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Friday, March 21, 2008

[NY] Wife of slain Fire Marshal Mercereau pleads the fifth

Jury indicts wife of slain Staten Island fire marshal on murder charges
By Alison Gendar, Kerry Burke and Leo Standora
March 21st 2008
[Excerpts] Nearly four months after Staten Island Fire Marshal Doug Mercereau took three bullets in the head as he slept, a grand jury has indicted his wife on murder charges, law enforcement sources said Thursday. A grand jury handed up the indictment against Janet Mercereau, 38, Thursday... "She denies the allegations and she will plead innocent," [her lawyer, Mario] Gallucci said. "She looks forward to fighting this case in court." Douglas Mercereau, 38, described by his bosses as "a rising star" in the FDNY, was fatally shot in his bed on Dec. 2... Mercereau's weight gain... the family issued a statement saying in part: "While justice is important to us, the welfare and upbringing of Doug's girls is our paramount concern now and for the years ahead. For they are his true legacy"...[Full article here]

FDNY-Widow Indict
Shot SI Marshal Hubby In Bed: DA

March 21, 2008
[Excerpts] ...Among the most damning evidence was a bullet shell found in the basement, indicating the mother of two test-fired the gun before the slaying... In addition, Redmond-Mercereau, 38, cleaned the gun in the dishwasher to get rid of her fingerprints, but left a sample of female DNA on the bullet clip... An autopsy determined the time of death as 6:20 a.m., but she didn't call cops until two hours later. When police arrived, they found warm laundry in the dryer. They determined that the wife had showered twice, changed her clothes and done loads of laundry... Redmond-Mercereau told cops she was sleeping in the room of her daughters, ages 5 and 6 - and wearing earplugs - and didn't hear the shots. But a social worker said the older daughter said her mom did not sleep in the room - and told her to say she had. When a judge asked Redmond-Mercereau if she killed her husband, she took the Fifth Amendment... [Full article here]

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