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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

[CO] Lover of Officer Garraus found guilty of killing his wife

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[CO] Poor Heather - executed wife of Officer Garraus

This story is too trashy to explain, I didn't follow it on the blog because I couldn't stomach the jerry-springer type details, and my heart breaks for slain Heather Garraus and everyone who loved her. If you want the sordid details you will have to Google it. It was awful when the story came to light and the trial only got trashier.

Shawna Nelson guilty of murder
Mandatory life sentence given
cw2.com, KWGN
by Mat Garcia, News2
March 3, 2008
[Excerpts] A jury found Shawna Nelson guilty in the love-triangle murder. Now, she'll spend the rest of her life in jail. The verdict came down around ten o'clock Monday morning. It took the 12 member jury only six hours, four Friday and two Monday, to convict Nelson of killing her ex-lover's wife, 37 year old Heather Garraus, execution-style outside the Greeley Credit Union last year... "You carried out this crime with great planning and deliberation. Heather Garraus did not deserve to die as a result of your acts," said Weld County District Judge Roger Klein. After the sentencing, Nelson's family left the courtroom still believing in Shawna's innocence. "Knowing what I know, the evidence, I will never believe in my heart that Shawna did this," said Nelson's sister, Debbie Smith. Nelson's ex-lover and former Greeley police officer, Ignacio Garraus, left with his wife's family, not commenting on the verdict. The two had a 3 year affair and a child, before Garraus broke off the relationship in December 2006... The defense plans to appeal the verdict. Nelson's husband and former Weld County sheriff's deputy, who testified in the trial, was not present for the verdict.

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