14. I had to delete your comment because your linked name, "ea7fcfa2-5bfe-11e0-b9cc-000f20980440" looks unsafe.


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