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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[US][GA] Fatoumata Ntiamoah murdered with her friend by her U.S. Federal Officer estranged husband

"Fatoumata Ntiamoah and Mohamed Zaine: May your souls rest in peace. You will be greatly missed."

Cobb County, Georgia - United States Customs and Border Protection Federal law enforcement officer Michael Ntiamoah has murdered his estranged wife Fatoumata and Mohamed Zaine. "...Neighbors said they heard nearly 30 shots, and watched as Ntiamoah chased his wife down the street shooting at her. She died in a neighbor's driveway..." [LINK]
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner violence (IPV) abuse law enforcement public safety fatality fatalities lethal double murder state jail]


  1. Is there a photo of Fatoumata Ntiamoah?

  2. thank you very much to everyone who took the initiative to make this beautiful tribute to my big sister! thank you very much!
    Fatumata ntiamoah is my deceased sister


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