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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[WI] Police Sgt. Abegglen escapes harrassment / lying disciplinary hearing (and findings) by "resigning" first

"...This letter is to confirm that [Town of Beloit Police] Sergeant Willis Abegglen will be retiring before the hearing Monday and as such, there is no need to have the hearing”...

Beloit Daily News
By John Ranallo
February 23, 2010
[Excerpts] Town of Beloit Police Sgt. Willis Abegglen was scheduled to stand before the Police and Fire Disciplinary Review committee Monday morning, but retired before the committee met. Abegglen made his retirement effective Feb. 19. In a letter addressed to Bill Henderson and James Korum, who serve as town attorney and prosecutor for the review committee, William R. Rettko, Abegglen’s lawyer, said there was no need for the hearing since Abegglen is stepping down. “This letter is to confirm that Sergeant Willis Abegglen will be retiring before the hearing Monday and as such, there is no need to have the hearing,” Rettko writes. Abegglen was employed with the township for 29 years. He served as deputy chief from 2004 to April 2009 before his position was eliminated. After the position was eliminated, Abegglen was named sergeant. Police Chief John Wilson filed a formal complaint against Abegglen charging him with a violation of the department’s anti-harrassment policies. The complaint also accused Abegglen of “untruthfulness and insubordination during investigation of this matter”... [Town Administrator Bob] Museus said the state will make the final decision of whether Abegglen is eligible for his full pension and benefits. Museus said he believes Abegglen is likely to receive full benefits... [Full article here]


Beloit Daily News
By John Ranallo
Saturday, January 30, 2010 3:37 AM CST
[Excerpts] ...On Aug. 13, [Beloit Police Sgt. Willis] Abegglen was suspended for three days without pay for harassing [M.C.]. According to the complaint filed by [Police Chief John] Wilson, during the course of investigation into the matter, Abegglen learned that [M.C.] was intimidated and feared for her safety around him. As a result [M.C.] generally kept her office door locked when he was in the building. The complaint states that after returning from his August suspension Abegglen continued to harass [M.C.] and retaliated against her because of her earlier complaint. The complaint also states that [M.C.]’s office door locks by pushing a button on the doorknob. At one point, Abegglen allegedly stood outside her closed door while she was in her office and whispered: “Push the button, push the button”... The complaint states that [M.C.] used a digital voice recorder to record Abegglen’s comments. Prior to hearing the recording Abegglen denied the allegations... [Full article here]
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