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Sunday, December 19, 2010

[NH] Londonderry Police Officer Jason Archambault GETS DO-OVER ON DV ASSAULT

Thank you to citizens watching whats going on even when it's not in the "news"


What Is Chief William “Bill” Hart Hiding Regarding Officer Jason Archambault’s Arrest?

Chief William Hart of the Londonderry Police Department seems to have a history of hiding evidence during his checkered career as a prosecutor and police official, more recently it involves the arrest last January of one of his officers; Jason M. Archambault for domestic violence.
Manchester Police Department BULLETIN FROM January 22, 2010 TO January 29, 2010
Page 16 Excerpts:
Case #: Arrest 10-000519
Related Case: 10-001538
Description: Archambault, Jason of 125 Enlgish Vlg Rd, Manchester, NH; Arrested on charge of: Simple Assault (M), at 125 English Village Rd, Manchester, on 1/29/2010.
Officer: (100160) Mackey, Lisa M [Link]
The case of Jason Archambault instead of going through the channels of the criminal justice system (as would be the case for you and me) was rather heard by the State of New Hampshire
POLICE STANDARDS & TRAINING COUNCIL. How is this public transparency of police misconduct? What is Chief Hart Hiding?

Below are the NONPUBLIC session minutes from the hearing held by the State of New Hampshire POLICE STANDARDS & TRAINING COUNCIL.

Others Present: Chief William R. Hart , Londonderry Police Department; Attorney Donald L. Blazka, Jr. ; Officer Jason Archambault; Mrs. Olivia Archambault; Sergeant Ryan Carney, Officer Eric Arel, and several officers from the Londonderry Police Department ; and New Hampshire Marine Patrol Director David Barrett

NONPUBLIC SESSION: Officer Jason Archambault, Londonderry Police Department
Officer Archambault appeared to show cause why the Council should not suspend or revoke his
certification pursuant to Pol 402.02 (a) (12). Officer Archambault stated that it was his wish for
this matter to be heard in nonpublic session.


MOTION: That the Council take no action at this time on the certification of Jason Archambault, and at the end of one year (i.e., May 1, 2011), if there has been no further action taken and no criminal charges have been brought forward, this matter will be closed. Chief Colarusso seconded the motion. Vice Chairman Wrenn clarified that Officer Archambault will retain his certification. The vote of the Council was 7-0 in support of the motion.

In other words, nothing happened to Jason Archambault for assaulting his wife. Archambault is allowed to carry on in the community , carry a gun and act as a law enforcement official without impunity. Where is the justice in this?

It is time that corrupt officials are forced to stand accountable for their actions. STOP THE COVER UPS WILLIAM HART.


Anonymous said...
Londonderry NH Police Department Under Investigation by Attorney General: Chief William Hart and several Londonderry Police Officers are under investigation by the NH Attorney General's Office Criminal Investigation Department for constitutional and civil rights violations, including: excessive use of force, false arrest, false imprisonment, violations of the Fourth Amendment and other criminal charges.
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner violence (IPV) abuse law enforcement public safety new hampshire state teflon]


  1. Here is more evidence of corruption and maleficence on the part of Chief William Hart awarding citations to Officer Jason Archambalult after he was arrested for domestic violence. Additionally, Hart is awarding citations to officers who are under criminal investigation by the AG's Office for serious violations of the constitutional and criminal law.

    Hart is openly rubbing his power as an official in the face of the AG and citizens and no one is doing anything about it---including David Caron.
    May 19, 2010

    Londonderry police receive annual awards
    By Suzanne Laurent

    slaurent@eagletribune.com The Eagle Tribune Wed May 19, 2010, 12:32 AM EDT

    LONDONDERRY — The Londonderry Police Department presented awards during a ceremony Monday night at the station to members of its staff in recognition of actions in 2009.

    Police Chief Bill Hart emceed and Lt. Robert Michaud and Sgt. Patrick Cheetham handed out the awards. Cheetham is chairman of the awards committee.

    Both Detective Joseph Bellino and Officer Daniel Hurley tied for Officer of the Year for overall performance. Dispatcher Jason Pinault received Civilian of the Year. Recipients of those two awards are from peer nominations that go to the awards committee.

    The traffic accident reconstruction team received a Distinguished Unit Citation.

    "They had a large workload this year and had an outstanding response to all of the accidents," Michaud said. "There were 12 accident reconstructions, with a work time of three to six months each to complete."

    On the traffic accident reconstruction team are Michaud, Sgt. Adam Dyer, detectives Donald LaDuke, Bellino, Scott Balukonis, officers Shannon Coyle, Jack Slade, Glenn Aprile, Brian Allaire and prosecutor Kevin Coyle.

    Also receiving a Distinguished Unit Citation was the 2009 detective squad for proactive drug investigations. On that squad are Sgt. Michael McCutcheon, Cheetham, Dyer, LaDuke and Detective Kristen Gore.

    Bellino and McCutcheon received meritorious commendation bars — Bellino for the rifle and defensive tactics programs and McCutcheon for the hiring process and recruit testing.

    K-9 Officer John Perry received a medal for valor for his actions last fall in the Fiddler's Ridge murder/suicide.

    "John felt it was necessary to get into the house right away with his dog Zip to protect life and render aid, putting himself in harm's way," Michaud said.

    A letter of commendation went to Officer Sean Doyle for a motor vehicle stop that led to an arrest, and firearm and drug charges. Another letter of commendation went to a group of officers — Sgt. Kevin Cavallaro, officers Matthew Morin, Jason Teufel, Hurley, Christopher Olson, Doyle, Kevin Laren, George Mottram, Cheetham, Dyer and McCutcheon — for their response to a call where a person was shot in the shoulder by a family member.

    The third letter of commendation went to McCutcheon, Dyer, Cheetham, LaDuke, Gore, Officer Eric Arel, Teufel, Hurley, Officer Shannon Sargent, Officer Jason Archambault, Balukonis, Perry and Coyle for their response to the shooting call at Fiddler's Ridge.

  2. AnonymousMay 29, 2012

    The Londonderry police Department has been curropt for years I have said this over and over. They apparently dont understand that once you ask for a lawyer they are not aloud to ask you any more questions but yet they do. I wish the Londonderry police crusers had cameras in them but they dont. Why You might ask? Because of everything that they get away with. And if half of what they do was caught on camera they would make national news for every illegal thing they get away with.Drive past the police station at any time of the day and look at all the crusers sitting in the parking lot that never move yet us tax payers pay for those cars. So if they can buy car after car from londonderry ford why cant they afford to put cameras in them? seems kind of odd to me. I use to own a car i guess you could say it Attracted police so i sold it but before i did that i told my mother to drive it down route 102 in Londonderry and see what would happen. My mother has no record at all not even so much as a ticket in her entire life time. She took my car and within the first 5 minutes she was in it she was pulled over for nothing. She drove it around for another half an hour and was pulled over 3 more times then when she asked why she was being pulled over they had no answer. I then sold it and the girl that bought it from londonderry told me in the first week of having it she was pulled over atleast 10 times she said. Yet there was nothing illegal on the car becuase she never got a ticket and neither did my mother. Why? because the whole time they thought it was me driving it but i didnt have any warrents out on me or anything. If that isnt profiling what is? We can write about this stuff all day nothing will ever happen they get away with everything. And even a change in police chiefs did nothing. Chief Ryan left Hart took over and it has gotten even worse. When is something going to be done about this?

  3. That’s my stepfather for you, I remember when this happened, I was there. Though he ma seem reformed in public he only got worse behind closed doors.


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