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Monday, October 12, 2009

[CT] Officer Velez - arrested for domestic violence 6 times - "RETIRES," but nothing's fixed

Current articles below say that the restraining order against New London Police Officer Genaro Velez was denied - mentioning only why the judge says he did not see fit to protect the ex-girlfriend. However in an earlier article about this same order it was published in The New London Day that the protection order was also to protect her child and HIS OWN MOTHER. One of the current articles from this month mention that others testified at this most recent restraining order hearing, but The New London Day gave NO CLUE to what any of the others said.


What's in it for The New London Day to not fully report? I smell unwholesome alliances.

The judge did not issue the restraining order because he said Velez and his recent alleged victim go back and forth with seeing each other. I've been thinking. If, as was earlier published in The New London Day, that all of the prior charges against Velez didn't stick "because the witnesses were afraid to testify" - why should the judge or any reader believe that the rendition of events attested to in court by the alleged victim now is made of her own free will?

Does the court even try to know what's going on? Does The New London Day ask?

Why is this man retiring instead of being fired? Why isn't The New London Day asking how sweet Velez's retirement package is? (I have to concede though that without The New London Day nothing at all would be known.)

NOTHING IS BETTER in Velez walking out the door - except that the NLPD will no longer be liable for a wrongful death lawsuit if he kills someone. New London citizens are still stuck with a police department that tolerates an officer like Velez, the city is ready to pay him for the rest of his life, the courts seem to be a facade of legal justice, and those who fear will continue to jump at every bump in the night, still startle at every blowing leaf.

Things wills stay that way until the news presses for all the answers. For victims of officer-involved domestic violence the media is the only real hope for change.

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  • [CT] GUN-TO-WIFE'S-HEAD & ARRESTED-6-TIMES-FOR-DV-OFFICER VELEZ WINS BACKPAY...How could the department fail to follow up after Milford police alleged that the officer threatened to kill his ex-wife with his department-issued firearm? More to the point, how could Police Chief Bruce Rinehart have said that there was an internal investigation? The public now learns... that no such investigation was done... "The charges were dropped in all of the cases because the witnesses were afraid to testify"... Velez's personnel records show that he has been the target of eight internal police probes, four supervisor complaints and 15 civilian complaints concerning his behavior with women, his police work and his dealings with the public. He has also had six restraining orders filed against him by four women...
  • [CT] OFFICER VELEZ, ARRESTED 6 TIMES FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ON LEAVE FOR THREATENING TO KILL GIRLFRIEND ALLEGATION - ...The restraining orders, which name [Velez's girlfriend's] young sons and Velez's elderly mother as protected persons, will remain in effect until Sept. 30, when a hearing on the matter is scheduled in Superior Court in Norwich... He has been arrested six times for domestic violence incidents... his estranged wife alleged he had beaten and sexually assaulted her and threatened to shoot her with his police-issued pistol. The case was dismissed and Velez, who had been suspended from duty, was reinstated with back pay. He divorced the woman while the case was pending...
  • [CT] NO INTERNAL PROBE ON OFFICER VELEZ - ARRESTED 6 TIMES FOR DV - INCLUDING THREATS TO KILLNew London police didn't conduct an internal investigation of Police Officer Genaro Velez Jr.'s charge that he threatened to kill ("empty my clip" into) his ex-wife and any family member that that gets in his way...


Judge's ruling could clear New London officer to return to duty

The Day
By Karen Florin
Published on 10/1/2009
A Norwich judge refused to issue restraining orders Wednesday against New London police officer Genaro Velez and the woman he was dating. Judge Joseph H. Goldberg said he could not make a finding that there is “a continuous threat of physical harm to either party... They've had disputes and then they kissed and made up,” Goldberg said after hearing testimony from Velez, [M.P.] and others. He did advise both of them to stay away from each other... Judge Goldberg listened to testimony to determine whether it would be necessary to issue full restraining orders. He made his finding after listening to both of them and to Velez's sister, Pellott's mother and a man who said he had seen an altercation between the couple in a downtown parking lot. Though the couple claimed to have broken up on Sept. 6, both admitted they had lunch and dinner on [M.P.]'s birthday, which was Sept. 11, and that they traveled to New York City together the next day. [M.P.] said she told Velez many times that she did not want to be with him, but that he “turned around to be nice to me and said I'll never do it (abuse her) again.” They had another altercation on the 17th, but Velez said he met [M.P.] at her workplace and walked her to her car the next day... [Full article here]


Genaro Velez, 27-year veteran, had been arrested six times

The Day
By Michael Naughton
Published on 10/9/2009
[Excerpts] New London - City police officer Genaro Velez, who was recently the subject of an internal investigation after allegedly making threats against a former girlfriend, has retired from the department... He was about to return to patrol duty after being assigned to inside duty while he was involved in a restraining order battle with a former girlfriend. The internal investigations involving Velez will end, police officials said. ”Any open investigations as of right now are closed because he is no longer an employee of the City of New London,” said Capt. William D. Dittman, a police spokesman... ”It was time to move on to better things,” he said. “I retired on my own. Nobody forced me to retire. It's not that they were going to fire me. … Sometimes you have to think and make decisions, and that's what I did... I have no beef with the administration,” he said. “I never intended in a million years to put the department through any embarrassment, but it happened and it was beyond my control”... Velez has been arrested six times for alleged domestic violence incidents, most recently in 2004 when his estranged wife alleged he had beaten and sexually assaulted her and threatened to shoot her with his police-issued pistol. He has never been convicted... [Full article here]

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  1. Those of you who comment dont know a thing. I am a very close friend to the family and know that officer velez is innocent and has been set up many times by these women. He is not dangerous or will not harm anyone. Do you all know him?. Please live and let live, Let God be the judge. You all have your skeletons in the closet, so dont speak of something you know nothing about. Has he ever killed anyone? Everyone doesnt testify is because they are lying and they know it. His ex-wife left the country because of perjury. She made up the story about abuse so she could get away with ($20K+). Nobody knows the story but those involved. Maria was a fatal attraction who could not accept the fact that he was breaking up with her. She had a very bad temper and a double personality. Did you all know that? I dont think so. She was very violent and cut up his tires twice, even admitting to it when they went to lunch that week. These cases go on every day in the court house, but nobody hears about them. Go the court and hear for yourself. why is officer velez the only one who get crucified? Does any of you know of the good things he has done for the city? NO...you just dont want to know good,thats all.

  2. Please: I know Genaro. I also know his former wife and she is still here in the US. I witness him mistreat and theartened her and it is no coinsidence that he has that many problems with women. Genero likes to feel poweful and thinks that he can push women around. Ask yourself why in 27 years in the force he never had any incidents agaist men. Becacuse he is a coward. He only goes after voulnarble women single mother women and starts threating with there child or calling INS. You are right he will be judged and I dont want to be there for that.

  3. I know genaro and he has no freinds

  4. No one is being mean its the TRUTH about him ! He is a coward !

  5. The man saved my life and my family and I remain forever grateful. Thank you, officer.

  6. AnonymousJune 12, 2022

    i am finding out the real truth to this guy after all these years. those who support him have been greatly fooled and should be ashamed that you believe in his innocence.


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