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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[FL] Officer Maldonado accused of pointing her service weapon at boyfriend in front of witnesses

...Police claim [Homestead Police Officer Jenna] Maldonado called her boyfriend at the party, and told him she was on her way to the party "with her gun in her lap"...

Officer suspended after allegedly threating boyfriend
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
[Excerpts] A reserve police officer has been suspended after, investigators said, she threatened her boyfriend with a firearm. Jenna Maldonado, 28, is a single mother with four children. As a reserve officer with the Homestead Police Department... According to Miami-Dade Police, Maldonado was trying to get a hold of her boyfriend on Super Bowl Sunday. When the 28-year-old could not get a hold of him, she went to the boyfriend's friends' house, and that is when, investigators said, she put her gun in her boyfriend's face and threatened to shoot him... Maldonado is the daughter of Linda Bell, who is the former mayor of Homestead. Maldonado's attorney argues that there is politics at play, and calls this a vendetta against the family... [Full article here]

Officer suspended after allegedly pulling a gun on her boyfriend
Written by Elgin Jones
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
[Excerpts] A Homestead police rookie has been suspended after allegedly pulling a gun issued by her department on her boyfriend at a Super Bowl party... “It is an IA [Homestead Police Internal Affairs] investigation that is ongoing and she is on suspension from the Reserve Officer Program,” Homestead Police Department spokesman Capt. Ed Bowe said. “The Miami-Dade Police Department’s Domestic Violence Division is conducting the criminal investigation, and will decide on any charges, or referral to the State Attorney”... Maldonado, who was off duty, and a person identified only as "Steve," got into a heated argument, sources said. Sources describe “Steve” as Maldonado’s boyfriend. The disagreement escalated to the point at which Maldonado allegedly threatened her boyfriend with her department-issued service weapon, sources said... Though sources say over a dozen people reportedly witnessed the incident, Miami-Dade Police, who patrol the area, were never called. The next day, the boyfriend contacted Maldonado’s employer, the Homestead Police Department, and reported the incident. A number of other people at the party who witnessed the incident have provided recorded statements to Homestead police, according to sources... Maldonado has been with the department for less than a year, but Bowe said he did not immediately have her exact date of employment... Bowe said the department allows officers to choose from a variety of approved weapons to carry while on duty, and he was not sure exactly which model had been issued to Maldonado. “It was our gun that was used,” Bowe acknowledged. “Any use of a service revolver, if it is not used in the justifiable duty as a police officer, is unacceptable”... [Full article here]

Rookie Homestead Cop Charged In Gun Incident
Feb 23, 2010 6:35 pm US/Eastern
[Excerpts] ...[Homestead reserve police officer] Jenna Maldonado, daughter of former Homestead Mayor Lynda Bell, had been on suspension since February 10. She surrendered to Miami-Dade police Monday night. According to the arrest affidavit made public by Miami-Dade police, Maldonado threatened [S.E.], her boyfriend and the father of one of her children, with a gun during a Super Bowl party hosted at a friend's Redland home. According to the affidavit, Maldonado was upset that [S.E.] was at the party instead of coming home to care for the children so she could go out with friends. Police claim Maldonado called her boyfriend at the party, and told him she was on her way to the party "with her gun in her lap". Concerned, [S.E.] asked a friend to drive him home but before he could leave, police said Maldonado arrived, pointed her service revolver at [S.E.], and forced the friend to back-up his truck. Police say Maldonado walked toward the two men, pointing her gun at [S.E.]. The affidavit said then pushed his face as she yelled at him that she wanted him out of the house. [S.E.] reached for the gun twice and let it go. Police said [S.E.] was worried the situation would escalate, and walked to the back of the house. The affidavit says Maldonado followed him, still pointing her gun at him, yelling, "We'll see who's the duck now." Police say [S.E.] tried to leave a number of times, but was stopped by Maldonado. He then appealed to friends for help. "If I have friends here," he said, the report states him as saying, "please tell her to leave." Friends stepped in, and convinced Maldonado to leave... Maldonado had been living with [S.E.] for about 6 years, according to the police report.... [Full article here]
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    South Florida Times
    Elgin Jones
    March 19, 2010
    Prosecutors have dropped charges against a former rookie Homestead police officer who was fired after pointing her department-issued gun at her boyfriend during an argument at a Super Bowl party.
    Officer Jenna Maldonado was terminated on March 1, less than a month after the Feb. 7 incident, according to city officials. “The case is over, unless and until the victim or other witnesses come forward, there is nothing we can do,” Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office spokesperson Terry Chavez said on Thursday, March 18... “Right now, as far as we’re concerned, we had no choice but to no-action the case,” Chavez said... [Full article here]


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