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Saturday, October 2, 2010

[OH] Elyria Police Dectective is being stalked, and is afraid for her family and herself

...“I am scared that he will cause me/family physical harm,” [Elyria Police Detective] Lisa Dietsche wrote in her request for the protection order, which is in effect through August 2015...

Brad Dicken
October 2nd, 2010
[Excerpts] A Sheffield Lake man has been indicted for allegedly stalking an Elyria police detective and her family. David Schmitz, 33, is charged with violating a protection order and menacing by stalking, according to an indictment handed down this week by a county grand jury. He already was under indictment for menacing by stalking, retaliation and identity theft. The victim in both cases, according to court documents and police reports, is Elyria police Detective Lisa Dietsche, who is the sister of Schmitz’s ex-girlfriend, Sandy Kalb. Kalb and Schmitz had a brief relationship that ended in February 2008, according to police reports filed in April 2008 in which Kalb, Dietsche and their parents complained that Schmitz was harassing them... Dietsche told deputies that she had told Schmitz to leave her family alone, but he continued to harass them. As a result, Schmitz was charged with telecommunications harassment but pleaded out to a charge of disorderly conduct persisting... In July of this year, Dietsche sought and received a civil stalking protection order against Schmitz. The order bars Schmitz from contacting or coming near Dietsche, her husband, Elyria police Officer Raymond Dietsche, their children, Lisa Dietsche’s parents and her niece. “I am scared that he will cause me/family physical harm,” Lisa Dietsche wrote in her request for the protection order, which is in effect through August 2015. The latest charges against Schmitz stem from an Aug. 24 encounter between Dietsche and Schmitz at the Lorain County Justice Center... Schmitz is being held in the Lorain County Jail after his bond was revoked. His attorneys have asked for the bond to be reinstated... [Full article here]
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  1. These exerts nor the full article portray any truth. Just the blue line trashing a good man because he pressed charges for theft wich resulted in a felony conviction of a cops sister with seveal felony convictions in seveal seperate cases stemmining back to 1996 in addition to dismissed charges of drug trafficking (in heroin no less)-- if the police investigated half as well as I have she (lisa dietsche) would be charged for retailiation along with Burt and Judith Elgar and Sandy Kalb. Other charges would most likely apply also. The Chronicle Telegram is a great source of high school sports information and tabloid journalism. Not worth reposting nor reading. And yes I do know both Lisa and David personally. His mistake is he messed with Sandy's child (admittally put up a photo in dope dealer's yard that stated "I'm miss my mommy she buys bope here". Never cross the blue line or there innocent family. In this mess she (Sandy's child) and David are the only 2 victims. Unless you count the taxpayers who footed the bill for what is a truelly crappy investigation and gathering of information by court personel sheriff's deputies Elyria PD Amherst PD and even utilized Avon's resources who also happens to be Lisa's husband. I pray for Sandy Kalb's daughter and David Schmitz

  2. AnonymousJuly 02, 2011

    David Schmitz had a jury trial in Lorain County Common Pleas Court which ended on July 1, 2011. Mr. Schmitz was found guilty of all charges and immediately sentenced to 5 years and 7 months in prison.

  3. This Detective has spent an entire career protecting children from molesters, rapists, and physical abuse. She has addressed and solved some of the most heinous crimes to occur in Elyria, all at a huge personal toll.

    Look at this Detectives service record, it's absolutely perfect. This stalker has had repeated run-ins with the law, and has been charged with stalking in the past.

    To think that she has nothing better to do then make up some story about this "man" stalking her, is absurd.

    Anyone who has been, or knows of someone who has been stalked; is aware of what a troubling and threatening situation this is. I'm glad this stalker is behind bars.

    We ALL owe this Detective a word of thanks.


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