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Saturday, February 6, 2010

[PA] Listening to Rosa Torres-Sadler on BlogTalkRadio regarding her civil case against a PA State Trooper for domestic violence

I was sent the link last night and am listening to the interview now. What a strong voice Rosa is!

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[PA] Domestic violence victim Rosa Torres-Sadler's letter to Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor - ...I’ve lived in fear for many years but I believe in our justice system and will not give-up... 

Rosa's website: SURVIVOR 

Show Name: 
Civil Case Against PA State Trooper - Highlighting Rosa Torres-Sadler A Survivor and Successor
Program Name Women Empowerment
Host Name: Lori Finnila (She did a wonderful job interviewing!)
Date 1/19/2010 10:00 AM
Length - 1 hr
[Excerpts] Brand new show highlighting Rosa Torres-Sadler's life, who has a case in Civil Court against a PA State Trooper for Domestic Violence. She has been abused by not one but by two police officers resulting in both of her eyes being serious wounded. She was left on the ground by herself wounded, bleeding and pleading for help to have to walk 15 minutes to get herself to a hospital to find she will never see the same again. She courageously fought a seemingly endless system for years to get justice in this case. She writes to leave her strength and legacy of herself to her children... She is an advocate and a fighter with tremendous perseverance that fights for all and rallies with many causes and constantly fights and prays for other abused wives and girlfriends of police officers who are still here and some that are not. Please come listen to her truthful chilling words of her account... 
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  1. I can understand the civil case...but why is the State Police Officer not facing criminal charges?

  2. That's a excellent question, I asked this question time and time again. When, I was injured and the Lancaster Police came to the hospital, instead of following their own Policy and procedures of the law. They contacted his commander. The District Attorney would not even charge him! Until this very day, my stomach turns time and time again.

    So to make it short and sweet. They covered up the abuse. Even to the point they blamed me for my own injuries. I'm one of the lucky ones. I survived. Thank you for your comment.

    God bless,

    With much respect,

    Rosa Torres-Sadler

  3. Oh stop it

  4. Rosa was very courageous to come on.

    Lori Finnila
    Women Empowerment Radio Show


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