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Sunday, March 9, 2008

[IL] Kathleen Savio's Will is likely FAKE, their son's testimony - cancelled

Below are article excerpts from:
  • Drew Peterson Loses Right To Own Guns - 2/27/08
  • Drew Peterson: 'I'm prepared for anything' - 2/28/08
  • Peterson's Children to Testify at Grand Jury - 2/28/08
  • Families of Peterson's last 2 wives unite for fund-raiser - 3/3/08
  • Sons won't appear before grand jury - 3/5/08
  • Drew Peterson--This Little Piggy's Unraveling - 3/6/08
  • Kathleen said she had no will, lawyer recalls - 3/8/08

Drew Peterson Loses Right To Own Guns
Ex-Cop Will Not Get Seized Guns Back, But Will Get Other Property From November Search Of His Home

CBS2 Chicago, IL
Feb 27, 2008
BOLINGBROOK, Ill. (CBS) -- Former Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson's fight to get his guns back hit a snag Wednesday evening. Hours after a judge ruled in his favor to get them back from investigators, Peterson's rights to own them was revoked. The guns were among a number of his belongings confiscated from the Peterson home during a search after his wife, Stacy Peterson, suddenly disappeared in October 2007... Wednesday, a judge ruled Peterson can get back items seized from his house in a search... State police revoked his firearm owner's identification card Wednesday evening. "Now that they have revoked that, it does give us a sense of relief, some breathing space so this investigation can continue until we have an outcome to it," said Stacy Peterson's family spokesperson, Pam Bosco... [Full article here]

Drew Peterson: 'I'm prepared for anything'
Former police officer speaks out about missing wife, death of third wife

By Mike Celizic
Feb. 28, 2008
While continuing to assert that he had nothing to do with the death of one wife and the disappearance of another, Drew Peterson said he's mentally prepared to be charged and put on trial in connection with one or both cases. "I'm prepared for anything," Peterson told TODAY's Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview on Thursday. Asked if that meant the possibility of life in prison, the former Chicago-area police sergeant said, "My main concern about anything is my children. Psychologically and physically, if my children are OK, I'm OK"... When told that his former wives had accused him of being controlling, he replied, "I controlled my family. I think more people in America should control their family"... During a two-year period at the end of the marriage [with Kathleen], police were called to the home 18 times because of domestic disturbances, and in 2002 Savio got an order of protection against her husband, charging him with threatening to kill her and physical abuse. No formal charges were ever brought against him... By 2007, Stacy Peterson was telling friends and family that she feared that her husband would kill her... on Nov. 9, Illinois State Police named him a suspect in her disappearance. The next day, the minister at her church said that she had told him that Peterson admitted to her that he had killed Savio... [Full article here]

Peterson's Children to Testify at Grand Jury
Death of Drew Peterson's 3rd Wife Ruled a Homicide; Her Kids Must Testify at Grand Jury Investigating Peterson

By Jim Avila, Teri Whitcraft, Lauren Pearle and Scott Michels
ABC News Law & Justice Unit
Feb. 28, 2008
Two of Drew Peterson's children from his marriage to Kathleen Savio have been subpoenaed to testify in front of the grand jury investigating his possible involvement in her death and the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacey Peterson, ABC News has learned. The two boys, Tom, 15, and Christopher, 13, were served with subpoenas Wednesday and were granted immunity in return for their testimony. They are currently living with their father... Now, in an exclusive interview with ABC News Senior Law & Justice correspondent Jim Avila, a juror on the coroner's inquest that initially determined Savio's death was an accident says he wishes he had listened to her family. "If we would have come back with murder instead, maybe Stacey Peterson would still be here today," Jim Pretto told ABC News. "There is a little bit of guilt that because of that, maybe somebody else was murdered because of that. That maybe could have been stopped"... Kathleen Savio's sister Susan Savio told the coroner's inquest that Kathleen was terrified of Peterson and that Kathleen had said "if she would die, it may look like an accident, but it wasn't"... Though a police officer at the inquest said police had received domestic disturbance calls from Savio, the jurors did not hear that police were called to Savio and Peterson's house 18 times. Peterson was never arrested. The jury also did not hear that Savio in 2002 asked for a restraining order against Peterson. The papers read, "he has restrained me, held me down, knocked me into walls & left marks on my body all the time"... Doman and Savio's brother Henry Savio told ABC News that Peterson hit their sister, giving her a black eye at one point... "You wouldn't believe how scared she was," Henry Savio said. "Over and over she'd say, 'I'm never gonna make it to the end of the divorce or the property settlement,'" Anna Doman said. "'He's gonna kill me'"... "I think we're closer" to justice, Doman said. "I just wish it was four years ago." [Full article here]

Families of Peterson's last 2 wives unite for fund-raiser
Chicago Sun Times
March 3, 2008
Friends and relatives of Drew Peterson's missing fourth wife and his slain third wife came together Sunday at a fund-raiser where Peterson would not have been welcome... About 350 people -- some from as far as California -- paid up to $30 to attend the fund-raiser at the restaurant 115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park... [Full article here]

Sons won't appear before grand jury

March 5, 2008
By JOE HOSEY Staff Writer
BOLINGBROOK - Drew Peterson's teenage sons once again avoided an appearance before the grand jury, their father said Wednesday. The two young men -- Thomas, 15, and Kristopher, 13 -- were served last week with subpoenas but would not be called to appear at the scheduled session Thursday... On Wednesday, [Peterson's attorney, Joel] Brodsky said the Peterson sons are being represented by Chicago attorney Robert Novelle... Brodsky credited Novelle for the postponement... Brodsky said that retaining a separate lawyer for Peterson's sons was to assure someone is protecting their interests. "Drew¹s not manipulating the situation," he said. "He has to protect their rights, make sure they're not being harassed or bullied," Brodsky said. "They need a very tough criminal defense lawyer. And that¹s what they got." [Full article here]

Drew Peterson--This Little Piggy's Unraveling
American Chronicle, CA
Rebekah Price
March 06, 2008
[Excerpts] Drew Peterson is starting to unravel. Why else would we see a kinder, gentler Drew with Matt Lauer--an extreme makeover, demure and quiet? His plastic, professorial television appearance was a vain attempt to mask the sociopath underneath the collegiate attire.
All that was missing were the suede elbow patches and a pipe. The New and Improved Drew is a flawed archetype of the narcissistic misogynist we have all come to know and loathe. The Little Boy Lost Drew appears better dressed and more restrained; however, one can not help but reflect on his words, "I´m prepared for anything" as perhaps a tacit admission of guilt in the murder of his 3rd wife, Kathleen, and the disappearance and probable murder of his 4th wife, Stacy... His new persona is thanks to his new publicist. Yes, publicist... The sociopath is an interesting study in contrasts; he is able to navigate within his social setting... He is controlling... He wants authority and power... The sociopath believes he is untouchable... Faced with the challenge of potential culpability, he will feign remorse in order to escape punishment for his misdeeds... The pressure is getting to Drew. Joel Brodsky knows it, too. There certainly appears to be enough circumstantial evidence to start formulating charges. Being a former police officer, Drew Peterson knows that it is only a matter of time until he faces charges in the death of Kathleen Savio and the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. He knows he is going to need a new look to face a jury of his peers--peers he has ridiculed and teased, peers he has lied to, peers he has abused. Drew Peterson is getting backed into a corner and the only way out is to look like something he´s not... [Full article here]

Kathleen said she had no will, lawyer recalls
PETERSON CASE | But Drew claims he found it after her death

Chicago Sun-Times
By Joe Hosey
March 8, 2008
While she was divorcing Drew Peterson, Kathleen Savio said she didn't have a will, her former lawyer said Friday. Attorney Harry Smith's statement raises new questions about a two-page, handwritten will that Drew Peterson unveiled 15 days after his ex-wife drowned in her bathtub in 2004. The will -- dated March 2, 1997 -- named Peterson's uncle James B. Carroll as executor of Savio's estate. Carroll later awarded Peterson control of virtually all of Savio's assets, although Peterson and his third wife already had divorced. Smith on Friday also said that Drew Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy, met with him twice in the week before she vanished to solicit advice for her own divorce from the embattled Bolingbrook ex-cop. Stacy Peterson discussed divorce twice with Smith in the five days before her Oct. 28 disappearance... Drew Peterson, meanwhile, has said he found the will after his ex-wife died. "We just tucked it away, and I found it after she died"... A Will County judge accepted the will as valid in 2005 after two of Drew Peterson's friends testified they had witnessed Peterson and Savio sign the document... [Full article here]
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  1. This is all very interesting, especially the part about the fact that his jury of "peers" are people he has teased, lied to, etc. I just hope the prosecution doesn't rely too heavily on all of the "hearsay" that has been in the news recently. Sure, a neighbor can say all day long that Drew's wife told her that she was as good as dead, but unfortunately that doesn't prove anything. Do I think he did it? Very likely! But the prosecution only gets one chance to get it right, and this is one case they'd better be very careful with. His defense may be another "dream team". Good thing F. Lee Bailey isn't still around.


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