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Sunday, December 19, 2010

[MO] St. Louis Police Sgt. William Vize appears to have taken his own life

St. Louis Metro Police Sgt. William "Bill" Vize appears to have taken his own life He was found outside his patrol car early Saturday morning, by the Mississippi river, appears to have used his service weapon, and left no note.
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  1. For the 16 years that you served to help keep the city save of crimes. I personally THANK YOU.


  2. I consider myself a long distant friend of Bill. We took the FBI Facial Forensic class together. I enjoyed spending the short time I had with Bill and will miss him dearly. He had a huge heart! I enjoyed talking to Bill during the NFL season as he and I shared the ups and downs of the St. Rams. He enjoyed the time he worked at the stadium and would send me photos/news from the sidelines. I last spoke to Bill only two short weeks ago and I did not know he was troubled. My Brother in Blue...RIP. We that remain now carry the torch of peace.

    Till we meet again...

  3. This is such a tragic ending to an officer of 16 outstanding years to end is career and life. I thank you for your service to the City of St. Louis. These are the times I wish we had the power to turn back the clock, stop people from harming themselves, and then helping them out with their dilemmas. My prayers are with you and your family. God Bless You Sgt. Vize. I support my police department 100%

    St. Louis Citizen

  4. Officer Vize "appears" to have taken his life, and "appears" to have used his service revolver. There are many suspicions regarding this tragedy, and many believe that he was murdered due to situations regarding his exposure of police corruption, specifically involving burglaries and assaults which were ordered to be "non-reported" in order to create a false appearance of a reduction of crime statistics in St. Louis.

  5. Now:
    "[MO] St. Louis Police Sgt. William Vize appears to have taken his own life"

  6. Staged as a suicide by his "BROTHERS" murdered by fellow cops over fear he might rat them out is my guess.

    Highly unlikely he had a guilty conscience for all the police corruption he was involved in personally, cops lack morals.

    It's 99% of cops that make the other 1% look bad.

  7. I am a reporter and would like to visit with anybody who knew Sgt. Vize. I am willing to respect your privacy if you wish.

    My number is 314 340 8255 or jbogan@post-dispatch.com


    Jesse Bogan
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  8. May his brother and sister officers come to the aide and consulation of this officer's family forever. May his unpopular torch for justice never be extinguished. Let the light be shown in the darkness.

  9. To those who knew and loved Bill...he will be missed greatly. To those whom did not, you have missed out on the wisdom, truth, and laughter that always came out of a conversation with him. I look back into the earlier years of sitting down with him and playing chess at a little coffee shop in Dogtown, his words of wisdom and encouragement to become St. Louis Finest. I did just that. Many years have went by since that day. I do find it hard in my head to think he would take his own life, knowing how much he loved his family and friends. Bill will be missed by so many people whose lives he has touched. He is and will always be a hero to me!


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