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Friday, October 16, 2009

It's been a rough 48.


  1. At first I thought it was rough because I noticed some gaps in the fatality photo display.

    Then I thought it was rough because when I went to ROCKYOU.com to check on it, I found that over half the pictures were missing... pictures and accompanying text - gone.

    Then I thought it was rough six hours into fixing it, not knowing if the corrections would stick, realizing no one is accountable to make it work, and realizing that I wasn't even half way done fixing it.

    In the process of "fixing" it, I was revisiting each of the cases, fine tuning the text, sometimes selecting a different photo, adding a set of new cases, and just


    in murder, suicide, fear and final decisions that can never be undone.

    I have one friend that I can call about officer-involved, who cares on a personal (feely) level for each and every one one of the sad situations - but this is paupers' work,

    so her phone is disconnected.

    (I'm praying for her an angel.)

    But we live, still have life, and good lives at that. Meaningful.

    So it's been a couple of days of immersion in the faces. I feel their weight in soft loving ways and the residual sorrow with an understanding that we can only keep pressing.

    Press against self-doubt. We press back against our fears and just be wise as we can. Press past the words that say it can't be done, or that we can't be the ones to do it. Pressing against the impossible with full faith.

    Never relent.
    Hold onto your soul through everything.


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