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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[WA] National award for domestic violence center named after police chief's slain wife, Crystal Judson

...The center, named in honor of the slain wife of former Tacoma Police Chief David Brame, opened in December 2005. Brame killed his wife, Crystal, and then fatally shot himself in 2003. The center is a one stop resource for domestic violence victims...

News Tribune, Lights and Sirens blog
Posted by Stacey Mulick @ 09:46:09 am
Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
[Excerpts] The Crystal Judson Family Justice Center in Tacoma has received a national award for its continued dedication to supporting domestic violence victims. The National Criminal Justice Association presented the center with the Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Award at a three-day conference in Bellevue. The annual conference ended Tuesday. The national association honors four programs each year. The programs are selected by experts "as innovative criminal justice programs that showcase promising practices to address critical crime-related issues in their communities," according to a Pierce County press release... The center, named in honor of the slain wife of former Tacoma Police Chief David Brame, opened in December 2005. Brame killed his wife, Crystal [Judson], and then fatally shot himself in 2003. The center is a one stop resource for domestic violence victims. Last year, 2,654 clients and 863 children visited the center to receive help in getting civil legal and protection orders, housing and other assistance. Another 3,137 people were helped over the phone. The center, which can be contacted at 253-798-4166, is a collaboration by Pierce County and the City of Tacoma. The center's operates on funding from Tacoma, Pierce County, the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and the federal government. [Full article here]


Selected previous posts:
  • $75M lawusit is settled for $12M, some promises, & provisions - ..."The family feels they have accomplished their goal, which was to achieve the truth," attorney Paul Luvera said. "They are also very proud of the fact that a family-justice center in their daughter's name has been called for under the agreement".
  • Tacoma's murder-suicide wrongful death lawsuit settlement agreement - THE AGREEMENT, ABBREVIATED... Have plaque displayed prominently at or near the entrance to the facility, or within the lobby of the facility which will read: "The Family Justice Center is dedicated to the memory of Crystal Judson and other victims of domestic violence. Crystal Judson was fatally shot on April 26, 2003 by her estranged husband, the Chief of Police of Tacoma." [CLOUD NOTE: That is not what the plaque says.]... If the facility gets a website provide for a dedicated page on the website to the memory of Crystal Judson. [CLOUD NOTE: It's there, but artfully hidden. No kidding - try to find it, and when/if you do, it's whitewashed so thick you'd have no clue what really happened here... no lesson learned to share about victims of officer-involved domestic violence.]...
  • Federal legislation for officer-involved domestic violence passed last week. - Now the Tacoma area, which has been scarred by the events of April 2003, is a leader in ending the problem, [U.S. Representative Jay] Inslee said. The Crystal Judson Brame Family Justice Center in Tacoma, which opened Dec. 12, will be the primary locus of that change.
  • [WA] 3 years since police chief murder-suicide, our DV Awareness Day, & CJFJC success - ...THIS PROCLAMATION WILL BE DONE EVERY YEAR FROM NOW UNTIL THERE IS NO LONGER A CITY OF TACOMA, WHICH WONT HAPPEN... THEREFORE, I, BILL BAARSMA, Mayor of the City of Tacoma, on behalf of the City Council, do hereby proclaim April 26, 2006 as DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS DAY in the City of Tacoma, and we encourage all citizens to join with us in this observance...
  • [WA] Crystal's dad: If you violate the law, we don't need you as a police officer - ...One way of accomplishing that was through the conditions of the lawsuit against the City of Tacoma. Pierce County, which was initially named as a co-defendant in the lawsuit, agreed to name its domestic violence resource center - which was, at the time, in the process of being constructed- after Crystal if the county was dropped from the civil case... The Judsons agreed, and the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center was formed in late 2005...
  • Domestic violence ad from Crystal Judson Family Justice Center proves effective - ...The $157,000 television, radio and print campaign would mark the first comprehensive paid publicity for the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center.
  • [WA] Police chief murder-suicide brought changes, but not the solution - ...The Judson family then had the rare strength to wrench something of value out of that mess of grief and ruined lives. Thanks to them, and enlightened leaders in law enforcement and government, we have stronger laws protecting victims. We also have their daughter’s finest memorial, the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center. It’s a powerful asset precisely because it brings together so many of the tools DV victims need...
  • [WI] After Deputy Peterson tragedy Wisconsin takes action - ...The extremely public murder-suicide occurred a day after Tacoma city officials publicly stated they would not investigate Crystal's claims of domestic abuse... The suit was settled for $12 million. In addition, the municipalities paid for the construction of the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center...
Just some of the accomplishments since Crystal's murder, Chief Brame's suicide:

Tacoma Washington's new officer-involved domestic violence policy.

The State of Washington's new officer-involved domestic violence law

The Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

New Federal legislation: The Crystal Judson Brame Domestic Violence Protocol Program

Washington lawmaker's open letter, "Invitation To All States"

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