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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[FL] Deputy Faulkingham's girlfriend arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

Tampa Tribune, FL
January 20, 2009
BROOKSVILLE - A sheriff's deputy was named as a victim of domestic violence after an alleged fight with his live-in girlfriend on Monday. The argument broke out around 5 a.m., hours after Clifford Faulkingham returned home from a night out. His girlfriend, Maygan Smith, 23, returned home after him, angry because she had seen him talking with another girl, a report states. She reportedly punched him in the face, so Faulkingham picked her up and placed her on the other side of the house to "defuse the situation," a report states. Faulkingham went to another room and slid a piece of furniture across the door, but Smith was so intent on getting to him that she kicked the door hard enough to move the furniture, a report states. That's the point at which Faulkingham decided to call the sheriff's office and Smith was subsequently arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. [Full article here]


  1. Randomly stumbled upon this and recognized the names... KARMA I say. He should of stayed with his wife and kids instead of playing with a little girl in her 20's. Sad sad story. What an example our officer/"hero" was setting.

  2. Another example of fun at R Beach going too far. Should of just hit it and quit it.


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