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Friday, December 3, 2010

[OH] Aug. 31, 1991 Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Jimmy Jones killed his wife Karen. [Devil's in the details]

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Offender
Number: A244538

He belongs on this blog.

Dayton Daily News
Aug 26, 1994
A former State Highway Patrol trooper who was convicted in the stabbing death of his wife has been sentenced on charges that he earlier tried to kill her with a homemade bomb. Jimmy R. Jones, 33, formerly a trooper at the patrol's Medina post, was sentenced Thursday to 10 years in prison on federal charges of possessing an unregistered firearm and making an unregistered firearm. Jones was convicted in May of using a model rocket engine to detonate the gas tank on his wife's car. Jones rigged the engine with an igniter hooked to the car's electrical system, prosecutors said. The explosion occurred in August 1991 while Karen Jones and her three children were in the car, but all four escaped unharmed. Mrs. Jones was killed later that month. Her body was found in a wrecked car. Jones told police he had tried to save her after the crash, but an autopsy found the tip of a knife blade embedded in Mrs. Jones' skull and found evidence of stab wounds to her arms and head. Jones, who was fired by the patrol after he was indicted, was convicted in Wayne County Common Pleas Court of voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in a state prison. U.S. District Judge Ann Aldrich ordered the federal sentence to be served concurrently with the state sentence.

Daily Record. Wooster, Ohio: Dec 31, 2007. Vol. 108, Iss. 205
The Daily Record
Dec 31, 2007
[Excerpts] MILLERSBURG - The sister of a Burbank woman killed at the hands of her husband in 1991 hopes parole authorities will decide to let the man finish out his full sentence of 25 years behind bars. Brenda Schenk said she and her family are in a state of anxiety pending the Jan. 7 parole hearing of Jimmy Jones, the man convicted of stabbing her sister, Karen S. Jones, in the course of an Aug. 31, 1991, motor vehicle crash. Jones was convicted of voluntary manslaughter after a four-day jury trial in Wayne County Common Pleas Court... Jones, 46, will face the Ohio Adult Parole Authority on Jan. 7 to determine whether he is to be released from a prison sentence of 10-25 years, handed down by Judge Mark K. Wiest following the conviction in 1992. It is the third time Jones has been eligible for parole. He was denied parole in 1998 and in 2003. Karen Jones' family has circulated petitions against granting Jones parole through Parents of Murdered Children and met with parole authorities... Schenk said the family is especially concerned Jones may try to harm his three daughters if released based on his past behavior. In Jones' trial, evidence was presented Jones attached combustibles to the gas tank of his wife's car, allegedly with the intent to cause a fire. Schenk said the three girls were in the car with Karen on two occasions when combustibles were discovered. On one of the two incidents, the combustibles exploded but failed to ignite the gas tank... Jones was convicted of stabbing Karen Jones at least 21 times while he was riding as a passenger... [Full article here]


...I like how he was a Ohio State Highway Patrolman when this CRIME occurred was left out of the article...

...Manslaughter & not murder? Why didn't he get life in prison? Also, after being stabbed 21 times..you would of thought the police would of suspected she was stabbed before the body went to the coroner. Ummm yeah, he should of gotten the murder charge instead...

...[Posted by tamara] let me add to your comments about my fiance .hearing one side of a story can leave you on the outside i beleive my fiance when he says he didnt intend on killing her ive been with him the last 7yrs of his imprisonment and i know how it looks but get the facts all of them not the facts fom people who didnt want their white daughter witha black man.i am sure you will all be enraged by this but that is really too bad i know him and his character and beleive me he will get out were working on that process right now so please sign your petitions but the law is the law and it has been violated in regards to mr jones i have to just say 1 more peice to his girls he loves you and he talks bout what he remembers of you all the time.he would never hurt you and to her family lease stop the drama he has no anger towards you anymore and he is not a threat to you...

[Posted by jones0008] i am jimmy jones' daughter, you know he took my mother away from me and robbed any chance i had of knowing her at 2 years old! so you tell me why i should hear both sides of the story, you explain to my neices and nephews and children why they have no grandmother! i personally have been reading all of the police reports, everything, not missing a beat so i know what happend and i know both sides!my grandparents never had a problem with him being a "black man with their whit dauhter" as you have said, so dont pull the black man card! yes we all know that he will get out but seriously what is the point on trying and working on getting him out... he is in there for the full 25 years, and you tell me again how that justifies what he has done! he killed my mother, the police statement that he wrote claimes he knew he stabbed his wife , and that in fact knew what he was doing, and what he was going to do that night! it is nice to know that he still loves us girls... but think about it if he loved us so much then why did he kill her? actually next time you talk to your " fiance" ask him why he did it, was it because there was somthing coming at him? see what he tells you... bet he lies, i mean c'mon, do you seriously think that he is going to sit there and tell you to your face, over the phone, just plain out tell you " yes i killed my wife,i thought about it, and did it without thinking twice, would you like to marry me?" hell no he is not! the truth to this matter is you have no idea both sides of the story and you never will so to put a comment on here and say, i quote "you will all be enraged by this but that is really too bad i know him and his character" hell yes i am enraged, i dont have my mother, my children wont have a grandmother, my grandpartents lost a doughter and watched us three girls grow up not knowing a wonderful woman. do you know half the crap us girls and the family went through after that, o thats right you dont, you werent there, you didnt know him as your daddy that wouldnt ever do anything to hurt you and would always be there, you didnt think of him as the one man that would aways have your back, and then in one night... change everything you ever known, for alot of people, you can say all you want you know his character but hello hunnie! welcome to reality, mom thought she knew him to... look where she is! the part where you said " i know it looks bad"... are you serious? it LOOKS bad... it is bad, if your mother was killed by your father would you say it looks bad? no you wouldent, sweety you need help and you need to come back down to earth, before you go placing judment on my family maybe you should get ALL THE FACT and not just the ones you read and hear from jimmy!...
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner violence (IPV) abuse law enforcement public safety state lethal fatality fatalities murder ohio state repeat hx tactical tactics explosives bomb brutal]


  1. I support the Daughters and Karen's family. I knew Jimmy before this event happened. He was a loose cannon. To the fiance',you obviously have issues if you need to search the prison system for a husband. He should have been convicted for pre-meditated murder and sentenced to life. He should not have the ability to even communicate with anyone on the outside. Our system sucks! Karen can no longer do any of these things thanks to "Jimmy". Our system should be based on "an eye for an eye". Jimmy should have been put to death for his actions after being stabbed 21 times. What the hell is 25 years in prison compared to taking Karen's life and her families ability to spend time with her.The fiance' needs to shut the hell up.

  2. there's a lot of bad ohio troopers out there our - not much can be done about it though - file your complaints... we need to be heard!! Watch out for Ohio State Trooper Anthony Brady - don't rely on any "investigations" this guy does!! not the sharpest knife in the drawer - stick to recruiting!!

  3. Accidentally killed her?? Seriously? How accidental to let your wife drive, you have a knife in your boot and you are fighting!! Did you accidentally pull the knife and accidentally stab her in the skull and they accidentally throw the knife in the field after the car crashed?? After all these years I laugh when I re-read the articles from the trial. You may feel you have fooled some people but there is ONE person you will never fool and you should than HIM every day for watching over the family you destroyed!

  4. I worked with Jimmy and talked with Karen On the Wednesday night before she died. Thursday night I sat with Jimmy at McDonalds at 18 and 71 till they closed. The next night as I rolled into the parking lot, I was met by my Sergeant telling me Trooper Jones was involved in a signal 30 (fatal crash) where Karen his wife died. I remember my sergeant shaking his head saying, “People Just Don’t die in crashes like that” I went to Jimmy’s house and sat with him most of the night as did another Trooper. Sunday, he was arrested for her murder. As a former friend of trooper Jones we all felt sick that a person we called friend could do such a thing. And to the FiancĂ©, yea, I was also one who stopped you while you were driving his red firebird after he had killed Karen…

  5. I was Karen's best friend. I am the one who told the fed's where to look for the papers on those bombs. Karen and I had spent the last two weeks of her life at my home in MI and hers in OHIO. She found those papers in Jimmy brief case and called me because my daughter and I were in Karen's car while they were on there. Jimmy called me to let me know Karen had died in a car crash I knew he was not telling me the true. If you are married to or going to marry Jimmy you may be next. He wanted money that's all. My husband even had one of the bombs in his hand but we didn't know what it was at this time. Karen was at my house in MI when this happened. I testied against Jimmy in court. Please him locked up

  6. There hasn't been a comment here in 2 and half months and suddenly within 5 minutes of each other I get TWO comments for this post. One was giving an overly detailed description of alleged inappropriate touching (not saying you're lying or telling the truth), and the other from someone appearing to be a DIFFERENT person who was commenting on his fiance - says they had met her, what she said, etc.

    If that was a coincidence - it's a big one - that you both write at the same time.

    I'm not posting either comment because they are both suspicious and neither impact what's happening here.

    If others say they have been touched by this prisoner and also unable to get law enforcement to pursue it, maybe we can figure out how to put you in touch with each other... or if you are (understandably) distrustful, I can help you communicate with each other anonymously. My email address is below.

    1. Hi, I'm not sure who you are or what this post is for... I was looking his name up to see if he was released bc I just remembered his name- What can be pursued now? I know he lied,terrified me & took $117.00 from me back then & got away w/ "frisking"/groping me. What exactly is this page? Google search brought me here...

  7. It must have been long ago. I'm not sure what you can do now, if anything. You would have to check your state.

    1. Like I said I just remembered his name-completely out of the blue & I posted it as a warning bc it is a vivid memory that stayed with me bc he traumatized me & made me afraid of police & highway patrol...years later I still cringe. I posted so others will know that was his character.

  8. Report bad troopers , with your facts, to their supervisiors. If that is not followed up, then go to the top commander of the Hwy. Patrol.

  9. I was babysitting for my older sister the night he killed her and crashed in front of her house on Burbank Road (Ohio RT. 83 North). My family owned the farm across from where the wreck was. Mr. Miller was first on the scene. Her children were not with her. False information. I can’t imagine her children searching for information and finding this BS. I was present at his trial, but did not testify. I do remember he put on a “good act,” in the moment. I hope the family is doing well and thriving.


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