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Thursday, July 29, 2010

[IN] Detective Hanley is back at work and not yet charged for alleged dv assault of her cop husband 7 months ago

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[IN] COP ON COP DV: Detective Meredith Hanley - held without bond, but gets to walk right out of jail - A detective with the South Bend Police Department was arrested early Saturday after allegedly beating her husband, also a South Bend cop, in their home... [Cpl. Meredith] Hanley's husband, 41-year-old [SH], is a lieutenant with South Bend police. They both work in the detective bureau... Hanley was taken to the St. Joseph County Jail by county police and held without bond. But she was released from jail at 4 p.m... Meredith Hanley actually worked for the county prosecutor's office in the past in their special victim's unit; where she worked with those with family violence issues...

LaPorte deputy prosecutor says it's still open.
South Bend Tribune
By Mary Kate Malone
July 29. 2010
[Excerpts] After seven months, prosecutors still are weighing whether a South Bend police officer should be charged with a crime for allegedly assaulting her husband in their home. LaPorte County Deputy Prosecutor Alan Sirinek declined to explain the delay because, he said, it is still an open case. Indiana law allows Sirinek up to one year to make a charging decision, he said... After the incident, [SH] called police and fled to his neighbor's house, occupied by then-Assistant Police Chief Rick Bishop, according to police reports... Because the suspect, victim and witness were all South Bend officers, St. Joseph County Prosecutor Michael Dvorak asked LaPorte County to handle the case to ensure "a thorough and impartial investigation." Indiana State Police finished investigating in late February or early March, officials said... she is now back at work, said Capt. Phil Trent... He said the delayed charging decision and apparent stability between the Hanleys made it appropriate to allow Meredith Hanley to return to work. It was not clear how recently she had been taken off leave.... [Full article here]
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