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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Not posting much due to computer problems. I still have one, but

The laptop computer I use was dying - it's physical temperature too hot to touch. (Yes I know about the internal fan.)

My laptop has done her job well.

I've been having to do extreme things to get my files and records off of her. The best I can do for now is moving everything that I can salvage back to the (really retro) computer I used before - also broken. My fall-back computer crashes. It takes several attempts before it will boot up. It's memory leak requires me to have go through the MemTurbo multi-scan process every 10 minutes or the whole system stops working. The system is so sluggish that if I click any function I may as well go away while waiting for the computer to recognize that I've asked it to do something.

I don't know what the outlook is but just wanted to say why for the past few weeks there has been so much fewer posts. I just don't have the tools right now. If I get this smoothed out you know I'll be back and busy. (Big smile.)

Much love to all.


  1. hope you're able to keep up your good work

  2. I'm getting small snips of time on my son's computer. It's really HIS so I have to be respectful. I don't know what's ahead but that was sweet of you to say. Thanks.


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