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Friday, February 26, 2010

[WI] Officer Brux arrested for "domestic-violence related disorderly conduct"

 Manitowoc police officer arrested
February 25, 2010
[Excerpts] A 39-year-old Manitowoc police officer was arrested for domestic-violence related disorderly conduct... According to the [Manitowoc Police Department] release: Officers responded to the scene after the Manitowoc County Emergency Dispatch center received a call. The officers determined that an off-duty police officer, Lance Brux , was involved in the domestic disturbance... Brux was placed on paid administrative leave after the incident. An internal investigation is underway... Brux will appear for his initial court appearance March 15. A special prosecutor was assigned to the case through the Manitowoc County District Attorney’s office... [Full article here]

Fraternal Order of Eagles "Officer Of The Year Award"
Manitowoc Police Department
Officer Lance Brux
[Excerpts] The Manitowoc Police Department is proud to announce that Officer Lance Brux has been selected as the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, through the Fraternal Order of Eagles Manitowoc Aerie No. 706, for his service to the community in 2008. Officer Brux began his Law Enforcement career with the Manitowoc Police Department on June 20, 1999... He has been a board member of the Manitowoc Professional Police Association (MPPA) for 5 years, and is currently serving as the MPPA President... [Full item here]

For my own reasons I opted to not post the photo of Brux
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  1. In the process of finding the Brux connection to the local police union I ran into this info on the state police union executive director. It's a clue to what accountability means to the police unions in Wisconsin.

    Police group official accused of OWI
    Executive director admits drinking
    Journal Sentinel
    By Meg Jones
    Posted: Dec. 24, 2009
    [Excerpts] The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association was arrested last weekend in Columbia County on suspicion of drunken driving after he was called to the scene of an accident involving the group's director of finance. James L. Palmer II was arrested early Saturday after a Columbia County Sheriff's deputy noticed he smelled of alcohol, his speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot. A preliminary breath test showed Palmer's blood alcohol level was 0.146. Palmer told a sheriff's deputy that he was called to the scene of a one-vehicle crash by Jean O. Steinhauer, who is director of finance for the police association. When a Columbia County Sheriff's deputy arrived at the scene around 2:30 a.m. Saturday in the Town of Hampden, a state trooper reported Steinhauer had crashed her vehicle into a shed and had been consuming alcohol, according to the Columbia County Sheriff's accident report. When the deputy arrived, Palmer was standing outside his vehicle parked next to Steinhauer's vehicle. Palmer told the deputy that he had been drinking with Steinhauer earlier in the evening... He is a board member of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group and was appointed this year by Gov. Jim Doyle to the Higher Educational Aids Board. Palmer is also the only police association representative on the Traffic Stop Data Collection Advisory Committee, a group assisting in implementing new statutory requirements related to the statewide collection of data on the race of individuals in vehicles involved in traffic stops. Steinhauer is a certified public accountant who joined the Wisconsin Professional Police Association in 2005. She handles the group's finances, including payroll and budgeting... The State Patrol handled the investigation of Steinhauer's crash. A spokesman said Thursday the State Patrol's incident report would not be released until Monday. [Full article here]

    Police union leader cited for drunken driving
    Associated Press
    Dec. 29, 2009, 7:24A
    [Excerpts] ..."I am ashamed at this deplorable exercise of poor judgment, and I accept total responsibility," he said. "I offer my sincere apology to my family, friends, members, and co-workers, and commit that this will never happen again." According to State Patrol and Columbia County Sheriff's reports, WPPA Finance Director Jean O. Steinhauer missed a turn in southern Columbia County around 1:50 a.m. on Dec. 19. She drove across a driveway into a ditch and through a snowbank before she smashed into the shed, knocking it off its foundation. A sheriff's deputy arrived about 30 minutes later and found a state trooper already there. Steinhauer was in the back of the trooper's squad car and Palmer was standing near the crashed car, the deputy's report said. Palmer told the deputy that Steinhauer had called him within the last hour and said she had gone off the road. He left his Sun Prairie apartment and found her about five minutes before the state trooper arrived. Palmer said in an e-mail that Steinhauer told him she was lost, stuck and frightened. He went out to see if he could help her, not knowing she had hit a shed. He said police arrived on the scene almost immediately after he did... [Full article here]http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/bizarre/6790436.html

  2. Police lobbyist apologizes for OWI arrest
    Journal Sentinel
    By Meg Jones
    Posted: Dec. 28, 2009
    [Excerpts] The executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association said Monday that he's ashamed at his "deplorable exercise in poor judgment" for a drunken driving citation he received this month... [James] Palmer told a sheriff's deputy that he was called to the scene of a one-vehicle crash by Jean O. Steinhauer, who is director of finance for the police association. On Monday he said in a statement that he recognized that as the leader of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, his conduct reflects on law enforcement officers in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Professional Police Association "has been an ardent supporter of measures to strengthen Wisconsin's drunk driving laws, and that will not change," Palmer said. "Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense and I deeply regret my actions"... No charges have yet been filed against Steinhauer... [Full article here]

    From online comments:

    Who else believes there is more to this story? Like they were partying together and he was following her in his car when she mowed down the shed. Maybe he rear-ended her. Or was about to...

    ...The Blind leading the Dead. I guess the police could check her cell phone records to see if the story is true?...

    ...or maybe he was driving drunk and refused to give his keys to anyone... she decided to follow him to make sure he got home safe... he hit the shed... they switched places and now we have this story...

    Brux accused of assaulting woman in Feb.
    Herald Times
    By Megan Schmidt
    March 17, 2010
    MANITOWOC — The Manitowoc police officer accused of domestic violence-related disorderly conduct pleaded not guilty at his initial court appearance Monday. According to court records, 39-year-old Lance Brux also signed a $750 recognizance bond under the condition that he would have "no assaultive contact" with the 38-year-old woman he allegedly physically assaulted... Brux allegedly grabbed the woman by her hair and pulled her out of the bathtub and then placed her in a wristlock hold. He bent her wrist and pushed her out of the bathroom into the living room. At some point, the woman fell to the ground. The woman said that she believes she was hit on the side of her head with knuckles, but she did not remember how or when it happened. A juvenile returned to the home and witnessed Brux pushing the woman. The juvenile called 911. Brux was not taken into custody because the on-call district attorney felt the woman would not be in danger and because she was uninjured, although the sergeant said he had enough evidence for an arrest... Brux was placed on paid administrative leave... [Deputy Inspector Todd] Hermann said that he would have handled the incident differently. "Personally, I would have taken him into custody," he said [Full article here]

  4. ahh a cop hater and union hater too i see.

  5. btw fuck you

  6. This site is what the crooked cops in Manitowoc County need, Here's a little taste how crooked they are. 15 years ago i was convicted of a pot charge. Well i since stopped smoking and my son Grew up as he was only 3 when i got the case, Well they got info he was involved with pot, And he was, They raided my house found all his items mostly in his safe with his Ids and every thing,He Admitted every thing which they already Knew, And took him off to Jail, While walking him out they asked if he had anything else. He saw the K-9 Dog and said "Ya i Have some weed he dumped in the washer,And a pipe stuck in the couch. Andrew Beck A Crooked Drug Metro agent. (In my openion.) Charged me with like 15 years worth of charges knowing every thing belonged to my son, Because i had a pot case from over 15 years ago not even as big as what my son did. They Lied and charged me. This Kid Had over a Pound of pot in his safe,I had nothing. They Claim 1.5 of a GRAM was in my bed room. But they lied through their teeth. My health don't allow me to smoke any more. I also have documents that show during the investigation they knew i had no involvement what so ever. Their OWN Snitch told the The father isn't doing anything. Keep this site live and keep up the good work. Here is another site you may wanna check out.Its still under construction but is gonna slam Manitowoc for their crooked tactics. wwwManitowocFacts.webs.com Now this site is up and running with very good responce.


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