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Sunday, January 11, 2009

[MO] Recently fired deputy's plan to kill Kim caught on tape

...The important part will be getting rid of the body and doing it quickly. He’s thinking a hole at least 6 feet deep, somewhere “really rural”...



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[MO] Ex-Deputy Simmons charged with wife murder conspiracy, body disposal plan - ...According to the protection orders, [KL] stated that her reason for filing was that Simmons allegedly threatened to kill her. The documents indicate that [KL] is filing or has filed for divorce from Simmons, and that they have an 8-month-old daughter...

Former deputy will go to trial for conspiracy to commit murder

Jan 9, 2009
A former sheriff's deputy charged with conspiracy to commit murder will head to trial. Prosecutors present their evidence against Casey Simmons, 26, who was fired from the Jasper County sheriff's department in September. Investigators say a month later, he began plotting the murder of his girlfriend. Court records indicate Simmons made statements to an informant about his plans and disposing of the body. Simmons was arrested after deputies say he bought four items to use in the murder. The judge decided there is enough evidence against Casey Simmons to hold a trial. [LINK]

Prosecution: Murder plot caught on tape
Jopling Globe
By Jeff Lehr
Published January 08, 2009
[EXCERPTS] It’s late at night, Oct. 30, in the cemetery in Carterville. Misty D. Simmons, 26, sits waiting in a car for her ex-husband. Recently fired Jasper County sheriff’s Deputy Casey Simmons, 27, pulls up. He walks over to her vehicle and climbs in. Some kisses and small talk ensue. She teases him about wanting her to meet him there only for sex. Eventually, the talk turns to murder. How to, well, get rid of Kim. Kimberlee Wilson LeClaire, that is. At one time, Misty’s best friend, or so she reminds Casey. Until Kim went and hooked up with her husband anyway. Then got pregnant by him and had his baby. And now Casey wants back with Misty... Outside the vehicle, about 25 feet away in the cemetery darkness, Detective Mike McDonald of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department is watching. In nearby woods, other detectives stand ready. Misty’s car is wired for audio and video, unbeknownst to her ex-husband... [Ex Deputy Casey] Simmons was dismissed in September of last year for an undisclosed violation of policies, and now McDonald was investigating him for an alleged intent to commit murder. With Misty Simmons’ consent and the help of a Joplin police officer, McDonald had wired her car, he told the court. Now, they would see just how far Casey was willing to go... Casey tells her on the tape that he plans to let Kim know why he’s doing it just before he kills her. “I’m killing you so I can go be with Misty,” he says he’ll tell her... Just how he’ll kill her, he’s not certain yet. Breaking someone’s neck is harder than people think, he says. He might just bash her over the head with a rock, he says. Or choke her. He could use a cord and strangle her, he says. The important part will be getting rid of the body and doing it quickly. He’s thinking a hole at least 6 feet deep, somewhere “really rural,” probably in the northeast part of the county. He’ll have to do some reconnaissance, he says. The key is not to leave any trace evidence, he tells her... He’ll have to buy shoes. A size too big maybe, she suggests. Bring along a change of clothes, he says. Get rid of the clothes he’s wearing when he kills her. Burn them. They discuss a likely shopping list for the crime... [Full article here]

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