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Saturday, February 6, 2010

[OH] Columbus Police Officer Richard Evans RE-ARRESTED wearing GPS. It's cop-on-cop AGAIN, with different female police officer ex.

...[Columbus Police Officer Richard Evans] who was arrested last month on domestic-violence charges involving his [police officer] ex-wife is back in jail after breaking into an ex-girlfriend's house [who is also a police officer]...

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[OH] Columbus Police Officer Richard Evans arrested for cop-on-cop domestic violence...[Columbus police officer] is charged with aggravated menacing, menacing by stalking, domestic violence and two counts of violating a protection order...

Video says the girlfriend who was victim of this more recent crime also is a police officer. I have removed the names of the girlfriend and wife.

The Columbus Dispatch
By Theodore Decker
Friday, February 5, 2010 8:08 PM
[Excerpts] A Columbus police officer who was arrested last month on domestic-violence charges involving his ex-wife is back in jail after breaking into an ex-girlfriend's house in Plain City, police there say. Richard L. Evans, 41, of 250 East St. in Sunbury is now charged with burglary. Plain City police said Evans' 37-year-old ex-girlfriend, [DH], called them Tuesday night to say that he had broken into her home while she was away and was hiding in her bedroom when she returned.... Sgt. Rich Weiner, a Columbus Police Division spokesman, said Evans has been using personal time since the charges were filed in Delaware County and has not returned to work. He was charged Jan. 11 with aggravated menacing, menacing by stalking, domestic violence and two counts of violating a protection order following a confrontation with his ex-wife, Delaware deputies said. A judge ordered the 17-year Police Division veteran to wear a GPS monitor, not have any weapons and stay away from his ex-wife, [LE], who also is a Columbus police officer.... Because of the new charge, the prosecutor in Delaware County took steps on Thursday to revoke his bail, court records show. He remained jailed yesterday in the Tri-County Regional Jail in Mechanicsburg. The police internal affairs bureau will investigate both incidents after the criminal cases are resolved... [Full article here]

KUDOS to the police, though I don't know why his gun and badge were ALREADY stripped before his 1st arrest - but they do seem to be on this now. If he ever got a break hopefully that phase is over.  

February 4 2010
[Excerpts] A Columbus police officer is finding himself on the wrong side of the law - for the second time. Recently, Officer Richard Evans racked up his second run in with the law in less than a month... Officers arrested Evans at his home in Delaware on Wednesday. He was still wearing his electronic monitoring bracelet obtained because he’d just bonded out of the Delaware County Jail on a previous offense. He was arraigned in January 2010 in Delaware County for stalking his ex-wife, who is also a Columbus police officer. This time, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office executed the warrant for his arrest on a burglary charge. Police in Plain City say Evans broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house, hid in a bedroom and waited for her to come home. When she arrived, she discovered Evans hiding in the dark and called 911 from outside of her home. The following is an excerpt from the 911 call: Caller: "I was not expecting to come home and have someone in my house I can tell you that right now." Caller: "I deal with this crap all night long and at work, and I got three kids"... Authorities stripped him of his Columbus Division of Police badge and his gun for the last two months pending an internal investigation.... [Full article here]

Evans is acting like someone who doesn't care about his life anymore and anyone who knows domestic violence knows the danger to others when it comes to that. I pray he gets the serious help he needs, that he's held accountable, and for the victims to have the strength and protection to get through this.
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  1. I used to know Richard on a personal level and think that he has lost something of his touch with society. He was a truly great person and may just need some support. This is also a classic example of why you don't get involved with people with whom you work. It's always bad nes. Espically if the other person is a cop! Best wishes Richard

  2. To everyone who is getting part of the story, I am very close to Richard Evans and All I can say is don't believe what you hear no the facts...I am disgusted with Columbus Police dept. and how they have allowed 2 women because they are cops to say what ever they like with no Proof to get what they want. It's on court transcripts that both stated he was not a violent or threating man, but this was still allowed...Watch out society this could happen to you as well.Richard is still being abused by our system, the EX wife and society.


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