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Saturday, March 29, 2008

[IN] Officer Trefry accused of holding gun to his wife's head

Southport Officer Timothy Trefry was arrested Thursday for allegation of holding gun to his wife's head

Police: Reserve Officer Pulled Gun On Wife
Man Arrested On Intimidation Charge

March 28, 2008
..."He allegedly pointed a firearm at her (and), in the process, pulled the trigger on the firearm," said Col. Doug Cox, chief deputy of the Johnson County Sheriff's Department. Children left the home through a window during the argument, police said. No injuries were reported. According to a police report, Trefry's wife told investigators that he previously had threatened to kill her and their children.... Trefry was arrested on a preliminary charge of intimidation with a firearm. [Source]


  1. Please remove this from your site. I was never charged or convicted of any crime. You do not have any of the facts. You are not only hurting me but you are hurting my family. I am asking nicely before I have to seek Legal action. Thank you. If you want to report the news report it accuratly. Interview and get all sides of the story. GET THE FACTS.

  2. To the person who tried to comment - you could actually stoke tension and maybe even get someone hurt with a comment like that. Just do what you feel you need to do, as stated in your comment.

  3. Part of the reason officers can hop around is, like if you watch the video at the link above, they "let him go" instead of prosecuting. Fired him but didn't hold him accountable.


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