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Saturday, October 2, 2010

[IN] Accused of wife strangling and battery, Officer Venegas got his job back - then resigned

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[IN] Officer Venegas PTSD defense for strangling, battering his wife - ...[Merrillville police officer Daniel] Venegas is charged with a felony count of strangulation and misdemeanor domestic battery with injury... [Defense attorney Larry] Rogers believes PTSD is behind his client's actions. Venegas was wounded twice while in Iraq, Rogers said... (STRANGLED BY A SOLDIER? THAT WOULD FEEL LIKE ATTEMPTED MURDER IF IT WAS MY NECK.)

OFFICER WHO WORKED HIS WAY BACK ON POLICE FORCE RESIGNS: Had been on administrative leave two years after arrest for battery

Gary Post Tribune
By Karen Caffarini
October 2, 2010
[Excerpts] The Police Commission on Friday accepted the resignation of police Officer Daniel Venegas, one month after the 26-year-old officer successfully won his position back on the force following a two-year unpaid leave of absence. Venegas was not at the Friday morning commission meeting, but commission members said he cited "personal reasons" in his letter of resignation, dated Sept. 29. Venegas was placed on unpaid administrative leave after he was arrested by Portage police on domestic battery charges on July 2, 2008. Police said his wife had pain in one shoulder and redness around the neck when they responded to a call to the house. The charges were dismissed... Early in September, the commission agreed to reinstate Venegas without back pay under an agreement worked out between attorneys for Venegas and Police Chief Joseph Petruch, provided Venegas successfully passed a psychological test and completed a 12-hour police refresher course. Commission president Rick Bella said Venegas completed both. Town Attorney Stephen Bower also pointed out that Venegas waived any requests for back pay... [Full article here]
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