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Saturday, February 27, 2010

[ID] Deputy Keyes charged with felony (armed) stalking of his ex-wife, breaking in, etc

Idaho Statesman
Published: 02/18/10
[Excerpts] A Canyon County sheriff's deputy [Joshua M. Keyes, 29] is charged with second-degree stalking and unlawful entry... Police said Keyes allegedly began stalking a female after their relationship ended last February. Keyes entered the woman's residence without knowledge or permission both day and night, and would masturbate while the victim was sleeping, police said. Keyes is accused of unlawful entry while he was on and off duty as a patrol deputy. Keyes was arrested Tuesday night, and entered a not guilty plea in magistrate court. He was being held on a $15,000 bond, but will be required to wear a GPS monitoring device if released... He was suspended pending a termination hearing by Canyon County Sheriff Chris Smith. The Ada County Prosecuting Attorney's office is handling the prosecution... [Full article here]

Posted on February 19, 2010 at 9:28 PM
Updated Saturday, Feb 20 at 2:44 PM
The Nampa Police Department has filed new charges against Joshua Keyes, 29, accused of stalking his ex-wife. Keyes, a former Canyon County Sheriff's Deputy, is in Ada County Jail tonight after an $1,000,000 warrant was issued for his arrest on three felony charges. The new charges, burglary, aggravated assault, and first degree stalking, resulted from evidence uncovered by a continued investigation by Nampa Police Detectives and Ada County Prosecutors. New information indicated that during several of the stalking incidents Keyes became violent and carried a firearm which lead to the enhanced charges. The Ada County Prosecuting Attorney's office will be handling the case. [LINK]

Idaho Press-Tribune
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:56 pm
Updated: 9:51 pm, Tue Feb 23, 2010.
[Excerpts] ...Canyon County sheriff's deputy Joshua M.] Keyes allegedly entered her residence, without her knowledge or permission at various times of the day and night. Officials said evidence showed Keyes would enter the victim’s bedroom while she was sleeping and masturbate... both while Keyes was off-duty and on-duty as a Canyon County Sheriff's Office patrol deputy. Keyes is also accused of driving by the victim's home while he was on- and off-duty.... Keyes was booked into Payette County Jail following his arrest because of his position with the Canyon County Sheriff's Office. He was transported to the Canyon County Detention Center today... Bond was set at $15,000, and officials said if Keyes posts bond he will be required to wear a GPS monitoring device. A no contact order was also issued... Keyes has been employed by the sheriff’s office for six six years. He has been suspended pending a termination... [Full article here]

Idaho Press-Tribune
Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010 11:50 pm
Updated: 3:49 am, Sat Feb 27, 2010.
[Excerpts] A former Canyon County Sheriff’s Office deputy accused of stalking a female victim has been charged with three new felony charges of burglary, aggravated assault and first-degree stalking... Officials said in a news release that during some of the stalking incidents, 29-year-old Joshua M. Keyes was violent and in possession of a firearm. A judge issued a $1 million warrant for Keyes on Friday. The six-year sheriff’s office employee was arrested at a home in Meridian without incident and taken to the Ada County jail... Keyes allegedly entered the woman’s residence, without her knowledge or permission, at different times during the day and night. Evidence showed Keyes would enter her bedroom while she was sleeping and masturbate... Officials believe he entered the residence or drove by multiple times... According to police, the behavior occurred both while Keyes was on- and off-duty with the sheriff’s office... [Full article here]
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  1. What kind of evidence do they have?


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