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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

[GA] Denise Ellison Taylor shot and killed accidentally - No investigation needed.


Former cop accidentally shoots, kills his wife
Atlanta Journal Constitution
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 03/02/08
A former Fulton County sheriff's major accidentally shot and killed his wife Friday, according to Griffin police. Riley Taylor, 54, was unloading his gun at family function when it discharged, and the bullet struck his 54-year-old wife, Denise, police said. Denise Taylor was flown by medical helicopter to Grady Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, Griffin police spokesman Cpl. Bryan Clanton said. "There is no criminal investigation because there was no criminal intent," Clanton said. Riley Taylor was a veteran of the Fulton County Sheriff's Department under retired Sheriff Jackie Barrett. He retired from a post at the jail as a lieutenant in 2007 after having his rank reduced by Barrett, who was under fire for financial mismanagement of the department and for deficiencies at the jail...
Admittedly from the outside, I am wondering how a demoted police major who (coincidentally?) then retired has now been put in charge of auditing the the whole jail system that he was demoted for having part in. And how can it be known that it wasn't staged as an accident, planned in advance, if it's already decided that there won't be any investigation? Aren't those the kinds of things you take the time to rule out?

The news isn't saying much. The same article is printed everywhere. (No one's interested?) But I did bump into something that may (or may not) tell something of what happened that day, at least from the perspective, allegedly, of those related but not present when Denise was shot:

The initial blog post:
Ex-Georgia Cop Accidentally Shoots Wife Dead
Shooting The Messenger
Monday, March 03, 2008

The comments section to the blog:
...That's my aunt that died. He was with his son, a Clayton County police officer; his son's girlfriend, a Clayton County 911 disbatcher[sic]; and his wife, a Clayton County school teacher...
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  2. Shooting Death Ruled Accidental
    Griffin Journal./griffinjournal.com
    Tuesday, MAR 03, 2008

    Some news media in the Atlanta area has reported incorrectly the shooting death that occured in Griffin Friday. Here is the real story.

    A former Fulton County sheriff's major accidentally shot and killed his wife Friday while unloading his gun, Taylor, 54, was at a family function when the gun discharged and the bullet struck his wife, Denise Taylor, 54.

    Griffin police spokesman Cpl. Bryan Clanton said this morning, "We investigated the situation and it was determined to be an accident. Family members were present when the tragedy occurred. It is possible that a mechanical problem involving defective trigger/hammer mechanical parts contributed to the accidental discharge. The firearm is being examined at this time."


    Latest On Shooting Incident
    Griffin Journal./griffinjournal.com
    Tuesday, MAR 03, 2008

    Official press release issued by Cpl. Bryan Clanton of the Griffin Police Department
    The Griffin Police Department’s Uniform Patrol Division, Crime Scene Unit, and Criminal Investigation Division responded to a tragic accident Friday night. The officers were dispatched to the Taylor residence in Griffin to assist EMS with a patient with a gunshot wound. Officers learned that Denise Taylor had suffered a fatal wound during a family gathering while her husband, Riley Taylor, was attempting to render a handgun safe.

    The investigation revealed that Riley Taylor had taken control of the loaded weapon from his son, Jason, due to the hammer becoming stuck in the “half-cocked” position after Jason Taylor had reloaded it. While attempting to fix the problem, the handgun was discharged and Mrs. Taylor died at the scene moments later. The Griffin Police Department and the Spalding County Coroner’s Office investigated the occurrence. Based on the evidence and statements of the family members present when the gun discharged, the death is being considered an accident.



    You asshole. He was not unloading his gun. That's my aunt that died. He was with his son, a Clayton County police officer; his son's girlfriend, a Clayton County 911 disbatcher; and his wife, a Clayton County school teacher. He was not unloading or cleaning the gun. Something happened with the gun while it was unloaded so the son, my cousin, put the bullets back in to try and unjam it but my uncle didn't know it was loaded and thought he turned away from everyone and slightly tapped the bottom when it went off. His hand was nowhere near the trigger. Everyone was shaken up and he asked if everyone was okay. When he got to her she had enough air left to say "No. I don't think so." Then she started sliding out of her chair. It's horrible that this happened. She was about to have a grandson too. This has hurt our family so much so you can say oh well. Shit happens but it was truly an accident. You hear about this stuff and think what the hell were they doing playing with it but when it happens to someone in your family with 2 fully trained professionals it hits hard and you empathize with other families that it's happened to. I can prove she's in my family if you don't believe me. So don't just think that because he's a cop they're just letting him off. It was an accident.
    MacKenzie Cook | 03.03.08 - 10:08 pm | #


    Your uncle "didn't know it was loaded" because he didn't check to SEE if it was loaded.

    This is criminal negligence, my charming asshole interloper, who writes so poorly as to render any reasonable discourse impossible.

    I'll tell you one thing you incorrigible punk; if you are related to this idiot who killed his own wife then its simply bad genes so at least there's an excuse for your disrespect, you come by it honestly and will forever try to excuse a man who did the following:

    He pointed a loaded gun at his wife. It discharged and killed her.

    Explain this away all you want because that is precisely what law enforcement idiots are taught to do. Blame the tool or the situation, never themselves.

    Let me repeat in case you're even dumber than you write:

    The man pointed a loaded weapon at his wife and killed her.

    So of course it isn't his fault.

    That's why this sort of shit continues to happen, Ms Einstein.

    People, stupid people from horrid gene pools, harm other people then others excuse them. You should be ashamed of yourself for attempting to excuse a man who...one more time for good luck, dimbulb...

    Pointed a loaded gun at his wife and killed her.

    She deserved far better. You, the excuser, and he, the killer, need psychiatric help at the least and he, incarceration for certain.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and proving to everyone what we harp about time after time.

    Dumbasses do dumbass things then blame a tool.

    Damned fine example of what not to do, so at least they provide examples for those of us who are smart enough not to point guns at things we don't want to kill.

    Now go away child, it disgusts me to think that we're of the same species.
    fits | Homepage | 03.03.08 - 10:33 pm | #


    Look you fucking asshole. You can say that I'm an "incorrigible punk" but I don't care. I'm only 17 and you've pissed me off so bad that I don't care. You can try and make me seem stupid by using such bug vocabulary but I know what those words mean. And you can try to make everything seem worse than it was but he did not intentionally point a loaded weapon at her. First of all, would you have checked to see if it was loaded when you watched your own son take the bullets out? And you may call me disrespectful but I have a reason to be when you take no thought that the family of these people may read this and you're just bitching about how he got off. You don't know our story. My family and I both agree that she's in a better place because you don't know how she was. A diabetic who was almost blind and may have to quit work if she loses her sight. She wasn't happy. Even though she may have seemed that way you should just shut the fuck up about her because you don't know her story. You don't know her. And you may say that we all need psychiatric help but I think that would be you that insults people over the internet without knowing anything about them. She would be happy that I'm at least trying to defend her and her husband. And it doesn't disgust you more than it disgusts me to know that people like you even exist on this earth.
    MacKenzie Cook | 03.03.08 - 11:22 pm | #


    He DID NOT point the gun at her and intentionally shoot her. He had turned away, says everyone in the room, and he had checked to see if the gun was loaded. There was a jammed bullet and the gun went off and hit my sister in the left arm. Then it went into her heart where it killed her. If you knew Riley like we do you would know that he did not hurt her on purpose. He worshiped her. This man took her coffee to her every morning, he took care of her, as she was a very bad diabetic, he loved her more than life. I have known this man for 39 years and he has been married to my sister for the last 37 of them. You don't know anything about this man except what you hear on the news or read in the paper. How can you judge someone by that? You are just being really stupid. How many innocent people are in prison right now because of idiots like you who just assume they are guilty? Don't be so quick to judge someone you don't even know. Riley Taylor is a wonderful man. He was a wonderful husband to my sister, Denise, and a great daddy to my neice and nephew. And he is a wonderful granddaddy to his granddaughter. It was just a freak accident and those of us who loved Denise, including Riley, will have to live with this forever. Tomorrow I bury my only sister and my best friend. And I know in my heart that he did not do this on purpose. He loved her and he is grieving badly along with the rest of my family. If you don't know the man then please don't be so quick to judge. God just may see fit to let the same thing happen to you. Don't send out what you don't want to get back. God said do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Please don't put him down. He is a great man and he is suffering terribly. As is the rest of my family. I now have to take care of my 73 year old mother as she buries her first born child. She knows Riley didn't do it on purpose and so does everybody who knows him. Please don't try to make this into something it's not. Thanks, Vickie Cook, grieving sister of Denise Taylor, sister in law of Riley Taylor
    Vickie Cook | 03.04.08 - 12:03 am | #


    Out of all the blogs carrying this story (and I know of 3 others in just the ones I visit) only this one gets a visit from people claiming to be family members?

    I wonder how that happens. And how the family members who come here to protest start multiplying.

    What are the odds that family members of the shooter and victim would stumble onto THIS blog out of all the ones carrying the story? And, at this time, would have the time to take Fits to task for his views?

    Now, what are the odds that one of the many thousand 'net trolls decides to adopt false identities in order to harass the blog owner on here, as opposed to some other blog?

    Yeah, it's POSSIBLE that these Cooks are real. It's POSSIBLE that I'll be announced the winner of the Democratic Party's race to nominate their candidate. Both, however, are less likely than they are likely.
    Hyunchback | Homepage | 03.04.08 - 12:57 am | #


    You grieving family members are missing the point.

    The point is that if I shot and killed my beloved wife, it wouldn't matter to Deputy Sheriff Riley Taylor that I was a wonderful husband, father, and pillar of the community. Deputy Riley Taylor wouldn't take into consideration that it was a dreadful mistake, that I loved her, or that all of my family were in shock with grief and remorse. Deputy Riley Taylor wouldn't care how many innocent men have been sent to prison.

    Deputy Sheriff Riley Taylor would slam me to the floor, cuff me, search my home, strip it of all my guns and confiscate them, and throw me in jail.

    But the other cops didn't do that to HIM. And THAT is the point of this blog entry.

    They didn't do it to him, but both he and they would do it to me.

    I'm sorry for your family.

    I'm just as sorry for the rest of us benighted American citizens who can't seem to get equal treatment under the law from cops. After all, when have you ever seen firefighters give special treatment to another firefighter?
    Gaviota | 03.04.08 - 2:05 am | #


    Preventable tragedies are always the worst. Difficult to take the side of someone who was not only criminally negligent but treated far differently than the man on the street. I carry guns daily, have been around them all of my life, and when the honor came to teach others the manual of arms the very first thing that was summarily dismissed was the concept of an "accident". One should not even touch a firearm believing that an accident can occur with one.

    Now, I can understand the confusion and turmoil within those who've not received the proper training and remain unawares of the dangers inherent in virtually any complicated mechanical device. Your brakes fail and you go to a mechanic. First thing he asks is when was the last time you had them serviced. Because the responsibility of keeping a dangerous machine in good running order falls upon the owner. A neglected car wiping out a sidewalk full of nuns is no accident because it never would have happened if the necessary preventive measures were taken.

    That is negligence, plain and simple.

    A gun is no different.Shooting someone with one when such an act is not intended is, by all manner of logic and reasoning, negligence. Guns do not crawl from a sock drawer, load themselves with ammunition, then strap onto the nearest unsuspecting person.

    Being an adult means being responsible for ones actions. But, because there remain those who have no understanding of this, we are doomed to be preyed upon by "accident" after "accident", and unfortunately, some of us will not survive the process.
    fits | Homepage | 03.04.08 - 5:49 am | #


    Fits, This is negligence plain and simple.

    If it were anyone but a cop they'd be prosecuted for manslaughter. What ever happened to the even and equitable application of the law?

    If this guy isn't a hypocrite, he'll step forward and get the DA to charge him and then plead guilty.
    bah_humbug | 03.04.08 - 7:54 am | #


    1. I check to see if the gun is loaded even if I am the one who just "took the bullets out".

    2. If this woman was so sick and suffering so much why hasn't it occured to anyone that the husband might have performed a mercy killing?

    3. How could something happen to a gun while it was unloaded that caused a bullet to become "jammed up in it"?
    Lemuel Calhoon | Homepage | 03.04.08 - 8:52 am | #


    Accidents do happen everyday. I guess you have been lucky in your life as you have never had an accident occur. When it does though, and it will, I hope you remember this and what you have put my family through, in what is the very worst time of our lives. I truly do believe that what you send out you also receive back. I hope you all enjoy the grief that is headed your way. Now I must go get my funeral clothes on and go and refix my dead sisters makeup where our tears have washed it off of her. I will not come back to this site again and check it out. I only wish for the ones who have written this the same that they have given to me in this horrible time.
    Vickie Cook | 03.04.08 - 9:48 am | #


    Look, I'm sorry for being so rude to you but you made me very mad. I am real and that is my real family but I'm going to drop this and I hope you do to. And just to let you go before I go, I chose this blog because out of every website that came up on Google yours was the only one that made it sound worse than it was. Yours was the only one that I saw that offered and opinion so far from the truth. So please just drop this because you didn't know us.
    MacKenzie Cook | 03.04.08 - 9:57 am | #


    "Accidents do happen everyday. I guess you have been lucky in your life as you have never had an accident occur."

    Luck has nothing to do with it; I have handled firearms for 50 years and never shot anyone "by accident". If anyone other than a LEO was this negligent in handling a gun, they would have faced legal repercussions.
    BobG | Homepage | 03.04.08 - 10:27 am | #


    "Accidents do happen everyday. I guess you have been lucky in your life as you have never had an accident occur."

    There are rules to be followed when handling firearms - the first is to always keep it pointed in a safe direction. Obviously he broke that rule. I've had unintentional discharges from malfunctioning firearms, but they have never gone into something living because I follow that rule.

    And like it or not, he (and you also) are being given VERY special treatment. If there weren't LEO's there, all of you would have probably spent time at the office - and the LEO's would have done their best to amplify differences in everyone's memory of the event so that they could bring charges.

    Nobody - unfortunately by defending the actions, you have included yourselves - gets a 'pass' when carelessness/inattention/complacency cause harm. The gun was under his control, he handled it improperly, he killed his wife. It really is that simple.
    Capital G Geek | Homepage | 03.04.08 - 11:24 am | #


    To MacKenzie Cook: You know full well that if this had been one of us mere mortals, we would have been brought up on charges of negligent homicide. Riley got a pass because he is an "Only One". (Look up Lee Paige, on the War on Guns blog and you'll see where that comes from.)

    To the Cook family (MacKenzie too): Having said the above, we too are sorry for your loss. None of us are the least bit happy that this happened. Even though we think Riley gota pass, he will carry a load of guilt and grief for a long time. Watch him. Rally 'round him. Don't let him become suicidal. Help him through this. May God help you all through this terrible time.
    crotalus | 03.04.08 - 11:34 am | #


    "First of all, would you have checked to see if it was loaded when you watched your own son take the bullets out?"

    Yes, I even check when picking up a firearm that I initially cleared. It is a habit that safe gunnies acquire.

    I truly feel for the loss that this family is suffering. I can not imagine the devastation and guilt being felt by Mr. Taylor. I can understand his family coming to his defense, but he knows in his heart of hearts that his wife’s death is due to his negligence. He will have to live with that. I do not envy him the quiet moments he will have to spend with himself in the future.

    Labeling this incident an accident will not abate the grief and self loathing that Mr. Taylor is going through. It may help the family to forgive him, but most likely will do nothing to help him forgive himself.

    This "accident" was due to negligence. Being upfront about that fact in the media and by the police could help drive home an important lesson to other gun owners. Mrs. Taylor would not have been shot if Riley had checked his firearm clear when he picked it up. Mrs. Taylor would not have been shot if Riley had kept his firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times. These are object lessons that could save another person's life.

    Most times when bloggers comment on negligent shootings, it is to point out these lessons so that others can learn from these "mistakes".
    JR | Homepage | 03.04.08 - 7:02 pm | #


    If a bullet is jammed in the gun could you see the bullet? I don't know. I've never handled a gun nor have, I think, ever seen one in real life so I have no clue of knowing. But I want to say that we are helping him and his son to overcome his and our loss.
    MacKenzie Cook | 03.04.08 - 7:50 pm | #


    cloud | 03.04.08 - 11:50 pm | #


    So Riley's son that was present is Clayton County Police Department Master Patrolman Jason Taylor?
    Dee | 03.05.08 - 12:22 am | #


    yes Mackenzie, he could have seen the gun wasn't in a safe condition if he had looked.

    I allow no one in my family to receive a firearm into their hands if they do not immediately check its condition. My daughters have said to me, "Dad, I just saw you check it before you handed it to me." Didn't matter, they knew they had to check it again as soon as it came into their hands.

    None of us have ever unintentionally shot anybody.

    The worst disrespect one can show for another is not willful harm, but that caused by carelessness.

    I truly feel for your loss and I hope you can rally around her child and husband and help them through this time. But that does not mean the husband didn't do something wrong. Even though unintentional, he bears the guilt. I hope he can. Else his life will be torture, and I suspect he will suffer greatly.

    Those sentiments in no way though, negate the fact that he is being given preferential treatment that other "ordinary" citizens would not receive.
    straightarrow | 03.05.08 - 2:12 am | #


    "yes Mackenzie, he could have seen the gun wasn't in a safe condition if he had looked."

    That misses the point. ALL guns are ALWAYS assumed to be loaded, and must be handled accordingly - until proven otherwise.

    I do feel sorry for you and your family. Please understand that what you perceive as an uncaring/unfeeling/unsympathetic attitude is exactly the opposite. By pointing out the errors that were made and how this tragedy could have been avoided, we sincerely hope to prevent something like this in the future.

    Similar to the way schools will display a wrecked car the week before homecoming - it just might help someone...
    Capital G Geek | Homepage | 03.05.08 - 9:10 am | #


    Oddly enough my coworker showed this to me this morning...

    This family is grieving more than any of us can ever imagine. I was there yesterday when they laid Denise to rest and I saw the grief and pain. Please...this was a terrible accident. The gun was never "pointed" at her. So stop saying like he sat and pointed it straight at his wife and pulled the trigger. That is absurd! He tapped the gun on the table and it fired, jerking the gun upwards. He never touched the trigger and he surely did not point it at her.

    So now...leave this be and let the family grieve in peace. Please...
    Friend of Taylor Family | 03.05.08 - 10:15 am | #


    Vickie said,
    "He DID NOT point the gun at her and intentionally shoot her. He had turned away,
    ...says everyone in the room."

    There was him,
    Denise - who can't say anything,
    his son - Clayton County Police Department Master Patrolman Jason Taylor,
    the 911 Dispatcher from his son's police department,
    and that dispatcher's wife?
    that looks like a well-intentioned alibi crew that believed him that it was an accident.
    That's WHY there SHOULD be a REAL investigation. So such awful impressions can be dispelled.
    He's a veteran police major.
    He is --NOT-- excusably or believably gun-dumb
    or gun negligent.
    Vickie writes,
    "Then it went into her heart where it killed her."
    That sounds more like a straight shot from an experienced gun handler. What are the odds of the bullet going through her heart?
    To family who don't like people discussing when people in their family get shot, this public discussing happens and sometimes if in your grief it's too painful to see - it may be better to just not watch.
    A death that happens in a cloud of questions actually does become - on another level - very public business.
    We - the public - need to know how our laws work. We need to know if our law enforcement officials are held to our laws - and investigations - or free to kill without being investigated.
    We need to know...
    This isn't a deal where the family can "assure" anyone. An above table investigation is the social assurance. Nothing less.
    Dee | 03.05.08 - 3:15 pm | #


    Well to you - Dee - I hope your family or friends NEVER go through anything like this.

    And if you were there yesterday and the days since her death...you would see the grief of her son and husband. Of course they blame themselves...but it was an accident. Some things really are accidents. Not everyone in this world is mean and cruel.

    Why don't you all move onto a story that has REAL drama and questions...like the 17 year kid that shot and killed his mother and 2 sisters???????????? Now that is a story to discuss.

    God bless the Taylors. We are all praying for your healing.
    Friend of Taylor Family | 03.05.08 - 4:43 pm | #


    Nobody wants this for anyone's family. I know the grief is real. Of course it is. It's awful. Many of us have had family tragedies and can relate to the deep deep loss of someone that we love... always waiting for them to walk back in the door or call on the phone - wanting to wake from the nightmare and find that it's just not true. And many of us can relate to the difficulty of trying to grasp when someone we love is gone so suddenly or so violently.

    And I am aware of the shooting of Deputy Joy Deleston and her 2 daughters - also. No one's claiming it's an accident, and there is an investigation. Not much to discuss. It's being handled professionally.

    Their families are also in grief.
    They are tragedies - family tragedies, and as I said, also social tragedies. They effect us all.

    Move on? Probably not. If there is no investigation I'll probably always be resurrecting at least the central question. This year, next year, the year after that - and so on.
    Dee | 03.05.08 - 5:40 pm | #


    I understand you feel there should be some investigation...but it would only be wasting tax payers money...to ultimately find what?? NOTHING!! Obviously what was seen and told that night was enough "investigating". What else do you need to investigate? There are some cases that are just open and close. No need for an in-depth investigation. It happens every day in every situation. Put yourself in her husband's shoes...if you had been part of a terrible accident like this and everything and everyone proves it...would you want to be hassled day after day for nothing? No...you would want to move on and heal...so does he and the entire family.

    And I meant no disprespect to the deputy that was killed...that is horrible. And I know that family is mourning too. My point was THAT is a case that needs investigating. The why's, when's, who's, etc.

    I just know this family personally and this has shattered their lives and all of us who knew Denise. It was an accident. End of story. What else do you need to know? Minute by minute account of those terrible minutes?? Those...are NOT the public's business.
    Friend of Taylor Family | 03.05.08 - 7:02 pm | #


    To whoever Friend of Taylor Family is: Thank you so much for your help trying to get these people to leave them alone. Jason, I know has cried a lot since this happened. He blames himself because it was he that put the bullet in the gun but he didn't kill her.
    To everyone else: It was not the dispatcher's wife. The dispatcher is Jason Taylor's girlfriend. The wife was Denise Taylor. I wish you would leave our family alone. It's hurting us to know that she's gone. We don't blame anyone for this happening and we don't want an investigation. It was just that the gun wasn't pointed far enough away from her. It's horrible but we know that it must have been her time to go so we'll get through this if you just leave us alone. Stop trying to get an investigation because we know what happened and that's all anyone needs to know.
    MacKenzie Cook | 03.05.08 - 7:34 pm | #


    I am sure you all of you CSIs are gathering all of your information from the media outlets, which report just enough to keep you thirsting for more, and much of what they report are inaccuracies and half-truths. There is no criminal investigation, however there was/is an investigation. You people need to move beyond your Law and Order reruns. Even the most experienced race-car driver can and does wreck...Even the most experienced fisherman breaks a line...you want to be the expert on this case, then get all of the facts from the police report and the CSI unit--not from what you read in Sunday's paper or heard in a 30 second bit on the local news station. I hope that all of you know-it-all gun-wielding CSI Attorneys never have an accident, lest you be judged as you have judged Riley Taylor.
    stbaker | 03.05.08 - 9:51 pm | #


    Okay, enough is enough.

    This was NOT an accident and I tire of hearing it be called one, so enough of race car drivers have wrecks, etc, because it is simply just too stupid.

    We do not need CSI to point out the incontrovertible fact that criminal negligence resulted in the death of an innocent person. Her family as well as other members of LE do not believe so, but here we'll always take the side of the innocent over the lord and masters of the universe who want to bury this woman and forget she ever existed.



    This means over and done with ok.

    Edited By Siteowner
    fits | Homepage | 03.05.08 - 11:10 pm | #



  4. I am "Friend of Taylor Family"...

    To MacKenzie: You are welcome. My mother was Denise's oldest friend. I have known the family my entire life as well. And I KNOW that this was an accident. I saw the tears the night we went to visit the family. I saw Jason kneeling beside his mother's casket at the burial. Do not let these people get to you. We all know the truth...and so does God...so do not worry. We love your family and you are all in my prayers each day.

    To the owner of this blog: I hope you never go through something like this. This family has enough suffering and yes guilt to deal with. They don't need jerks like you just being mean and cruel.


    Memo: Thurbert Baker-Killing of Denise Riley-Officers Wife
    Susan Murphy Milano's Journal
    Wednesday, March 5, 2008
    [Excerpts] ...Why is Riley Taylor receiving preferential treatment in the shooting death of his wife?... I am asking that your office conduct an investigation into this matter. And look further into the well oiled alibi statements that were provided to former police associates on the evening of Denise Taylor's death.

  6. Attorney General, Thurbert Baker
    "Welcome to the Attorney General's Website As the public's lawyer, I have a tremendous responsibility to protect the public as well as to uphold the laws and the Constitution of Georgia..."

    Contact Us

    Mailing Address:

    Office of the Attorney General
    40 Capitol Square, SW
    Atlanta, Ga 30334

    (404) 656-3300
    (404) 657-8733

  7. Obituary

    Denise Ellison Taylor
    Griffin Daily News
    Tuesday, March 4, 2008

  8. I still enter my blog through Denise's page. I know something is wrong with skipping a real investigation when someone, ANYone, is shot through the heart.

  9. There should have been an investigation

  10. Thought of you during the holiday.

  11. God, grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;

    the courage to change the things I can;

    and the wisdom to know the difference.

  12. I am still using Denise's page as my entry point onto my blog. I see this several times a day.

  13. I think of Denise all the time. How an investigation wasn't needed defies logic. When the "family gathering" was a small nugget of law enforcement connected folk - not a picnic with aunts, uncles, and cousins, and when Denise was shot straight through her heart - how, how, how, could this pass without a second look.

    How sad.

  14. How crazy is that, that the bullet went right through her heart accidently?

  15. To the person who asked how the bullet went right through her heart, Accidently? I ask you to review the evidence. The bullet actually entered her arm and then passed into her heart. Riley did not aim the gun at her chest. I think, even for a trained marksman, it would be difficult to get an exact trajectory to make sure a bullet went through her and entered her heart in a way that ensured it killed her. This all being done without pulling the trigger. I also find it disheartening that so many people are questioning the "Alibi". It is one thing to say this was a mercy killing on Riley's behalf - but in doing so you are also implying that it was a mercy killing by her son, daughter in law, and other family members present. I find that to just on the other side of ridiculous.

  16. Where do you get "mercy killing" in this? I had not heard that.

    Your point is that a skilled marksman has to get a front or back shot to shoot someone in the center of their mass. That's interesting too.

  17. If a person aimed for the heart area there would be very good odds of hitting the heart. There would be even better odds if shooting someone from the side. I cannot say what happened or didn't happen, but I can say that it stinks that there was no investigation.

  18. Denise was here.

  19. Still entering my blog here on this page every day.

  20. Thinking of you still, wondering why there was no investigation.

  21. My intuition has never been wrong.

  22. I am working on assembling some cases that show how often there are accidental homicides and alleged suicides by family members (other than the officer) in police families - in order to promote mandatory investigations of domestic deaths in police family homes just like they are handled for non-police families. <3

  23. There are 9 comments posted at
    Memo: Thurbert Baker-Killing of Denise Taylor-Officers Wife
    Thursday 06 Mar 2008

    There are 33 posted comments at
    Wife Killed: A former Fulton County sheriff's major accidentally shot and killed his wife while unloading his gun.
    Elyse Madison elyse.madison@wctv.tv
    Posted: 7:06 AM Mar 3, 2008

  24. Still entering the blog every day on this page.

  25. Reading over some of the comments...

  26. So sad. Unbelieveable that there was never an investigation into this case. Shaking my head at the officer's excuse that he thought his gun wasn't loaded. A police officer is taught that their gun is always loaded...even when it isn't. And what are the chances of an accidental gun shot going straight through someone's heart? Praying that someone will see this and get an investigation into Denise's death.

  27. Hey Denise. Thinking of you. I still use your page every day to enter my blog via a bookmark link.

  28. I am doing what I can for who I can, and always remembering Denise.

  29. I don't have my calendar set to remind me and yet... <3

  30. Much love to the many who have loved someone and lost them.

    I believe in heaven.

  31. I'm thinking of you Denise as I prepare to post on the accidental shooting death of Josephine Fanning at a family gathering.

  32. I haven't been posting in the blog lately but still remembering.

  33. A lot of good things are happening, more attention on how things are handled, and you are a part of that list of women that is beginning to make things better.

  34. So much is happening. Thinking of you.

  35. A new year. Not much has changed.

  36. There's been so many accidental killngs of wives. I am so sorry...

  37. I still usually enter the blog through this page to remember Denise and everyone who died quietly like her.


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