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Thursday, December 22, 2011

[AR] 6'5", 335lb LRPD Police Officer Bracey said to have face-punched wife in front of the kids

Reported by: KARK 4 News
Monday, December 12 2011
[Excerpts] A Little Rock Police officer accused of hitting his wife Friday night has surrendered. Officer John Bracey, 47, is charged with assault of a family member... Mrs. Bracey said the couple was arguing about their 14-year-old son going hunting when Mr. Bracey broke her laptop by tossing it into a door and she then threw his laptop onto the floor. Mary Bracey told officers after her husband accused she and their son of being disrespectful, he then grabbed her by the neck, threw her on a couch, held her down and punched her in the eye with a closed fist. The son and the couple's 8-year-old daughter ran outside at that point, according to the incident report, and Bracey let his wife go while he tried to get them back inside before he left the house. Investigating officers tried unsuccessfully to reach Bracey on his cell phone and then removed his police issue gear from the Bracey home before taking his wife downtown for questioning. Officer Bracey has been with the Little Rock Police Department since September 1995... [Full article here]

Updated: 12/13 3:41 pm Published: 12/12 4:01 pm
[Excerpts] The Little Rock Police Officer accused of punching his wife in a domestic dispute Friday has plead not guilty. His next court date has been set for February 14, 2012... The police report lists John Bracey as being 6’5” and 335 pounds. Police say that Bracey has been with the department for 16 years. Police say Officer Bracey turned himself in with his attorney on Monday. He has been charged with aggravated assault on a household member... the alleged assault took place in front of their son and 8-year-old daughter... [Full article here]
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