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Monday, October 4, 2010

[FL] Slain Anna Beach didn't want her ex, Officer Bomia, to lose his job

A Parker police officer charged with murder was on duty and in uniform when his ex-girlfriend was killed... The officer, Mark Allen Bomia, 43, of Southport, shot and strangled 35-year-old Anna Beach... Beach’s family members and neighbors, said Bomia had been stalking her for weeks. One time, he entered her house and left flowers... Another time, Bomia entered the house while Anna Beach and her four sons were asleep... Neighbors said he drove past her house often, sometimes in his squad car and sometimes in his personal vehicle. “If you want to be a stalker what’s better than being a police officer?”... “I begged her to report him,” Jeff Beach said. “She was mostly concerned about him losing his job.” [Karen Hinebaugh, Anna Beach’s mother] said she wants justice too but what she really wants she can never have. “I just wish he hadn’t done this... I want my daughter back”...

This post is not titled to blame. This is titled to remind us that our consideration is not always appreciated or reciprocated - and it doesn't always defuse a situation. Never forget Anna. It's a hard decision each victim has to make for themself - hopefully with a support network of people who are trained in domestic violence. Every situation is different. Maybe especially in officer-involved domestic violence - there is no perfect way.

My hope would be that remembering Anna will help save someone's life.

Know that too often - cop or not - STALKERS kill.

Please pray for Annas four sons, the families involved - and friends. (I'm sure they will be needing help with expenses also. If a fund is started I will post the info in the comments section.)

Parker Police and Bay County Sheriff's Office wasted no time or energy arresting the man that committed this heinous crime.


PARKER COP JAILED FOR MURDER: A Parker Police Officer is in the Bay County Jail Saturday night on an open charge of murder.
Reporter: Joe Moore
Oct 2, 2010
[Excerpt] A Parker Police Officer is in the Bay County Jail Saturday night on an open charge of murder. Parker Police Department Chief Charles Sweatt and Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen announced today the arrest of Mark Alan Bomia, 43 ... on an open count of Murder. Bomia, a Parker Police Officer, is the prime suspect in the death of Anna Beach at her home at 922 Arrow Street in Parker sometime between 10 am and 11:30 am this past Thursday... [Full article here]

...they were connected because she was his girlfriend! for years! parker police know's that. They broke up and she put him out and he was stalking her...

S. Brady Calhoun
October 03, 2010 11:26:00 AM
[Excerpts] A spurned Parker Police Officer admitted to shooting his former girlfriend... The officer, Mark Allen Bomia, 43, of Southport, was interviewed by Bay County Sheriff’s investigators twice about the disappearance of 35-year-old Anna Beach. Beach went missing on Thursday and during the course of the investigation officers discovered blood in her house. They also determined that Bomia and Beach had once had a romantic relationship and neighbors told them that the pair had been together in Beach’s house for about two hours on the day she went missing... However during the Friday interview Bomia said that he had only been in the home for five to 10 minutes. Then later he said 10 to 15 minutes and finally said that he would not have been in the home for more than an hour, Mathis wrote. On Saturday investigators interviewed Bomia again and this time he confessed to the killing... “Bomia said he went to the victim's house to talk to her, and she attacked him... Bomia said she calmed down, then they began arguing again and she grabbed for something on the computer desk at which time he drew a weapon he had in the small of his back and shot her in the head...” Mathis added that during subsequent contact with Bomia’s mother he said, “I snapped”... [Full article here]

The News Herald
Chris Segal and Russ Roberts
October 03, 2010
[Excerpts] ...Arrested was Mark Alan Bomia, 43, of 8422 S. McCann, Southport. He was charged with the murder of Anna Beach at her residence at 922 Arrow St. in Parker. The homicide is believed to have happened sometime between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Thursday. Authorities would not disclose when the body was found, or other details of the crime, saying that additional information will be released on Monday at a press conference. Bomia was being booked into the Bay County Jail late Saturday night. The woman’s body was taken to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy, which should be completed Sunday, according to Ruth Corley, spokeswoman for BCSO. Authorities were secretive about the investigation earlier Saturday, refusing to release the name of the victim until after an arrest was made. On Saturday afternoon, officers were searching for the suspect, described as being potentially “armed and dangerous.” At about 3 p.m. Saturday, a group of nearly 20 Bay County Search and Rescue volunteer team members wearing neon T-shirts converged in front of the single-family dwelling in the 900 block of Arrow Street. For nearly an hour the search and rescue teams hiked into the thick brush surrounding the property... [Full article here]

Walton Sun
S. Brady Calhoun
October 03, 2010 11:26 AM
[Excerpts] A Parker police officer charged with murder was on duty and in uniform when his ex-girlfriend was killed, according to her neighbors and investigators. The officer, Mark Allen Bomia, 43, of Southport, shot and strangled 35-year-old Anna Beach Thursday morning... On Friday Bomia called in sick. On Saturday Bomia was arrested by the Parker Police Department and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and charged with murder. Bomia, who is being held without bond in the Bay County jail, declined an interview request Sunday... Beach’s family members and neighbors, said Bomia had been stalking her for weeks. One time, he entered her house and left flowers, said Jeff Beach, Anna Beach’s [estranged] husband... Another time, Bomia entered the house while Anna Beach and her four sons were asleep... Neighbors said he drove past her house often, sometimes in his squad car and sometimes in his personal vehicle. “If you want to be a stalker what’s better than being a police officer?” Jeff Beach said. He added that Bomia also drove past his house frequently and had made verbal threats against both of them and that almost anytime he came to his wife’s home to visit Bomia sent her angry text messages. However, Anna Beach refused to call the Parker Police Department about the harassment, Jeff Beach said. “I begged her to report him,” Jeff Beach said. “She was mostly concerned about him losing his job.” She also was not the type of person to show anybody that she was scared, he added. It did not matter to her that he was a cop, Jeff Beach said. She believed she could handle him... “I don’t think they [Parker Police] failed to protect her,” Bomia said. “I really don’t.” Anna Beach’s neighbors pointed to several other incidents where Bomia acted strangely.... “He was kind of nutty,” John Ward [said]... While Bomia was living with her he almost never spoke to anyone and failed to even return a wave. He would look away and pretend like he had not noticed when you acknowledged him... Then, after Bomia moved out of the residence, neighbors noticed that he often drove through the area and parked at the end of the street where he could watch Anna Beach’s home, Ward said... Anna Beach did not pick her children up from school on Thursday. Then, no one could find her... it was very unusual for her to be away from her four boys, ages 8, 15, 16 and 18, without contacting someone. On Thursday night while they waited for her to come home Anna’s children discovered a spot of blood, about the size of a quarter, just above the window in the living room, her mother, Karen Hinebaugh said. They called Parker Police officers who took a swab of the blood and left... Officials with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office said the blood swab was brought to their office Friday and examined. Parker investigators determined it was human blood and then asked the Sheriff’s Office to bring a crime scene unit to Anna Beach’s home. Investigators did not know she had been in a relationship with a Parker officer until Friday afternoon. Investigators went to Bomia’s home Friday and interviewed him and although they had strong suspicions they did not have enough evidence to arrest him, said Maj. Tommy Ford of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office... Then on Saturday, they found Beach’s body and went back to Bomia’s house to serve a search warrant but he was gone... Beach’s family members said they are upset that Bomia was on the loose for several hours without their knowledge. What if he had come to their home, they asked.... Bomia eventually came in for questioning and ultimately admitted to killing Anna Beach... Jeff Beach said he is conflicted about what he wants to happen to Bomia. Part of him wants Bomia to be executed, he said. “Then again I want him to suffer for a long time,” Beach said. “I would like to see the worst come to him.” Then, he added, that the worst still would not be enough. “What he took away from me and my kids and my family you can’t get back,” Beach said. Anytime an officer breaks the law it has a serious effect on other officers, [Bay County Sheriff’s Office Major Tommy] Ford said. “It is hard for us to fathom when one of our own does something like this,” he added... However, Parker Police and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office did all that they could to solve the slaying, Ford said, adding that ultimately, Bomia is the one responsible for his actions. “All we can do is make sure that when an officer crosses the line that they are brought to justice just like anybody else,” Ford said. Jeff Beach and Karen Hinebaugh, Anna Beach’s mother, said they have ups and downs. As the investigation has progressed family members have gotten very little information about what was going on, Beach and Hinebaugh said. “The not knowing is what’s bad,” she said, “You can’t eat. You can’t sleep.” Beach said she wants justice too but what she really wants she can never have. “I just wish he hadn’t done this,” Hinebaugh said. “I want my daughter back”... [Full article here]
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner violence (IPV) abuse law enforcement public safety fatality fatalities murder florida state jail]


  1. Connie GarciaOctober 04, 2010

    Anna you're a beautiful soul lost to us all. You left 4 wonderful, young boys behind as a living legacy to your memory. Your time was too short. You'll be missed by everyone.
    Forever cousins,
    Connie Garcia

  2. From a friend of Anna's:

    "Tyndall Federal Credit union is where they have set up an account for Anna Beach's 4 son's. The account number you'll need for donations is #1955284. Please remember them in your prayers and let us not forget that 2 families have been torn apart by this tragedy."

    Tyndall Federal Credit Union
    P.O. Box 59760
    Panama City, FL 32412-0760

  3. My sweet, loving and unforgettable cousin. Life is so unfair, murder is the most painful for those left behind. Your boys are blessings to the world, to show your brief but AMAZING presence on Earth. I relate to this all to well, as my kids witnessed their Father's brutal murder. I wish I lived closer to help in any possible way. I pray for you, the boys, Aunt Karen, Uncle Steve, Kristi and Grandma.May justice come swift and fairly for you! You're gone but never to be forgotten!!!! All my love,
    Your cousin Tiffany Garcia-Mandalia

  4. Jennifer hendrickOctober 05, 2010

    Anna was such a sweet woman. I would often catch her in the street between our 2 houses and we could talk for hours. Steven and my daughter often played together and Stanlee and William are amazing kids. This has been such a tragedy and we just wanted her family to know that if you or the boys ever need anything we will ALWAYS be here to help.

  5. I am sad to see such a horrible, horrible thing happen. Anna was a beautiful person and I have many fond memories of her. She was a wonderful friend and she will be missed more than words can justify. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones- my prayers are with you- an old friend, Steve Forehand

  6. Anna,
    You was my older and Only sister...it hasn't been long and I already miss you so,so much that words can't even describe.I will always charish the memories we shared together.One day,You and I will be together again.Until then rest in peace and fly with the angels.I love you. always you baby sister,Kristi


  8. November 2010:

    [FL] Chief Sweatt to Anna Beach while she was still alive: If you pursue this, Officer Bomia will lose his job.

    Amber Southard amber.southard@wjhg.com
    Oct 12, 2010
    [Excerpts] On October 2nd, Parker Police charged one of their own with murder. Officer Mark Bomia is accused of brutally murdering the woman he'd lived with for more than two years. Authorities believe 43 year old Mark Bomia was on duty when he stopped by Anna Beach's Arrow Street home ... They say he claims he drew his gun and accidentally shot her after she made a sudden move, but investigators say Beach was also strangled... Jeff Beach had been married to Anna Beach for 13 years. They had four children together... Beach says he's angry by the way the Parker City Police Department handled the investigation. "I definitely believe there were mistakes made. I believe the case should of never been touched by parker. The minute they found something that was out of the norm bay county should of been called in because they knew it was a conflict of interest," said Beach. So, Beach is now pursuing legal action against the city of Parker. "What we're doing is requesting information from the Parker Police Department under public records to get the number of calls that were made to the Arrow Street residents and we've also asked for a personal file on officer Bomia and we will be sending out a statutory notice to them soon that we intend to initiate a law suit in a period of time that's required by the statue," said attorney, Waylon Thompson... [Full article here]

  10. Anna- I miss you so so much,words can't even explain...but justice will come soon,your trial starts October 31st.Hallowen,isn't that somthing the same day that you would through those great halloween parties.I sure hope that you are there in spirt through this whole ordeal.And I pray that you get justice for what has happened to you.I love and miss you so very much,there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you and cry because you are not here.But like I said we will see each other again.So don't worry up there,we will take care of the legal stuff.I love you sis.....Kristi Himebaugh-Proctor

  11. To ZR, could you please reword the comment that you sent in for approval. I may have misunderstood what it is that you chose to not say but it came across to me wrong. Thanks.

  12. AnonymousJune 13, 2012

    Anna would have turned 37, on June 4th... She is in our heart and thoughts each and everyday. We wished we could have her back. She is missing out, on so much. Things have gotten so bad. Anna would not approve of what is happening to her boys. Anna is up in Heaven watching over all the ones she loved. May God Bless You, my Darling Daughter.We all LOVE You & Miss You Dearly... Love you MOM AND DAD..while your up in HEAVEN tell my DAD, I LOVE HIM & MISS HIM ALOT.

  13. Michelle copeJune 27, 2017

    I now live in the home where The murder happened! Anna has tapped me on my shoulder to console me! I didn't know of the murder yet i found out when i told my neighbor i thought i had a ghost in my home!i now know why she tried to help me calm down.. My birthday is on October 1st! She was done brutally wrong by the nasty man mark! She is a sweet ghost and i tell her i love her all the time!We recieve magazines with her name on them still 7 years later! May you one day rest in peace Anna Beach! Your a beautiful Angel in heaven i know! Im moving soon and would love for you to visit us where ever we go! Thank you for being so sweet!


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