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Monday, July 12, 2010

[FL] Deputy Roysden who planned kidnap of ex is back in jail - Caught stalking / eavesdropping

...Last fall, the Sheriff’s Office began investigating allegations that [Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Ray] Roysden, who was a corporal at the time, had plotted with a group of young Golden Gate men, whom he knew through his work with juvenile offenders, to kidnap his estranged wife, Michelle Roysden, and her family. Brandon Roysden planned to save them, be a hero and reconcile his marriage...

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COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - A former Collier deputy is behind bars again, this time for violating a restraining order.  Brandon Roysden was fired earlier this year for allegedly hiring people to kidnap his ex-wife, so he could rescue her and look like a hero.

On Wednesday, The Sheriff's Office says they found Roysden with his ear against the door of his ex-girlfriend's new apartment.  A judge had ordered him to stay at least 500 feet from her.

Roysden told deputies her brother invited him to the apartment.  But the brother denied that claim.

Roysden is out of jail on bond.  We tried reaching him for comment but no one was home.  He is due back in court on July 27th.

Video: Deputies still don't know how Roysden found her new apartment

By Ryan Mills
Posted July 9, 2010

NAPLES — A former Collier County sheriff’s deputy, who was fired earlier this year after he was accused of plotting to have his estranged wife kidnapped so he could save her and reconcile his marriage, was arrested again this week after deputies caught him stalking his most recent ex-girlfriend.

Brandon Ray Roysden, 38, was charged with violation of an injunction for protection. It was the second arrest on similar charges for Roysden in the past three months.

Around 3 a.m. Wednesday, a deputy patrolling on foot on Schooner Bay Lane in North Naples noticed a man, later identified as Roysden, with his ear against an apartment door, according to an arrest report. The deputy crossed the parking lot and approached Roysden, who kept his ear to the door.

Roysden was startled when the deputy identified himself, reports said.

After he was handcuffed, Roysden told the deputy that on Tuesday he had spoken to a man named Tyler Johnson, who is the brother of his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Brooke Dryden, 25. He said Johnson told him to come to the apartment so he could help Roysden move.

When asked if he knew who lived in the apartment, Roysden said that he did not. However, he admitted that he knows that Dryden has an active injunction for protection against him.

The deputy then knocked on the door, which was answered by Dryden. She told the deputy she had moved into the apartment about a month ago. Dryden, who has a restraining order against Roysden, told the deputies that she did not tell Roysden she had moved into the apartment, and had no idea how he discovered where she lived.

Johnson, who was spending the night at his sister’s apartment, told deputies that he had, in fact, spoken to Roysden the day before, but never made plans to help him move and never told Roysden that Dryden lived at the apartment.

Roysden was booked into the Collier County jail, and released on a $1,000 bond that evening, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Attempts to reach Roysden at his two most recent addresses and on the phone were unsuccessful Friday. Attempts to reach Dryden at her apartment and on the phone were also unsuccessful.

However, a Ford Explorer registered to Roysden’s brother, James Gehris Jr., was parked outside Dryden’s apartment Friday afternoon. When reached on the phone, Gehris said the vehicle now belongs to Roysden.

Last fall, the Sheriff’s Office began investigating allegations that Roysden, who was a corporal at the time, had plotted with a group of young Golden Gate men, whom he knew through his work with juvenile offenders, to kidnap his estranged wife, Michelle Roysden, and her family. Brandon Roysden planned to save them, be a hero and reconcile his marriage, authorities said.

The State Attorney’s Office declined to pursue the case due to a lack of evidence. However, Roysden was fired in early April.

In mid-April, Roysden was arrested on charges that he was stalking Dryden at a local restaurant, where she was dining with her ex-boyfriend, 35-year-old Joseph Anthony Giallanza, who is the father of her 4-year-old daughter.

The case was set to go to trial on July 21, State Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Samantha Syoen said, but new evidence emerged — phone records and text messages — that supported Roysden’s case. Dryden and her mother also recanted their sworn statements.

“We had no more case, so we had to drop the charges,” Syoen said.

Dryden still has an open injunction for protection against Roysden for her and her daughter, according to court records.

“He was very nice and gift giving in the relationship,” Dryden wrote of Roysden in the injunction. “Then he started getting very clingy, acting very strange, listing to my phone calls by laying on the floor lisenting (sic) to my conversations while I was in the room with the door shut. His whole behavior started to change.”

On June 30, Dryden failed to show up in court for a hearing for the injunction. The case was reset for July 14.

When reached on the phone Friday, Giallanza said Dryden and Roysden have been dating despite the injunction.

“I don’t know how long,” Giallanza said. “I just know its been awhile.”

Roysden has been letting Dryden use his Explorer, Giallanza said. If Dryden drops her injunction, Giallanza said he is considering pursuing one against Roysden for his daughter.

“I don’t want him near my child,” Giallanza said. “I don’t think he should be near anyone’s kid.”
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