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Thursday, October 1, 2009

[NC] Cop-on-cop dv charge against Sheriff's Deputy, Sgt. Saucier dropped because wife doesn't want to pursue it

Prosecutors dropped a domestic violence case against a Buncombe County deputy Wednesday after his accuser declined to pursue the charges in court... The woman is a sworn law enforcement officer whose certification is held by the Sheriff's Office...

Who can protect a victim if they proceed?

[NC] Sheriff's Sgt. Saucier arrested for assault on wife, Officer Gunter - ...A Buncombe County sheriff’s deputy [Darrell Lynn Saucier] jailed on a charge of assaulting his wife was suspended without pay...

Asheville Citizen-Times
By Josh Boatwright
October 1, 2009 03:42 PM
[Excerpts] Prosecutors dropped a domestic violence case against a Buncombe County deputy Wednesday after his accuser declined to pursue the charges in court. But the deputy, Darrell Lynn Saucier, 45, will remain suspended without pay pending the sheriff's review of an internal affairs investigation... “Sometimes folks choose they just don't want to go forward,” District Attorney Ron Moore said. “In this case, the victim is apparently living separately, apart (from Saucier) and decided she did not wish to proceed.” Moore said the woman received counseling by a domestic violence witness coordinator to ensure she was not being pressured into dropping the case and to make her aware of services available to her. The outcome of the court case has not changed Saucier's suspended status or the sheriff's internal investigation, Sheriff's Lt. Ross Dillingham said. Investigators interviewed the woman last month. Dillingham said the investigation is now complete, but Sheriff Van Duncan has not yet made a decision about taking disciplinary action against Saucier... The woman is a sworn law enforcement officer whose certification is held by the Sheriff's Office. She is not, however, employed by the Sheriff's Office. [Full article here]

Excerpts from comments left on yesterday's publication of this article here.

...You know his wife still lives in great fear of this man. I would too. Why they think that badge gives them the right to abuse people is beyond me. I know not all cops are like this but there has been too many stories in different places where the cop abuses the spouse and nothing is ever done about it because the fellow officers called to the house calmed the husband down and they thought all was good. Then what happens? The wife is killed by the low life and there is no report ever having been made of their trouble when the death is investigated. If he did this once, you can better believe he will do it again.

...What I can't figure out is why she dropped the charges?

...Obviously, you've never been in that situation. I have and I know what goes on in the Buncombe County courthouse. You try to get a 50B because your husband beats and chokes you and abuses your children. When you go to court his family member(from several states away) comes in to say they "witnessed" you "over the phone" trying to hurt him, even though your the one with bruises around your neck. After being told by your attorney, in his office, it's a cut and dry case and you and your children will be protected by the law, you are told in court it would look better if you gave him joint custody of your children. You say to yourself, I can do that and let him eventually seriously injure one of my children or I can go back and put up with his crap and be there to protect them. Hmmm.

...I do agree that men do get wrongfully accused, but this one will never have his day in court, even if he is guilty. Unfortunately, that, also happens way too often thanks to our lovely justice system. We pay these judges a lot of tax money, when they very seldom even hear the cases. They spend their days talking with the balifs and other "court officials" while the attorneys run back and forth trying to talk you into settling for something, instead of going into court and trying to protect you.

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  1. Police Officers are human just like anybody else. They sometimes commit crimes just like anybody else. How does this deserve a web site again?

  2. If you don't know the difference, you don't. There is a difference. If you sounded like you'd like to know what the differences are I'd take the time to explain it - but...


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