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Thursday, May 31, 2007

[KS] Goodbye Erin

31-year-old mother of two, beloved by many, Erin LeeAnn Wade Jones was murdered earlier this month after breaking up with Dodge City Police Officer Christopher "Chris" Tahah recently - afraid of him, saying she felt stalked. She was shot in the head - her mother says, execution style. Tahah was fired when he became a suspect in her murder. He fled, committed more crimes and is being held right now in Colorado.

Kansas waits.

I would say justice waits, but what is Justice when Erin is already gone?

On Erin's Myspace, now made private, she wrote

"...I consider myself to be a very kind, down to earth person, a friend to all and I like to show people that life is what you make of it. There's bound to be down times and tragedies in life, but you have to pick yourself up and move on! Lord I know after the year I've had..."

Tahah's page - deleted since the murder - was frightening to me - both in words, the music playing, and the music lined up to play next. I copied it before it was inaccessible also, and here is a section of it - made small and clickable so that those who opt not to see, don't have to:

"You Reaped the Whirlwind, Here Comes the Thunder....

I'm Comin' , and Hell's Comin' with Me!!!"

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  1. From one of Erin's friends:

    07/06/07 3:10PM
    My girl Erin

    Well as of yesterday the 5th it has been two months since my dearest friend Erin was taking from us. Days go by and I still can't believe that I am here and she is not. Why someone so hatefully can take someone that was so wonderful away from us. I miss her so much and I can't believe that she is gone. Never in my life did I ever think that I would stand in front of a grave and know that my best friend was dead!! The hardest thing I have ever done in my life is try to say good bye to her. But even when I was saying my bye I never told her good bye. Good bye is forever!! I know that I will see her again. Her and I will be together again one day. for the past week I have seen her kids almost every day and they bring so much joy to me. Being around them makes me so happy. I want to put them in my arms and never let go. They mean so much to!! I am so sorry for there lose and I hope that the both of them know how much there mother really loved them.

    As for the asswhole that took her from us. He will get what he deserves. I hope that he realizes what he has done to so many people and to the lives of two very wonderful children. I know that when he goes to prison they will not be nice to him there but I want him to pay for what he has done. He has destroyed so many lives, not just her life.

  2. A guestbook entry that stood out to me:

    Melissa Hensley
    Dodge City, Kansas
    May 9, 2007 1:13 PM
    First my condolences go out to Erin's family. Erin was a great person and friend. She always had a way to make you smile. There is one memory here recently that we share. I had won some tickets to the legends game over the radio. Erin must have been listing to the raido at work cause shortly after that I recieved a text on my phone that said "Aren't you suppost to be working and not talking on the radio". I text her back and said that she had caught me. I let her have the tickets cause I couldn't go that evening. I never had the chance to ask her how it was.There is one thing that I know everyone would agree with and that is that Erin was a kind and loving person. She was the kind of friend that everyone wanted around. Erin, we love you and miss you very much. Always know that you will be in my heart and memories. God Bless you!! Rest in Peace my dear friend....


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