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Monday, March 31, 2008

[TN] Deputy Johnson killed boyfriend Officer Hayes & got probation

Monique Johnson Sentenced to Probation

Kevin Holmes
A Memphis woman who shot her boyfriend six times, including once in the head, is sentenced to four years probation. Former Shelby County Jailer Monique Johnson killed Memphis Police Officer Tony Hayes and now, she's out of jail... She was charged with first degree murder, but convicted of Reckless Homicide on February 15, 2008. She told the jury she was in an abusive relationship and killed Hayes out of fear... Johnson told jurors that after the shooting she panicked and was afraid to call police because she feared the officers would hurt her because Hayes was a police officer. She said she called her son to help her put his body in the trunk of Hayes' car. Hayes was missing for nearly a week before his body was discovered in the trunk of his Lexus at an East Memphis apartment complex. Johnson's son, Donald Wallace, who was 16 at the time, pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact... [Full article here]


  1. To the person who tried to post a comment - I can't post that.

  2. This woman got away with murder. Reckless homicide would be an accidental discharge of the gun, one shot, striking and killing her boyfriend. Certainly not six shots, including the head shot and her actions in hiding his body afterwards. What a farce.

  3. What an absolute disgrace that this crazy bitch only got probation for MURDER. Are you kidding me? You shoot someone six times (two of which he was on the ground and once in the back of the head) and then you have your 16 year old SON help you move the body? That's reckless homicide? And there was no shred of evidence that she was abused by him or that she acted in self defense. Some really stupid jurors man

  4. This was a said story, and it revealed witnesses in our justice system. Tony Hayes was only guilty of his infidelities, but it shouldn't have costed him his life. I just don't understand how someone can claim self defense after shooting someone 4 times in the back and once in the back the head. I believe Monique shot him once in the chest then he tried to get away, but was shoot five more times while his back was turned. I'm not a criminal investigator; however, common sense tells me that Monique's actions were not self-defense. My heart goes out to the Tony Hayes family. This woman in a fit of rage over her boyfriend's infidelities left a teenage boy without a father. Monique God will be your judge, so if you're lying may He have mercy on your soul.

  5. I knew Tony we talked all the time I was a jailer at that time also, he did have women but he was not a abusive guy he was actually a mild manner type of guy, I grew up two street away from where he grew up his whole family were great people.

  6. Tony was a great guy very mild mannered yes he was a lady man we both were at the time but violate he was not.Sad citation.

  7. What an injustice...she literally murdered this officer. How as a mother uses her son to assist her in removing and disposing
    Officer Hayes'body. She should've received more time for involving her son in the cover-up. Unbelievable...unbelievable...

  8. Unbelievable, how did the jury get reckless homicide in a situation where an officer is shot six times. She left this young boy without a father and his mother without her son, because of her jealous rage. However, as we all know what goes around comes back around and KARMA is a b**ch!. When she least expect the comeback it will come around and slap her in the face. The nerve of The Hayes family should sue her for wrongful death! The nerve of her to get her son to assist her, tells me she only cares about herself.


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