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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

[CO] Officer Guiterman arrested - DV, harassment, stalking, & criminal mischief

Vail officer arrested
By The Denver Post
Joey Bunch
A Vail police officer was arrested by his own department Tuesday afternoon, accused of stalking. Officer David Guiterman, 38, was put on paid administrative leave, pending an internal investigation. He has been an officer in Vail since July 2005. On Monday night, Guiterman's girlfriend called 911 saying that he was pounding violently on her door after repeatedly phoning, e-mailing and trying to talk to her at her home, according to police. Guiterman was arrested at his home. He was charged with harassment-stalking, criminal mischief and domestic violence.


  1. All charges were dismissed. The officer is back at work with no penalty. The police department had "over reacted" to a "well connected" caller.

  2. Thank you for the update. I hope some things, but don't want to fan the fire by posting what I hope here on the blog.

  3. Personal experience with this Officer he was intimidating, and aggressive to say the least.

  4. Personal experience with this Officer "definitely above the law"


  5. Personal experience with this officer was very positive. I assume charges were dismissed for a very good reason. My understanding is that the caller never wanted charges to be filed.

  6. This Officer saved my child's life after a horrendous auto accident. With no regard for his safety he entered a burning car and was able to free my daughter. Thank you,Tasha M.

  7. AnonymousJuly 01, 2010

    You can find his name on the MADD Hero Award List. He did a lot for our community. Thank you David.

  8. AnonymousJune 12, 2011

    He failed to report a crime. Using selective enforcement he chose to not persue a crime admitted by the individual and intimidated the victim.

  9. This guy is a hero, he personally broke up a child prostitution ring and saved a lot of lives. It is too bad that an over reaction to a DV call can stigmatize someone forever.

  10. David Guiterman handcuffed and tortured a homeless man. He placed him in the back of his patrol car, soaked him in pepper spray and shut the door locking him inside. David Guiterman thinks what he did is okay, and everyone upset that the homeless man 1) hadn't committed a crime and 2) suffered damage to his eyes, skin and lungs from the gas chamber Guiterman created with officer-issued pepper spray and a patrol car. Not to mention other officers were irritated afterwards by the pepper spray.

  11. I highly doubt Guiterman performed either of those two heroic acts. His last name is unusual enough to allow extensive searching of archived news articles, and there aren't any news articles mentioning him in a positive light. Just him stalking and harassing a woman, torturing a homeless man, getting sued for excessive force for torturing the homeless man, and being charged with indecent exposure by another agency during a routine sweep of a park frequented by men looking to meet other likeminded men. I can easily call the media contacts at his previous agencies to doublecheck, but I don't think I missed any news reports about him.


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