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Friday, January 30, 2009

[MO] Resigned Officer Minet gets 16 years for killing his girlfriend's 2 year old daughter, Alyssa Eickmeier

...this story needs to be told from the one person that really truly knows and that would be me - i miss my daughter and i will not sit here and not say anything any more...

Alyssa & Alyssa Eickmeier

Nicholas Minet Sentenced In Death Of Toddler
January 29, 2009
[Excerpts] A former Kansas City police officer pleaded guilty on Thursday to murdering his girlfriend's child. Alyssa Eickmeier was 2 when she died while in the care of Nicholas Minet, 31, in October 2006. Minet admitted that Alyssa was crying uncontrollably, and he grabbed and threw her. She sustained injuries that killed her. Minet made a brief apology in court on Thursday, KMBC's Peggy Breit reported. Alyssa's mother, Amy Eickmeier, said she believed the apology was sincere... Minet was supposed to go on trial next month, but he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. "We wanted him to disappear off the face of the earth, but if justice is served, that will be enough," said Carol Eickmeier Gibson, Alyssa's grandmother. Amy Eickmeier said she and her family agreed to the plea deal to avoid the chance of a lesser conviction... [Full article here]

Nicholas Minet Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison
KCTV5 News, MO
January 29, 2009
[Excerpts] A former police officer charged with second-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter changed his plea to guilty on Thursday.
Nicholas Minet, a former Kansas City, Mo., police officer admitted in a Clay County courtroom that he shook Alyssa Eickmeier violently and threw her on the floor or a mattress causing a deadly blow to the head. Minet said he shook the girl because she wouldn't stop crying for her mother... Minet was sentenced to 16 years in prison... "I know he's sorry. He said he was sorry in court. I believe that he's sorry," the girl's mother Amy Eickmeier said. "She paid with her life. She didn't get a chance to plead for hers." [Full article here]
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One August 23, 2007 blog comment (here):
one mother said...

to all of those who have made a comment what is sad is that no one has mentioned the complete truth in this so let me set the record straight because i can do so with no guilt or lying i speak the truth i speak from true heartbreak there was no signs that nick was abusive towards alyssa or any other children for that matter nick wasn't this horrible monster that you have all made him out to be he took care of his family and yes he was a jerk when he wanted to be and cheated on his ex with me which i didn't know about till later and i am sorry for that and i wasn't the only one and i'm not sticking up for him i actually can't stand who he became in that split second decision that he made but i did love him and the police department didn't set up that fund a friend of alyssa's did yes he worked for the department but didn't do it out of guilt did it out of the goodness of his heart because he cared for the family alyssa did not have an adult bite mark on her lage it was a childs around the age of seven and it wasn't christians or theire moms because they had impressions done and they have been cleared there was no medical bills because alyssa had medicaid yes alyssa had bruises old and new but anyone that knew her new that she was 2 and she was clumsy i saw her fall down the stairs and recieve one of the bruises on her forehead myself with another friend to me all her bruises were never thought to be on purpose or abuse regardless what nick gets accident or not he has to live with the fact that he took her life away he made that choice for her if he is put away for life or not he can still see his kids grow up now you tell me how am i supposed feel to know that he still has that privilage but he took mine away i will never know what she was gonna become i don't even get to tell her how much i love her i failed as her mother i failed to protect her but how could i when noone not even her mother knew that she was ever in any danger and to the sister-in-law thank you for your prayers yes i am the mother of alyssa eickmeier and i am proud i got that chance nick took that from me but he won't take her memory this story needs to be told from the one person that really truly knows and that would be me i miss my daughter and i will not sit here and not say anything any more i am now able to as where before i was to upset to talk to anyone so let the truth be known any questions feel free to last and nick still hasn't been convicted for what he has done that is how the system serves and protects innocent until proven guilty even if you confess he has more legal rights right now than alyssa

NOTE: Alyssa's family is working on legislation that would make any child abuse resulting in death an automatic second-degree murder charge. They want the law to be called Alyssa's Law.
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