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Saturday, October 24, 2009

[VA] Blacksburg Officer charged with sexual and domestic crimes against his girlfriend

Blacksburg Police Officer Johnnie Self is facing charges of sexual battery and domestic assault.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said the Blacksburg officer turned himself in.
Roanoke Times
By Shawna Morrison
October 23, 2009
A Blacksburg police officer was charged this week with aggravated sexual battery, a felony, and misdemeanor domestic assault and battery. Johnnie Lee Self Jr., 37, was arrested Tuesday by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and released on $100,000 bond the same day. He is on leave from the Blacksburg Police Department, Chief Kim Crannis said... The charges stemmed from a report made to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office... Self was charged after an investigation by the sheriff's office and consultation with a special prosecutor, he said. Self is accused of sexually abusing the woman through her mental incapacity or physical helplessness... He was in a relationship with the woman... The county commonwealth's attorney's office recused itself from the case, which is being handled by the Carroll County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office... Self maintains his innocence. [Full article here]
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  1. Johnny is an outstanding officer in Blacksburg who is always willing to help those who need it. I believe these alligations are false and his name will be cleared.... We are behind you Johnny !

  2. I have know Johnnie over 15yrs, he is a wonderful person and a great officer. He will be cleared. Keep your head up, you have a lot of people behind you!

  3. Knowing someone socially is completely different than what these charges allege. Look at priests!

    1. Very true story just because he's a officer of the law doesn't mean anything. He still has to follow the law. He has a power trip everything has to be his way. He also talks reckless to people with his bullshit ass threats.

  4. I know him on a personal level for many years. He is not "godly" like a priest, not sure what that has to do with it. He is a very caring person who has given his life to protect and serve.
    It is a shame that people can make accusation and destroy someones life with little regard.
    I hope that those people will be held accountable for their actions in the end. There are two sides to a story and all that has been in the news is one side. Please keep that in mind before you pass judgement.

  5. I also have known Johnny and his former wife on a personnal level. They always say - your sins will find you out AND what goes around comes around. Johnny has hurt people close to him and it looks like now - he's being found out. You never really know what goes on behind closed doors. Johnny sure has put up a good front for years!

    1. He still puts up a front.

  6. I have also known Johnnie, and his former wife for SEVERAL years, and it's the truth you don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Please don't let him pull the wool over your eyes, he is not a very nice person, "vengenance is mine I will repay saith the Lord." Gotta love KARMA!!
    I really hope that people will see the REAL him, and the truth will come out. I feel absolutely "no" pity for him, what comes around go around!!!

  7. I knew William Morva, and thought he was a nice guy! Just goes to show, you don't really know people like you think you do. I, too, have know Johnny for almost 20 years, and this Mr. Nice Guy act is a facade.

  8. I agree - your sins will find you out! Karma is a bitch! :)

  9. The post that said, "It is a shame that people can make accusations and destroy someones life with little regard," is ironic since that is exactly what Johnnie Self has done to my son. I have prayed that God would reveal the truth in my son's situation, and I will now pray for others that have been affected by his actions. I also pray for him because it is God's way.

  10. Whether he's found guilty or not, this officer is anything but the angel his department has portrayed him to be by allowing him to serve both as a DARE officer and to run the department's citizen's police academy.

    From Chief Kim Crannis down, there are a number of quite immoral personnel at that department who've been given positions of authority and prestige they didn't deserve based on the moral standards most any upright person would measure people by. There is a moral corruption in the Blacksburg Police Department that starts right at the top and rolls downhill from there.

    It is my understanding from a reliable source that an arrest was made of another Blacksburg police officer several years ago. Like Self he was accused of assaulting a female by a Montgomery County deputy sheriff and ended up being charged with resisting arrest or assaulting the deputy to boot. In the end, the charges against that officer magically disappeared without a trace. From what I hear, this occurred as a direct result of Chief Crannis and a couple of her inner circle lobbying on his behalf because he, apparently unlike Self, was one of her beloved. To the best of my source's knowledge, the officer involved in that case was never disciplined in any manner. If that doesn't disturb you, it ought to because it's wrong and something that implies the sheriff's office may have behaved inappropriately as well.

    Assuming the initial charge of assaulting the female was dropped at her request, there is still the question of why the charge of resisting arrest or assaulting the deputy vanished. For that to have occurred, the deputy himself had to drop the charges it seems to me and that is wrong where I come from. If I resisted arrest or assaulted a deputy I doubt anyone could stroll into the sheriff's office and talk my way out of it and the same should have been the case where the other officer was concerned.

    Not only did the criminal charges all go away for the other officer, the Blacksburg Police Department didn't take action for one of its own either assaulting another police officer or resisting arrest, whichever or both was the case based on everything I've heard? That is outrageously wrong. He's still on patrol and in good standing as far as I know.

    If you know any Blacksburg police officers well enough to get a straight answer from them and I do to the point I've heard a lot from a number of them, Self isn't the only bad egg in the basket. He's been a bad boy for years but he's far from the only one.

    The majority of Blacksburg police officers are decent, moral people. I don't want to make it seem like the entire department is corrupt because that would be dishonest but, unless several officers I've known for years and trust have lied to me, there are more skeletons in that organization than are in some graveyards with most of them connected to Chief Crannis and her closest friends there from all I've heard.

  11. Like others who have commented on here, I too have known Johnny as well as others from the Blacksburg Police Dept. Johnny was a good police officer and did alot of good work. Is he guilty or is he innocent? I don't know. If he is guilty, he gets what he deserved. If he is innocent, the system failed again as it has done from time to time.
    There is a lot of big talk on here about him, the department and Chief Crannis. A lot of big talk from those who don't have the balls to put their name on their comments. If you know so much and want to make claims sign it. If you want to coward down behind your computer and trash someone's reputation, go and work for the tabloids. If you know there is wrong doing, bring your evidence and prove it or shut up.

  12. Nunya BiznessDecember 20, 2009

    Larry H,

    Before you go challenging people to out themselves by signing their names, you should sign your own name. There are probably hundreds of thousands of people who could sign their name on here as Larry H.

    Are you the Larry H. who used to work at the police department? If so, aren't you a clsoe personal friend of Chief Crannis? Yes. Are you a trustworthy person to post in defense of the PD if you're that Larry H? No way and you know it.

    Ever been to a 7-11, Larry H? If you're the guy I'm thinking of, he visited one pretty often before he left. That Larry should know that stories get told in small towns, names get dropped and the truth gets out no matter how many friends in high places a person has.

    A word to the wise. Larry H is baiting everyone here. He's a Crannis henchman so don't be tempted to sign your name to a comment critical of her or the P.D. If you do, the hunt will be on to find your information source and God help them if a connection can be made. Vindicitive!

    As someone above said, your sins will find you out. Karma will do what karma does. What goes around comes around.

  13. A lot of stories get told in small towns at the 7-11, barber shop, beauty salon, the coffee shop on the corner, etc. While most of them bear at least some resemblance to the truth, there are two sides to every story as the old saying goes. Hopefully, the trial of this officer will reach a proper verdict and everyone will accept the outcome and move on.

    As for all the other gossip, it's just that. What is moral, for example, is subjective.

    Some hold people to higher standards of conduct than they even hold themselves to so what is scandalous and what isn't? It's usually a matter of personal perception. Nobody's perfect.

  14. There was an article in the paper, charges were dropped against Officer Self. Some people may or may not agree but obviously there was a lack of evidence to go any futher.
    Some people may think that he deserved to be drug through the mud. Reguardless of what he did in his past marriage it does not make him a sexual or physical abuser. It is not up to you or I to judge what should or should not be.
    I pray that all parties involved can move forward and make changes in their life to be better people.

  15. Charges against Blacksburg officer dropped
    Roanoke Times World News
    by Shawna Morrison
    Dec 10, 2009

    Domestic assault and sexual battery charges against a former Blacksburg police officer were dropped Wednesday, nearly two weeks before his case was scheduled to go to court.

    Johnnie Lee Self Jr., 37, was arrested in October by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and charged with aggravated sexual battery, a felony, and misdemeanor domestic assault and battery, both stemming from a reported incident with his girlfriend.

    A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Dec. 21 in Montgomery County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

    Instead, an assistant prosecutor with the Carroll County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office dropped both charges at a hearing Wednesday, Commonwealth's Attorney Greg Goad said. Goad's office was appointed to the case after the Montgomery County Commonwealth's Attorney's office recused itself.

    The hearing Wednesday in Pulaski County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court was scheduled as a discovery hearing, at which Self's attorney, Christopher Tuck, was to seek evidence in the case.

    Goad declined to say why the charges were dropped.

    However, Tuck said it had been revealed in court that the woman, whom The Roanoke Times is not naming because of the nature of the case, had told several people that Self didn't assault her. She was denied a request for a protective order at a hearing in October, Tuck said.

    The woman could not be reached Wednesday evening.

    "I believed that Johnnie Self would be exonerated," Tuck said.

    Self was placed on leave from the Blacksburg Police Department immediately after his arrest but "had no choice but to resign for financial reasons," Tuck said.

    "It is a shame that the town of Blacksburg has lost such a valuable officer," he said.

    The charges stemmed from a report made by the woman to the sheriff's office the weekend of Oct. 17. Self was charged after an investigation by the sheriff's office and consultation with the special prosecutor. He was released the same day on $100,000 bond.



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