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Saturday, October 10, 2009

[FL] Detective Swartz domestic violence investigations - first one, then the other.

...Sheriff Richard Nugent will consider making a public statement after both cases are complete...

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[FL] Marks on neck of Hernando Co. Sheriff's Detective Jeffery Swartz's wife match assault allegations against him ...Detective Swartz was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor domestic battery just after 5:30 am. He posted bond and left the Hernando County Jail several hours later...

Tampa Tribune | Hernando Today
Tony Holt
October 9, 2009
BROOKSVILLE - The sheriff will delay making a public statement about the arrest of one of his deputies until after the conclusion of the criminal case and internal affairs investigation, a department spokeswoman said. Jeffrey P. Swartz, 34, was arrested at his Spring Hill home Saturday and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery... "We can't take any type of action until after the case is over," she said. That includes the internal affairs investigation, which won't begin until after the criminal case is dismissed, settled or reaches a verdict, [Sheriff's Spokeswoman Sgt. Donna] Black said. Sheriff Richard Nugent will consider making a public statement after both cases are complete, she said... Assistant County Attorney Don Barbee said it is "very rare" for a local deputy or police officer to be charged with a crime. He recalled two cases last year in which law enforcement officers were investigated, but neither resulted in a criminal charge, he said... Black cited the case of Tommy Harris, who had a battery charge dropped in June 2008 after the alleged victim, [TW], recanted her testimony. [TW] later was charged with perjury and making a false report. Harris was placed on paid leave following his arrest, but was reinstated the day his charge was dismissed. In Swartz's case, the victim suffered injuries to her neck and right arm, which were consistent with her allegations, according to the arrest report... [Full article here]
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  1. It is interesting the sheriff's dept. Was at detective Swartz's house for over 3 hours while waiting to receive eye witness accounts, that matched detective Swartz's account of restraining his wife for her own good, and still decided to arrest him. Maybe the investigation should widen into the sheriff's dept. a bit more? We shall see what becomes of this and whether detective Swartz suffers any reprecussions as a result.


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