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Thursday, July 29, 2010

[PA] Officer Croyle is set up to get THESE wife-beating charges dropped too

A Windber police officer [Daniel Wayne Croyle] will have 60 days to complete counseling for his domestic assault charges to be dropped. State police charged Daniel Wayne Croyle with simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct earlier this month. Croyle, a corporal at Windber and a part-time officer in Paint Township is accused of beating his wife.

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[PA] Officer Croyle, ALLOWED to plea bargain away his LAST family attack, arrested again - Daniel Wayne Croyle, a police officer for Windber Borough Police and Paint Township is accused of hitting, throwing, and choking his wife - and saying he wishes she would die. The house had things thrown around and their daughter says she saw it and was trying to pull her dad off of her mom. Croyle is charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and harrassment. He is suspended from duties with Windber Borough police - with pay. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Croyle was arrested for domestic assasult and harassment in 2005 and was ALLOWED to plea bargain away his domestic violence charge. The "justice system" collaborates to keep criminals as cops...

Daily American
By Michelle Ganassi
July 28, 2010
SIDMAN — A Windber police officer will have 60 days to complete counseling for his domestic assault charges to be dropped. State police charged Daniel Wayne Croyle, 6th Street, South Fork, with simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct earlier this month. Croyle, a corporal at Windber and a part-time officer in Paint Township, was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Wednesday before District Judge Rick Varner. He is accused of beating his wife during an altercation July 3. Cambria County Assistant District Attorney Beth Bolton Penna said Croyle must complete at least 10 sessions of the Independent Family Services batterers intervention program and the state will withdraw the charges. The case was continued for 60 days for Croyle to complete the program. “Typically, in domestic violence cases where the parties are going to reunite, which it appears will happen in this case, this is our way of giving what we feel is a cover of protection,” Bolton Penna said. She said the measure is a standard practice and the fact that Croyle is a police officer did not impact how the case was handled. “Domestic violence affects blue-collar, white-collar workers. It doesn’t matter if they are a police officer, it affects you,” she said. “It is important we show the victims we are here to help despite what position the spouse holds.” Croyle did not have an attorney present for the hearing. He was accompanied by Windber police Sgt. Rick Skiles, who is also the police chief for Paint Township. Skiles said he was there to help and support Croyle, who he hopes can return to work soon in Windber. Croyle has been on paid leave since the incident. Skiles said he will ask the borough to hold a special meeting to reinstate Croyle as a result Wednesday’s arrangement allowing the charges to be withdrawn in 60 days. He said the borough may suspend Croyle without pay for conduct unbecoming of an officer. Skiles said Croyle has accepted responsibility for his actions. Skiles said he does not condone what Croyle did; however, police officers deal with a lot of stress on the job. “Dan is a very good police officer; he loves what he does,” he said. “He doesn’t have any blemishes on his record. He has a few personal issues he has to get behind.” The borough has also required Croyle to undergo counseling. “Both programs will enhance him as a police officer just as much as in his personal life,” Skiles said. Police were called to Croyle’s home after he came home from a bar and got into an argument with his wife that turned physical when he grabbed his wife and pushed her away from him, according to court documents. When she told him to leave, he grabbed her, threw her on the couch and floor, and tried to choke her, according to an affidavit. Bolton Penna said if someone is a victim of domestic violence, there are many programs from Victim Services to the Woman’s Help Center that can help them leave a bad situation and receive the help they need. [LINK]
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  1. It's complete nonsense for this man to be an officer sworn to uphold the law. One episode is too many, but the second shows a pattern of behavior unbecoming to anyone sworn to serve, and protect the public. He has personally attacked my character on several occasions (SOME of what he has said being true.) That being said, officers of the law should be held to a much higher standard, and should be viewed as role models. I'm aware posting this has placed a huge target on my back, but this must be brought to the attention of good people who won't vouch, or "cover up" for him. People on the front line of domestic violence that will work tirelessly to seek justice.

  2. Having trouble deciding who's actions are worse.......Officer Croyles, or Chief Skiles making excuses for him. i.e. police officer's deal with a lot of stress on their jobs. If you aren't Condemning Officer Croyles actions, then, infact, you ARE condoning them. What isn't mentioned, is how officer Croyle made it to, and from the bar that day? I'll give you 3 guesses, and the first 2 don't count! Simply put, Officer Croyle should no longer be an officer of the law, and the tax payer's of Windber Borough, and Paint Township, should seriously think of replacing their Chief!

    1. Domestic violence and drunk driving are both treated with kid gloves too often when it comes to officers, both offenses being rationalized by being caused by stress - then compared to their great public service. Both are crimes. When we see the news sources not beg the drunk driving question for the public, the news source is most likely (absolutely?) bedfellows with the police.

    2. Excellent point you touched on pertaining to the media. My final concern, is whether officer Croyle is still "aloud" to respond to domestic violence calls? I can't imagine him being able to view the situation he encounters arbitrarily. What if the abuser is also "very good" at their job, and that job is very stressful?

    3. I have never been aware of an officer not allowed to go on a domestic call.

      Stress is not the issue, it's the excuse. Power is the issue.

  3. Odds and ends.

    January 4, 2010 3:30 pm
    Paint Township 1741 Basin Drive Windber, PA 15963
    ...OPEN FORUM: McCracken and D. Vatavuk held general discussion with the board on several different issues. No action was required by the board. B. Vatavuk questioned Chief Skiles regarding Officer D. Croyle and his suspension. B. Vatavuk stated that she could not understand why he (Croyle) is still employed for the departments. B. Vatavuk had incorrect information regarding this issue and was corrected by Chief Skiles. Chief Skiles stated that he will not discuss a personnel issue. Chief Skiles stated that Officer Croyle was suspended for the month of July...

    Borough of Windber
    Borough Council Regular Meeting
    September 21, 2010 – 7:00 PM
    Call to order – Council President Anthony Turcato
    Pledge of Allegiance
    Roll Call - Council President - Anthony Turcato (AT), James Furmanchik (JF), Barry Jerley (BJ) 7:02 pm, George Ledney( GL), Sonya Pekala (SP), James Spinos (JS), Michael Winas (MW) Mayor Simon Ohler (SO), Borough Manager Fred Oliveros (FO), Police Chief - Rick Skiles (RS), Solicitor – Jeffrey L Berkey (JB), Recording Secretary - Cynthia McCracken
    ...Business Items
    1) Approval of Payroll
    - Moved and seconded (Furmanchik/Winas) to approve the payroll with the exception of the line item vacation pay for Corporal Dan Croyle. (Motion carried) Remarks to the motion by Mr. Furmanchik that vacation was granted to Corporal Croyle in very disappointing circumstances directly involving Mayor Ohler regarding his - A motion was made and seconded (Furmanchik/ Spinos) that Windber Borough Council, due to the Mayor’s misconduct while being involved in the approval of the payroll to Corporal Croyle following his suspension without pay, collectively, as a whole, ask for the immediate resignation of Mayor Ohler; and since he is not present in Council Chambers, that the Windber Borough Manager Mr. Oliveros prepare a letter dated September 22, 2010 asking for Mayor Ohler’s resignation no later than September 27, 2010. Roll Call vote requested by Mr. Turcato and taken as follows. In Favor - Mr. Furmanchik /Mr. Spinos/Mr. Jerley/Mr. Ledney/Mrs. Pekala/Mr. Turcato/Mr. Wi...

    [Still a cop in 2012]
    Bedford County man jailed after eluding police
    Daily American
    December 11, 2012
    [Excerpts] Paint Township police Sgt. Dan Croyle said Loomis stole an all-terrain vehicle...

  4. To the person who just sent a comment with a lot of details, did you mean for that to be published here in the comments? I didn't want to approve it and send it through unless you feel safe. Thank you.


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