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Saturday, March 15, 2008

[SC] "Resigned" Officer Hiers still at-large 3 years later - with a little HELP from his FRIENDS


March 15, 2005 Ludimila CoHoe de Hiers was shot in the head as she slept. Her husband Daniel Hiers "resigned" from his cop job shortly before killing Ludimila - due to an investigation being launched into his alleged sexual crimes with a minor. He has been in the top America's most Wanted for too long now... Feds think he had help from "associates" escaping...

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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Ludimila Hiers found murdered. Officer Hiers flees - ...
A week ago she was found dead, shot in the back of the head, and her husband abscounded or ridded of himself some other way...

Thursday, March 23, 2006
US Marshal: Officer Hier's "associates" helped him abscound? - ...In announcing the increased reward, United States Marshal Johnny Mack Brown said, “Our investigation has developed information that Hiers received assistance from associates in the days following the murder of his wife...

Sunday, April 15, 2007
[SC] Abscounded Officer Daniel Hiers still 'Most Wanted' -
...Despite an intensive manhunt, South Carolina authorities have been unable to locate Hiers, and requested the assistance of “Operation Intercept”, a U.S. Marshals-led fugitive task force...


Candlelight service set for Saturday

Goose Creek Gazette
March 12, 2008 8:13 PM
Goose Creek will remember Ludimila Hiers Saturday with a Candlelight Memorial Service at the Municipal Center. The service is set for 7 p.m. Hiers was found shot to death in her Goose Creek home on March 15, 2005. Her husband, former City of Charleston Police Officer Dan Hiers Jr., is wanted for murder. Friends and family will gather to remember “Mila” and remind the public that help is still needed in locating Dan Hiers.
Slain woman's mother in town
By Nita Birmingham
The Post and Courier
Saturday, March 15, 2008
[Excerpts] The mother of homicide victim Ludimila "Mila" Hiers has made the 12-hour trip from her native Brazil for an anniversary she never expected to observe. Mila Hiers, 24, was shot in the head three years ago today in the Severn Street home she shared with her husband, Dan Hiers Jr., a former Charleston police officer. He disappeared and is wanted on a charge of murder. He is now 35. "I never imagined something like this could happen. It never crossed my mind because they were so happy together," Sueli Cohe de Araujo said through a translator Friday outside the Goose Creek Police Department. She plans to attend a candlelight memorial for her daughter tonight. Mila and Dan Hiers had been married seven years when North Charleston police arrested him in November 2004 on a charge of committing a lewd act on a minor... Hiers was supposed to surrender to Dorchester County sheriff's investigators the morning of March 15, 2005, on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and committing a lewd act on a minor... Hiers never showed up at the Sheriff's Office, which led to the discovery of Mila's body later that day. The last confirmed sighting of Hiers was also that day at a Walterboro convenience store. Hiers' car was found in June 2005 in Laredo, Texas, but it had been wiped clean and the odometer indicated it likely had been driven straight to the border city... Araujo said Mila's death is a pain in her heart that doesn't go away. Though she is in Goose Creek for a sad occasion, she said she is happy "because you haven't forgotten my daughter," and she has confidence in the justice system... [Full article here]

A murder in Goose Creek
Part 1: Fateful decisions

Goose Greek Gazette
By Jared Goyette
March 12, 2008 8:14 PM
[Excerpts] ...[Investigator Karen] Nix, then a seven-year veteran of law enforcement, was the lead investigator on the case for the Goose Creek PD, but she was making this trip [to Brazil] on her own accord. It was time, she thought, to finally meet Ludimila's family... She also hoped to learn more about Ludimila's relationship with her husband, and how this crime could have come to pass... The plane descended through the clouds and touched down with a thud. An hour later, Nix was being embraced by Ludimila's sister, Alessandra Cohe de Salles... Ludimila first met Dan Hiers during a trip to Disney World. She was only 15, he was 22. Her father had paid for the vacation as a birthday gift, to reward her for her good grades in school... For two years, they kept in contact... He visited her and stayed with her family. He sent her flowers. In 1996, he came bearing a diamond ring. At first, her father said no, he was too old. But, as Mila pleaded, and gained weight, and grew depressed, he relented on one condition: her family had to meet his family. And so it happened: Ludimila, her mother, and her sister all traveled to Hampton, South Carolina. The Cohes, Ludimila's family, were impressed. Dan Hiers was Baptist, and played piano with the choir. His family seemed kind; they liked Mila. He seemed in love and promised her the world. Ludimila's mother, Sueli, was reluctant, though. Did her daughter really want to live so far away from her home, her friends and her family? She was still so young. “This is what I want for me,” Mila said. “He loves me”... She had never dated another man. They moved from Hampton to Goose Creek when Dan took a job with the Charleston Police Department... Through the years, Dan seemed to grow distant... At one point in 2001, Mila decided to return to Brazil, but Dan Hiers followed her. He begged and pleaded, cried, promised to change, and she took him back. She was building a life for herself in Goose Creek. She obtained an associates degree, and was enrolled at the College of Charleston, where she studied Spanish. Her plan was to become a Spanish teacher, and open up a language school with her sister, Alessandra, who taught English... Next Week: Part 2 of A Murder in Goose Creek. [Full article here]

Memorial set for '05 slaying victim
By Schuyler Kropf (Contact)
The Post and Courier
Thursday, March 6, 2008
[Excerpts] ...Pastor Ted Wright of Igreja Brasilerirade Crowfield Church said the vigil is designed to keep the woman's memory in the public eye and let people know "it is not a closed case, not a forgotten case." The town of Goose Creek and its police department are also behind the event... Officials are at a loss as to how the blond, fair-skinned Hampton County native, who speaks with a thick Southern accent, has been able to elude detection. Deputy U.S. Marshal Tim Stec said Hiers' case is one of the longest-running fugitive hunts South Carolina officials have followed. Leads have been pursued all over North America, Stec said, not just in Mexico. "In Canada as well" he said, but declined to elaborate. "He's done well for three years now, so he's got something working for him"... [Full article here]

Older --

Police still hunt for Hiers

The Post and Courier
March 15, 2006
[Excerpts] A year after Ludimila Hiers was shot in the head as she slept, the question remains: Where is her husband, former Charleston police officer Dan Hiers Jr.? Hiers, 33, is wanted on charges he pulled the trigger on his 24-year-old wife and molested a girl he had befriended in karate classes. He is among the heavy hitters on "America's Most Wanted," having been selected as a member of the "Dirty Dozen" and the No. 1 fugitive of 2005. The U.S. Marshals Service named Hiers one of its top 15 most wanted fugitives... He was the subject of Fox News' Geraldo Rivera and crime bloggers such as Mugshots.com, which claims to have the largest collection of mug shots on the Internet... Soderberg remains convinced that Hiers had help disappearing. "You can't walk away like that and not have money," he said. As more time passes, it becomes increasingly likely that Hiers has changed identities and is working somewhere or living with someone to help support him... Mila Hiers' family in Brazil marked the sad anniversary with an open letter to Goose Creek police. "We miss Mila every single day and we struggle against our memories, sadness, feelings and depression. We are very sad. It is horrible to be unable to do anything and to be so far away," wrote Mila's sister, Alessandra Cohe de Araujo Salles. The family asked that the public remember them in prayer and pleaded for anyone with information on Dan Hiers to notify police... [Full article here]

From old notes I have ---
Update: I moved the excerpts from my old notes from news that were here into the comment section.


  1. The work done by the America’s Most Wanted is a noble job. It helps the country feel safe by catching up all the evil elements of the society.

  2. From old notes I have ---

    Mar 17, 2005
    [SC] Officer Hiers' wife, Ludimila, found murdered
    Neighbors say they heard gun shots and police say a 24-year-old woman was found dead inside... Goose Creek police are looking for Daniel William Hiers Jr. , 32, who is believed to have been the last person to see his wife, Ludimila Hiers, alive... ... Daniel Hiers was last seen in a red 2005 Chevrolet Aveo with S. C. license plate 486 DEH. Police said he is considered armed and dangerous. Daniel Hiers is also wanted by Dorchester County on charges of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree with a minor and committing a lewd act on a minor...

    Mar 18, 2005
    ***POST TO [SC] Ludimila Hiers murder
    [From Nov. 25, 2004] ... Investigators say Officer Daniel Hiers, 31, fondled the fifth-grader within the past two months in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart on Dorchester Road... Magistrate J. Whitney Cunningham released him on a $25,000 personal recognizance bond. Hiers also will be subject to satellite monitoring for one month... After a 45-minute bail hearing for Hiers, the girl's mother emerged from the courtroom weeping, wiping her eyes with a tissue. "It's a joke," she said of the bond. "It's just a joke. "...

    Mar 19, 2005
    [SC] Goodbye Ludimila Hiers
    A North Charleston woman is shot to death and authorities are searching for a former Charleston Police Officer who may have information... Ludimila Araujo, a native of Brazil, was 17 when she married Hiers. She was found a few days ago lying on her back with her head tilted to one side. The gun appears to have been fired from within an inch of the back of her head... [Everybody in the area is covering this news EXCEPT FOR the Goose Creek Gazette - where she lived. I wonder why. (Genealogy records for the area show the Hiers have been in that area since at least the 1700's. ) South Carolina is doing a manhunt for Officer Hiers and now it's gone national as it's hit the policeone. com website. Not a mention at Goose Creek though. I went in search of an obituary notice but found no mention of Ludimila at all. Not her life. Not her death. I will remember her. Always now. (Making another place in my heart. )

    Mar 21, 2005
    [SC] Officer Hiers' wife, Ludimila: A manhunt update
    Well, you know me. I couldn't NOT email every reporter in Goose Creek a CC'd copy of the post! The publisher of Goose Creek Gazette wrote me back...

    Mar 24, 2005
    [SC] Slain Ludimila's husband, Officer Hiers, still on the run
    Daniel William Hiers, Jr. , 32, described as a person of extreme interest in the March 15th slaying of his wife at their Crowfield Plantation Home. Hiers, a former Charleston policeman, was also a resource officer at a West Ashley high school and was facing charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor... the mother of Daniel Hiers called police around 5:20 pm after she found Ludimila Hiers in the couple's bed. She had gone to the house at 132 Severn Street in Goose Creek after she was contacted by Daniel Hiers' attorney, who was concerned when his client failed to appear at Dorchester County Sheriff's Office. Neighbors told police they had seen Daniel Hiers enter and leave the home several times over the course of the day... The couple had been married for six years...

    Mar 26, 2005
    [SC] Cop Hiers on SC Top 10 Most Wanted List (dv murder)
    ... Hiers withdrew cash from an ATM machine inside her store ... A cashier also said she noticed Hiers wave at the surveillance camera just before he left the store...

    Apr 3, 2005
    [SC] Reward offered for wife-murder-suspect Officer Hiers
    Hiers was supposed to surrender at the sheriff's office March 15, but never showed up... [March 15th] Goose Creek police have not issued a warrant for Hiers' arrest in his wife's slaying. He is only a "person of extreme interest"... Her friends are hoping that the reward, coupled with the search for Hiers featured on "America's Most Wanted" this weekend, will get the police information on Hiers' whereabouts... Friends of Ludimila are passing out flyers announcing the reward. Ludimila was a native of Brazil. Her family still lives there and needs financial help to send her body back home. The flyer also solicits donations to help her family. Anyone interested can donate to the Ludimila Hiers Fund at any First Federal Bank (Acct. 1805052078)... [Apr. 02] An arrest warrant has been issued charging a former Charleston police officer with murder in the death of his wife...

    Apr 4, 2005
    [SC] Conflicting pictures of Officer Hiers emerge
    ... "We never knew Dan was married," Coker said. "It was the strangest thing. " Even other police officers who took karate didn't know Hiers was married, Coker said... Hiers had been working with the Hampton Police Department for almost two years when he went to Miami to take a cruise and saw 15-year-old Mila Araujo of Brazil in a hotel hallway with two of her friends. Hiers was 22. "I remember him coming home, and he was beaming like the sunshine," Anderson said. Scott Hiers remembers his brother's visits to Brazil and the nightly telephone calls to Mila. Daniel had dated before, but, "I'd never seen him like this .... I could tell this was the one for him," Scott Hiers said...

    May 8, 2005
    [SC] Officer Hiers - info on murdered wife Ludimila violated child
    ... "We had no clue he had a wife. None of us knew," Dale Coker said. Coker owns the karate school where Hiers befriended Leslie's daughter. He said he talked with Hiers every week and never heard any mention of a wife. "We never saw a wife; he never brought her for any special events we had. We've never seen her," he said...

    May 19, 2005
    [SC] Canadian search for SC Cop Heirs who killed wife
    ... Police believe 33-year-old Daniel Hiers could be in the Toronto area or in southern Ontario's cottage country...

    Jun 26, 2005
    [SC] Fugitive (wife-killer) Officer Hiers' car found in Laredo TX
    A prime suspect in a murder case out of South Carolina might be here in Laredo... He is described as being 6-foot- three-inches tall and weighing 210 pounds. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Hiers’ car was impounded by Laredo police Tuesday. It was parked at the Laredo Medical Center and had been there for several days, abandoned...

    Oct 25, 2005
    [SC] Clue in search for wife-killer Officer Heirs
    The U. S. Marshals Service has put up a $10,000 reward for any information leading to his capture and he is now listed as one of the agency's top 15 fugitives... Hiers met Ludimila on a trip to Disneyworld in 1994. She was 15 at the time and was vacationing in Florida. With her parent's permission, the two married just before she turned 17, Hiers was 22. From 1993 to 1998, Hiers was a certified firefighter for the Town of Hampton. Soon after, he became a police officer for the Town of Hampton, his first job in law enforcement. After leaving Hampton as an officer, Hiers worked for the Town of Allendale Police Department and then for the Charleston Police Department...

    Nov 8, 2005
    [SC] Wife killer Officer Hiers to be focus on America's Most Wanted
    The case of a former Charleston Police officer wanted for murder in the death of his wife will be featured Saturday on the television program "America's Most Wanted"... Since Hiers disappeared, authorities have received tips he was seen in a Starbucks in New York, at a Blockbuster video store in Massachusetts and jogging in North Carolina... "You put a vehicle someplace where you want people to think you went and then you go the opposite direction"...

    Dec 17, 2005
    [SC] America's Most Wanted 1 2005 Fugitive - Wife-killer Officer Hiers
    I watched America's Most Wanted tonight and Police Officer Daniel Heirs was last in the countdown of the worst - being represented as their most wanted fugitive of 2005... "With the dubious distinction of being 2005's most wanted, this creep is a man of many faces -- he's an ex-cop, an accused child molester and alleged murderer. Dan Hiers has earned a spot not only on the 2005 Top Ten List, but is also one of AMW's Dirty Dozen and a U. S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted. Police say on the same day Hiers skipped his court appearance for child molestation charges in South Carolina in March 2005, he shot his young wife in the head in their bedroom and then took off. Despite tips and alleged sightings pouring in from across the country, law enforcement have not been able to catch up with this year's most wanted fugitive. "

    Mar 23, 2006 [SC] "ASSOCIATES" helped wife-killer Ex-cop Hiers ESCAPE?
    [THE HEADLINE SHOULD BE ABOUT THE "ASSOCIATES. " IT'S NOT. ] ... In March of 2005 Ludimila was found in her bed shot. Her husband was due in court on unrelated sexual molestation charges but fled in the family car instead. NOW U. S. MARSHALS BELIEVE HIS "ASSOCIATES" HELPED HIM TO ESCAPE. That is all that's said. Officer Daniel William Hiers is America's Most Wanted and there is a $25,000 reward...

    May 26, 2006
    [SC] Charleston Chief Greenberg: "It's not my job to raise the bar.
    [Two articles] -- Loopholes kept Hiers' record clean: Charleston police never reported charges against him - April 19, 2005 (... Hiers' superiors later recommended that he be fired for refusing to meet with a ranking police commander shortly before his November arrest. But Police Chief Reuben Greenberg allowed Hiers to resign in January, enabling him to avoid the stigma of a firing on his record and leaving state officials clueless about the officer's conduct)... -- Chief disputes duty to report Hiers: Former Charleston officer sought in wife's killing - April 21, 2005 ("I can't resolve all the problems of the state of South Carolina," he said. "It's not my job to raise the bar. ")...

    Oct 16, 2006
    [SC] "Wanting only not to be afraid" ( remembering Ludimila)
    ... For nearly one in three American women will be abused by someone who claims to love her, according to the American Psychiatric Association. That abuse can and does turn fatal. And it happens too often in South Carolina and Georgia, according to the Violence Policy Center in Washington, D. C. Our states are sixth and seventh, respectively, in the rate at which women are killed by men, most often the men in their lives... Ludimila Cohen Hiers was shot in the back while she slept. Her husband pulled the trigger... the rest of us must understand what it’s like to wish only not to be afraid anymore, sometimes to even welcome death because the pain will finally be over...

    Apr 15, 2007
    [SC] Cop Hiers still on Most Wanted list for killing wife
    Of all the stories that "America's Most Wanted" airs, the producers know that anything on former Charleston police officer-turned-fugitive Dan Hiers Jr. is going to light up the phone banks... Hiers is wanted on charges that he shot his wife, Ludimila, 24, in the head as she slept...

  3. It’s very painful to read their stories. Even the clips are revealing so much pain. But the work done by this institution is outstanding.

  4. Family, friends gather in memory
    By Nita Birmingham (Contact)
    The Post and Courier
    March 16, 2008
    A projector beamed the smiling face of Ludimila "Mila" Hiers onto a screen before a group of about 30 people gathered Saturday night for a candlelight vigil on the third anniversary of her slaying... "We will not stop looking for that gentleman until he's finally found and brought to justice," [Goose Creek Police Lt. Dave] Soderberg said. Mila's mother, Sueli Cohe de Araujo of Brazil, sat behind the lectern. Underneath her black jacket she wore a T-shirt that bore a photo of her daughter. "I feel a lot of emotion right now. It's really difficult, but I have to thank everybody who is present," translator Jean Wright read from a statement written by Araujo. "I'm going to light a candle in memory of my daughter, Ludimila," Wright read as Araujo stood and lit a small white candle. Those in attendance approached the front of the room to light their candles with the held by Araujo...

  5. Ludimila Hiers Mother Speaks Out
    Fri March 14, 2008

    Goose Creek, SC - Ludimila’s Hier’s mother flew in from Brazil this week to attend a special candle light memorial in honor of the third year anniversary of her daughter’s murder. Sueli Cohe de Araujo is still mourning the loss of her 24-year-old daughter.

    “I can never imagine something like this happening because it never crossed my mind because they were so happy,” she said through a translator.

    Ludimila was killed on March 15, 2005. Authorities believe her husband Daniel is the man responsible. He has been on the run ever since. He’s a former police officer with martial arts training and is suspected to have a gun.

    Neighbors who live near home where Ludimila was murdered say they’re still feeling the impact of the crime.

    “I can’t believe in Crowfield someone would get shot and killed right behind my house. It's kind of weird,” Sara Hufford said.

    Tomorrow a special candle light memorial will be held at 7:00 p.m. in honor of the third year anniversary of Ludimila’s death. It’ll be held at the Goose Creek Municipal Center. Her mother still hopes to find closure.

    “I have confidence in God and in the American Justice System,” she said.


  6. Why hasn't anyone, talked to His Mother Linda Hiers. Linda will do anything for her children, I was their Pastor for 6 months.

  7. "Behind The Blue Wall": "Be on the lookout for abscounded (mis-spelled), fired, wife-killer, officer Hiers..." (1) Mr. Hiers is not a wife-killer UNTIL you can prove he killed his wife. It's not a surprise that I have to remind an Officer of the Law that Daniel Hiers is innocent - because no one has proven his guilt. (2) I like the way no one mentions or discusses the telephone call he placed from his fathers residence shortly after his dissapearance where he is heard in the background saying "...the killed her...". (3) All you know-it-alls who live in Media World are absolutely clueless how untouchable pedophile rings work...IF he did in fact "fondle" a child and he makes clear his intention to implicate others in counsel with his attorney and the authorities then you can bet your last donut that his wife was executed that morning to get him on the run. All those houses packed that close together in that nighborhood in Goose Creek and NO ONE heard the gunshot???? Get a CLUE before you get another Tabloid for Christs sake!!!

    1. Listen, I knew Officer Hiers and he hit on me when I was 15. He was my school officer and a very strange person. It was always going around that he was sleeping with some students but I know for a fact that he didn't care about age when it came to women.

  8. And "nighborhood" is spelled correctly?

    "...the killed her..." doesn't make your theory any clearer to me. Maybe it does to someone else.

  9. Correction 01: "...they killed her..." Correction 02: "...neighborhood..."


    "Her husband Daniel Hiers resigned from his cop job shortly before killing Ludimila"

    ...therefore - Correction 03: Mr. Hiers didn't kill his wife because no one has proven that. A suspect is innocent until proven...(sorry I can't remember the rest).

    1. Dan Hiers killed his wife Ludimila.

  10. I remember Dan very well and liked him very much. He always had a smile on his face and a good sense of humor. I was surprised to hear this news back when it happened and have always had some doubt about the "facts" presented.

  11. Where is he at? Someone knows!

  12. If the US Marshals are right, some POLICE know - at least which way he went.

    What a shame.

  13. AnonymousMay 08, 2011

    I worked with Dan and knew his wife. Dan was a piano player in the Church, A super Cop and loved to pull jokes on me, like buying himself breakfast and telling them to charge it to me. From the first information that was released about him I found it a tough pill to swallow. Dan had always been one to help people, he was kind, gentle and dependable. Then when he was accused of Murder, I said "No way". Even with all the so called evidence presented, I can find some fault with. Then there is so called evidence that hasn't been made public. Why? I guess I am just old and still believe in the old saying " Innocent until proved guilty"

    1. You think it because she was not a member of your family.

    2. You realize you sound like every other person who learns of some standup guy being a total perv or a cannibal or a killer. "Oh he never seemed like he could do such a thing." Well, people snap for all kinds of reasons. People also harbor sick fetishes and compulsions they may never act on until the opportunity is right.

  14. Scott HiersJune 09, 2011

    Anonymous said...

    Why hasn't anyone, talked to His Mother Linda Hiers. Linda will do anything for her children, I was their Pastor for 6 months.
    September 04, 2009


  15. Some comments sound like a joke. Is Dan Hiers innocent? Please do not mix reason with emotion, fact with imagination. Dan has murdered my sister.It is a fact!You don't need to use your multiple intelligences to understand it.

  16. Scott HiersApril 13, 2012

    Is my brother innocent? I don't know. But is he guilty? I don't know that either. And until someone shows me concrete evidence that he did it, he's innocent in my opinion. You have to realize also, we lost Mila too. She was also our family and we miss her, as we also miss my brother.

    1. Scott, an innocent person doesn't need to run away.
      By Alessandra Cohe

    2. How do we know he ran? Maybe he didn't go on his own free will. Or maybe he is running from the person or people who did this to Mila?

    3. Oh whatever!!!*

    4. knew him from west ashley high school. always was a creep. every girl had a horror story with him. glad they finally caught him. i have a feeling scott and linda knew his location the whole time honestly.

    5. I heard about this case a long time ago and i just thought about this case a couple of weeks ago and my God, when i heard he finally was captured, i was amazed to realize that my God was warning me that he would be Caught. My God Great job on his Capture!!!..

  17. AnonymousJune 25, 2013

    Remember he worked at west Ashley high school...small world

  18. you have got to be out of your mind if you believe that this child molesting buffoon is innocent. An innocent man fights for his name. This clown is as guilty as hell. I could care less about his fake smile and his perpetrating and bogus rendition of a man of character. Here is just another case of society judging character based on hair and eye color

  19. AnonymousJuly 05, 2014

    What are hobbies, traits, interest, things he would talk about?

  20. AnonymousJuly 05, 2014

    Is he really 6' 3", or only 6'0"?

  21. Email me or contact the U.S. Marshals if you even sort of think it might be him, even if he is shorter now. He could shrink due to aging spine, hold himself differently on purpose, or have done something to become shorter.

    Deputy U.S. Marshal, Gerald Hotchkiss,
    District of South Carolina, (803) 253-3964

  22. I saw Daniel Heirs two years ago. If anything he has gained 20 to 30lbs and is more handsome than ever. Not an inch of fat on him. I called America's Most Wanted and it took the US Marshall's office more than a month to check on my sighting. Here today and gone tomorrow...

    1. Where did you see him? Just curious? Did you photograph the man you saw? Get a description of his clothing? Vehicle? Facial hair? Unfortunately the US Marshall's can't jump on every single tip.

  23. This creep needs to be shot dead on site. He manipulated so many young nieve girls i went to high school with. He had sexual relationships with several. Noone knew he was married because he never said he was. He was a pedophile from the word go .... Seriously what does a 22 year old have in common with a 15 year old child? He manipulated Mila too. He was a smooth talker and a child molesting creep!!!

  24. No updates eh? He as to be dead by now, no one can just vanish anymore.

  25. Wow, so disgusting that so many people are willing to defend this scumbag. Hopefully John Walsh highlighting this case and keeping it in the public eye will help bring this murdering pedophile to justice. All accusations of child abuse – especially sexual abuse from an adult who uses his authority and the public's inherent trust in law enforcement in order to carry out his deviant desires – should be taken seriously and treated as truth until proven otherwise. Nothing is more important than to ensure a child isn't being hurt, and someone who works in law enforcement who was INNOCENT would know that and be first in line to clear his own name; they wouldn't fire a bullet into the skull of a trusting young woman who loved them like a COWARD and then go on the run. Vile. If anyone knows anything, REPORT IT! There isn't a harsh enough punishment in the world for this noxious garbage...

  26. Ex-cop accused of killing wife in custody after 13 years on the run
    Sep. 20, 2018
    SHANGHAI, CHINA (WCSC) - A former Charleston police officer accused of killing his wife has been captured in China after 13 years on the run... Dan Hiers is in custody in Shanghai. Hiers reportedly was living there under the assumed name David Williams... Over the years the marshal’s service received many tips of sightings but none panned out. On Sept. 10, Live 5 News received a Facebook message along with an article about Hiers that was dated on the same day. In the article, a woman said she recognized her former English teacher in China from the U.S. Marshal’s Most Wanted list...


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