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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[NY] DV Conviction of White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley was "a great Christmas present for all the women of New York state"

...Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore wrote in a statement: “The court’s verdict spoke to the courage of credibility of Fumiko Bradley and her faith in the criminal justice system. The fact that (White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley) is an elected official had no bearing on the prosecution of this case and demonstrates that we will support victims of domestic violence no matter who the abuser may be.”... Marcia Pappas, president of the state chapter of the National Organization for Women, called the verdict “a great Christmas present for all the women of New York state”...

WCBS 880
Reporting Catherine Cioffi
December 23, 2010 7:22 AM

A resolution expressing no confidence in White Plains mayor Adam Bradley and calling for his resignation passed the White Plains Common Council on Wednesday night.

The vote was 5-2, one of those two votes being the mayor’s.

Bradley, who has not returned calls for comment, read from a statement before the vote and maintained that he will not be stepping down.

Meanwhile, Common Council member David Buchwald, who voted for the resolution, says they wanted to give the mayor a chance to step down, but now, since he won’t, they will be taking legal steps to have him removed.

There is even a report that Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo could be called upon to intervene.

Bradley was convicted of domestic abuse earlier this month. [LINK]

Today’s verdict is deeply disappointing, and one with which I disagree. From the beginning, I have been unequivocal in stating that the charges against me were false and unfounded, and that I did not in any way mistreat my wife. I still believe that the truth will ultimately come out in the judicial process, and it is for this reason that I will appeal. The legal basis for this appeal is strong and compelling, including but by no means limited to the following: Relevant and germane evidence from doctors and counselors that corroborate my testimony and show my wife’s testimony was untrue were not allowed into evidence or even considered in camera. Numerous relevant and material witnesses, including friends and neighbors of my wife, as well as our former au pair, who would have directly refuted allegations against me yet who were prohibited from testifying or were severely restricted in what they could say. Notes and testimony from CPS workers who visited our home and interviewed my daughter in the aftermath that portray a very different picture and were not considered in these proceedings. This trial represents a depravation of due process. It is my strong belief that when these and other facts that were ignored in this court are considered during the appellate process, this decision today will be rightly overturned and justice will ultimately prevail. Most importantly, the truth will come out. In the meantime I want to very clearly reiterate that, as I have done every day since I took office, I will continue to work as Mayor for the people of White Plains. My commitment to this city and my devotion to my duties as Mayor remain steadfast. The people of White Plains, and most importantly my children, have the right to know the truth of this matter. My two precious daughters, whom I love more than anything, are my greatest responsibility. I am innocent and I do not want them to have to live with a legacy of lies. To the many friends and residents in White Plains and beyond who have offered their prayers, love and support for my children and me during this ordeal, I offer my deepest heartfelt thanks. [LINK]


Salon (blog)
December 10, 2010
[Excerpts] ...Since none of the convictions rise above a misdemeanor, [White Plains, N.Y. Mayor Adam] Bradley is not compelled by law to step down from office and, despite calls from several fellow Democrats on the City Council for him to resign, Bradley insists he will not do so. By law, only the governor of the state can force him from office, and since the current Governor, David Paterson, notoriously interfered with a domestic violence investigation involving his friend, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Bradley was charged with throwing hot tea on his wife Fumiko on January 11, slamming a door on her fingers twice on February 28, and then violating an order of protection by harassing her, even after she had indicated that she wanted the charges dropped. Emails sent from Fumiko to a friend indicated a history of verbal abuse; at one point, he told her that “she should go hang herself.” Testimony in the trial revealed that Bradley had a history of volatile relationships, calling the police on two previous girlfriends in order to have them evicted... Although Fumiko Bradley appeared to stand up well to a tough cross-examination after testifying to her version of the abuse, I felt that the most important witness for the prosecution was Alexandra Hofgaertner, Fumiko’s friend and neighbor, to whom Fumiko confided the details of the abuse through conversation and emails. It was Hofgaertner’s leaking of Fumiko’s emails to the press on March 25 that revealed the details of what went on in the Bradley home... I believe Bradley’s testimony opened up a can of worms for their case. As the mayor tried to convince the judge that his wife was the dangerous one, the prosecutors hammered him, asking him why, if she was so dangerous, he had never called the police on her when, in fact, he had called the police on two previous girlfriends. Unless Bradley is the world’s worst judge of women, his history of volatile relationships would appear to be a red flag about Bradley’s own character... The mayor described his wife as someone who went through bouts of rage and depression, and needed intensive therapy or medication. No evidence was presented to show she was emotionally unstable, took medication or went to therapy... In the end, though, we are left with a man who abused his wife and, when caught, chose to blame the victim by attacking her character in order to save his own political career... [Full article here]

By Ben Rubin, Rebecca Baker and Richard Liebson
December 9, 2010
[Excerpts] Mayor Adam Bradley was found guilty today of abusing his wife, convicted of attempted assault, criminal contempt and harassment in his domestic violence trial. Acting state Supreme Court Justice Susan Capeci acquitted him of assault and witness tampering... Five Common Council members — Benjamin Boykin, David Buchwald, Milagros Lecuona, Beth Smayda and Tom Roach — today called for the mayor to resign...Despite the verdict, the mayor was unwavering in repeating his innocence and refusing to resign, saying he would appeal all five convictions — two misdemeanors and three violations. His defense claimed that his wife abused him and fabricated her allegations when he tried to leave her. “I am innocent; of course I’m not going to step down. This will be reversed... This is also about my children, who I love more than anything. I’m going to prove my innocence. They know what was really happening in my house and I don’t want them to have a legacy of lies. The truth is really going to come out when the witnesses are allowed to testify and that will happen at a real trial”... The Bradleys, who have two young daughters, are divorcing after seven years together. He is scheduled to be sentenced March 17... Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore wrote in a statement: “The court’s verdict spoke to the courage of credibility of Fumiko Bradley and her faith in the criminal justice system. The fact that (Bradley) is an elected official had no bearing on the prosecution of this case and demonstrates that we will support victims of domestic violence no matter who the abuser may be.”... Marcia Pappas, president of the state chapter of the National Organization for Women, called the verdict “a great Christmas present for all the women of New York state.” Pappas, who led a demonstration against Bradley during one of the mayor’s early court appearances, said Capeci’s verdict “means that the system worked”... Until this year, Bradley has had a charmed political life... He championed children’s and women’s causes as an assemblyman, but his private relationships pointed to a problematic personal life... [Full article here]

North Country Gazette
Posted on Friday, 10 of December , 2010 at 10:46 pm
[Excerpts] The mayor of the city of White Plains has been convicted of criminal contempt, attempted assault and harassment relating to domestic violence incidents which occurred over a period of time against his wife... On March 5, prosecutors said Bradley went to a residence in Scarsdale where the victim was with her two children. He approached the victim while she was alone and accused her of lying in the pending criminal action against him. Bradley claimed that she was the one who had attacked him, that he was defending himself and that the criminal case was going to result in him losing his career. He spoke in a loud voice that increasingly became louder, prosecutors said. He then told the victim that she should check herself into a mental hospital for five days. The victim asked him why and the defendant told her that in order to save him and his career she had to either go to a mental hospital and say she was crazy or say that she lied in her statement to the police and go to jail. In doing so, prosecutors said Bradley harassed the victim in direct violation of a temporary order of protection issued by the Court. On the evening of March 10 at the Fernwood Road residence, the victim was at home sleeping in her bedroom. Upon entering the home, Bradley awakened his wife and said “you did it, you lied; It’s your fault”... March 11, prosecutors said Bradley again tried to speak with his wife... Later that evening at approximately 5:30 p.m. the Bradley again started yelling his wife and blaming her for the criminal charges... March 25, while the victim was taking a shower, Bradley entered the bathroom shouting that he had received a telephone call that emails had come out and the defendant then screamed “It’s over, it’s over, you should hang yourself!”... April 2, prosecutors said Bradley entered the home holding a newspaper. The defendant walked over with the newspaper and hit the victim’s hand several times and said loudly, “you have to read it, you have to read it.” The victim felt frightened, asked the defendant to speak to her lawyer and ran... [Full article here]
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