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Monday, January 12, 2009

[CO] Deputy Cullen, fired following a "drunken quarrel" with his girlfriend, wants job back

In the post before this one - an officer KILLING his screaming girlfriend - shooting her point-blank 4 times in front of a crowd of witnesses - was referred to as a "lover's quarrel." I see another "quarrel" with a girlfriend here - but it seems to be a non-issue. To me, "quarrel" means a verbal argument, not a murder, not an assault. not a threat to harm All I can tell from this short piece is that the police somehow became aware of this quarrel that Deputy Cullen had with his girlfriend. Because Cullen had to admit his alcoholism, and demonstrated his inability to quit drinking - the Sheriff's Department of course has made the right decision in letting him go. But I worry...

Fired Denver deputy fights for his job
Rocky Mountain News, CO
By Daniel J. Chacon
January 10, 2009
A longtime Denver sheriff's deputy, who was fired after police placed him in detox following a drunken quarrel with his girlfriend, is fighting to keep his job. The sheriff's department fired Thomas Cullen III when it discovered he had called in sick with a migraine July 15, the same day Westminster police put him in a detox center. The department contends that Cullen, "who is an alcoholic by admission," violated an agreement to refrain from alcohol and Career Service rules that prohibit "dishonesty and conduct prejudicial to the department or city," according to city documents. Cullen, however, maintains that he called in sick "because he was indeed suffering from a migraine," court documents say. A hearing is scheduled for Feb. 25 and 27. Cullen, who has been a deputy for about two decades, could not be reached for comment. [LINK]

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