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Saturday, March 8, 2008

[PA] Fire Chief Owen charged for assault of officer - but NOT for assault of wife?

[News Excerpts] A Cumberland County Fire Chief will stand trial on charges he harrassed his wife and held her against her will. He will also head to court on charges he assaulted the police officer who showed up to help his wife... [Officer Brian] Ebersole arrived outside the residence at 10:20 p.m. and heard Owen's wife, Elizabeth, screaming, "Let me go"... The officer who responded to the scene reported he saw Owen holding his wife violently... The officer told Owen to release the woman, but the fire chief did not respond... The officer then tried unsuccessfully to separate the couple... Instead, Owen grabbed Ebersole... Owen's wife told police her husband had pushed her into a car and the house and was holding her against her will. Witnesses told police Owen also held his wife down in the middle of the street, according to the documents... Owen remains chief of the Summerdale Fire Company...


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