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Thursday, February 18, 2010

[NC] Unanswered questions about death of deputy's husband, Stacey Pollard, are resurrecting

They allow anonymous bloggers to post all kinds of garbage, accusations and comments,” [Pitt County Sheriff Mac] Manning said. “I hold The Daily Reflector accountable, in part, for this mess I’m in now...”

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Greenville Daily Reflector
Michael Abramowitz
February 18, 2010
[Excerpts] A “distorted” political poll, anonymous blog conversations and negative comments on local media Web sites about Pitt County Sheriff Mac Manning compelled the sheriff to publish a four-column paid response in The Daily Reflector on Wednesday, Manning said. At the same time, a consultant for Neil Elks, Manning’s opponent in this year’s Democratic primary election, told county residents to strap themselves in for a vigorous campaign. Manning said in the open letter advertisement that his political adversaries intend to capitalize on the Michelle Pollard case as part of an ongoing smear campaign to defeat him. Pollard, a former deputy, was convicted last month of obstructing a drug investigation. Additionally, the investigation of her husband’s death has been the subject of civil suits against the department. In an interview Wednesday, Manning said misleading blog comments about Pollard’s conviction and the 2005 death of Stacey Pollard were fodder for the poll questions. “The poll was based ... on misinformation and outright lies and insinuations that just aren’t true,” Manning said. The telephone poll of 559 likely Pitt County Democratic primary voters was conducted by Public Policy Polling of Raleigh. It was designed and conducted by Campaign Connections, a political consulting firm contracted by Elks, said consultant Brad Crone, the company’s president and founder... Elks could not be reached for comment but released a statement that said, “It’s a sad day in Pitt County politics when the sheriff has to purchase a (four-column) ad to try and clean his hands of a scandal he created”... Manning said he found the blogs and comments posted on The Daily Reflector and WITN Web sites personally offensive. “They allow anonymous bloggers to post all kinds of garbage, accusations and comments,” Manning said. “I hold The Daily Reflector accountable, in part, for this mess I’m in now, because when it comes from a reputable publishing company, it takes on an air of legitimacy and people think it must be true.” [Full article here]

By Arthur Mondale
February 17, 2010
[Excerpts]  Its election season across the east and the campaign for a Sheriff’s Office is heating up. Current Pitt County Sheriff Mac Manning is already complaining about mud slinging, from the man who may end up running against him. It’s all about a political poll. “Mudslinging and negative politics is beneath the office of Sheriff. But if it’s hurled my way I will stand my ground.“ Sheriff Mac Manning is responding to a recent poll by Public Policy Polling, paid for by the man running against him, Neil Elks. The Sheriff says it capitalizes on the Michelle Pollard case in the upcoming election... Sheriff Manning fired back with a response letter published in Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Reflector, to set the record straight. In response to the 2006 death investigation of Stacey Pollard’s drowning: “Everything indicated that this was an accidental drowning, that’s what I believe then, that’s what I believe now. And I believe the physical evidence and all the circumstances indicate that,” Manning said... “When I left the scene I was under the impression that the State Bureau of Investigation would be called to assist in the investigation. As we all know, that never occurred,” Neil Elks said in a statement released to the media. And other claims including Manning promoting Pollard during her husband’s death investigation saying: “He promoted Ms. Pollard to Lt. Deputy after she had failed a polygraph test.  That action alone makes me question the Sheriff’s integrity.” “The DA reviewed the case and informed me no criminal charges would be filed — if she lied why weren’t charges filed,“ said Manning.... This is the first time Elks has run for Sheriff’s Office, having served as a captain under Manning for four years, and hopes the current numbers will prove a reality. According to the Pitt County Board of Elections, Sheriff Manning is currently running unopposed. Neil Elks will hold a news conference Thursday at 10 am at the Town Common in Greenville. Then he plans to formally file against Manning. To get a look at the survey and Mac Manning’s response, just log on our website and type in the keywords: Sheriff’s Debate. [Full article here]


Jan 28, 2010
[Excerpts] The Department of Correction says it cannot say whether they're taking any different security measures because Michelle Pollard is former law enforcement officer. But we do know that Pollard is under administrative segregation... Pollard, who resigned just weeks before her indictment last summer, was convicted of two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of not performing duties of her office. Prosecutors say the former deputy tipped off the subject of an ongoing drug investigation... [Full article here]
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  1. Sheriff Manning blames blogs, media, and anonymous commenters - Oh My!

  2. From Greenville Daily Reflector

    Submitted by NotfromherePride

    Funny how he blames this gag order, but then sends his whole department a note saying that he expects them to 'speak well of your department' during the campaign...

    Submitted by whoa

    Isnt it funny how Manning holds everyone else accountable for this "mess" that he finds himself in, except himself or Michelle Pollard. One minute it's the DA's fault for "vigorously" prosecuting MP (and the DARE Officer), then it't the bloggers fault (because they dare to publicize it), then it's Elks fault (he's now saying Elks was in charge at the death scene). Well might I dare to ask one simple question. When will Manning or Michelle Pollard have some fault in this "mess"? Topless, refusal to call in appropriate agencies, alerting drug dealers to impending cases?...


  3. A Betrayal of Truth
    February 18th, 2010
    [Excerpts] ...We also find it incredulous that Mac conveniently leaves out the fact that Stacey Pollard’s death certificate was changed to that of an UNKNOWN CAUSE due to INCONSISTENT HISTORIES. Yes the original certificate listed Stacey’s death as accidental but was CHANGED in December of 2008 after the Medical Examiner became aware of Michelle’s polygraph results and her differing accounts of the events surrounding Stacey’s death. Do you think Mac contacted the Medical Examiner to share this information? We wish he did... [LINK]

  4. While women have made great strides in law enforcement, inluding become captains, sheriffs etc, there still exists a great deal of sexism and unequal treatment.
    How sadly ironic the one place the most equal treatment for men and women seems to be is when it comes time for departments to cover their butts and blame others for their shortcomings in investigating or failing to prevent deaths.

  5. Former Pitt County Sheriff's Lieutenant Released From Prison
    Michelle Pollard was released from prison Wednesday morning.
    Posted: 4:49 AM Aug 4, 2010
    Reporter: Heather King

    Updated: 12:48 PM Aug 5, 2010

    A former Pitt County sheriff's lieutenant was released from prison Wednesday morning.

    Michelle Pollard was convicted in January for obstruction of justice for tipping off the subject of a drug investigation.

    The 40-year-old Pollard has been in the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women serving an eight month sentence.

    The Department of Correction says Pollard was released around 8:30 a.m. and is under no post-release supervision or restrictions.


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