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Saturday, July 17, 2010

[NY] The multi-million dollar questions for Buffalo Police Dept. involve race, gender, and integrity

This video is of Buffalo Police Officer Cariol Horne in May of 2008, fired 2 months before she had reached her 20 years with the department - sent away empty handed and accused of not telling the truth:

[NY] Fired Buffalo Police Officer Cariol Horne Speaks Out

Um, um um
Treating GOOD officers so BADly!

Cariol Horne reported that she was trying to STOP  Buffalo Police Lt. Gregory Kwiatkowski from choking an arrestee. It's coming to light NOW that Kwiatkowski just can't keep his cool - REALLY can't keep his cool. And God is good. His method appears to have not changed much, he demonstrated having NO boundaries, and it happened amid police witnesses.

I'll step out here and guess that Cariol's people were praying.

Officer suspended in attack at station
By Lou Michel
News Staff Reporter
July 17, 2010[Excerpts] Buffalo Police Lt. Gregory Kwiatkowski, already under investigation for a Lancaster bar brawl, has been suspended for attacking a fellow police officer... Kwiatkowski allegedly grabbed the officer by the neck during a dispute Thursday night in the briefing room of the Northeast District station... "He grabbed the officer by the throat and that’s when other officers jumped in and broke it up”... This is not the first time Kwiatkowski has come under review for allegations involving violence. Internal Affairs investigators are reviewing his alleged role in a fight on May 7... In 2008, Officer Cariol Horne was fired following a department hearing for jumping on Kwiatkowski’s back while he was attempting to make an arrest. Horne had unsuccessfully argued at the hearing that she believed Kwiatkowski was choking the person he was attempting to arrest. [Full article here]

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