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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[IA] "Resigned" Deputy Martin accused of tackle & assault of woman who said no

Martin was ALLOWED to resign after the alleged attack - which stops any internal investigation - and avoids having any investigation findings on his law enforcement history.

Former Deputy Charged With Assault

WHO-TV, Des Moines, IA
January 10, 2009
A former Poweshiek County deputy is in trouble with the law. Thirty-seven-year-old Mark Martin is accused of assaulting and trying to sexually assault a woman in Grinnell last fall. Investigators say it happened October 3 at Midwest Ambulance Service in Grinnell. The woman said Martin confronted her and then tackled her after she refused his advances. The sheriff would not comment on the case, except to say Martin resigned on December 31. He said Martin planned to pursue other career opportunities. While officials declined to talk, some others in the community have plenty to say. "If you can't trust your policeman or sheriff department, who can you trust? That's the sad part of it. Because you believe in these people," said Gary Gibson of Grinnell. The Mahaska County attorney is handling the case. Martin is scheduled to be arraigned on January 23. [LINK]

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