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Sunday, May 13, 2007

[MI] Chief Briggs' stalking charge like "a speeding ticket"

...Larry Briggs, the police chief of Perry, in Shiawassee County, and Brady Township, in Saginaw County, has been charged with aggravated stalking... The alleged [19 year old] victim says Briggs kept calling her, asking if they could "get together" she told investigators. She told him to quit calling... the woman's boyfriend told the chief to stop calling... When investigators asked Briggs if he had called the woman very often, he replied "I don't know, probably quite a few". He stated the alleged victim's phone always went to voice mail that he was "p***ed off" and didn't want to get dragged through the mud over this situation"...

...The investigator checked the woman's phone records and found 37 calls from Briggs cell phone to the woman's cell phone from April 12th to April 19th... During their investigation, detectives looked into Brigg's credibility and found two other women who claim Briggs made unwanted advances toward them when he worked in another department. There have never been any criminal charges filed in those incidents... \

...Oakley Village President Douglas Shindorf said, "I'm 100 percent satisfied with his performance and certain that this will be beaten in court"... He calls the allegation "no different than getting a speeding ticket"...

...Last Spring, former Township Clerk Melissa Alcorn accused Briggs and now-recalled Township Supervisor John C. Schoch of tampering with her mail... Shortly thereafter, federal agents raided Alcorn's home in a case involving her husband... but made no arrests....

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