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Thursday, December 8, 2011

[NY] [1982] Police Officer Michael Condon victim of girlfriend Catherine Reilly's murder-suicide

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The Hour, Norwalk Ct.
Thursday Jul 8, 1982

Finger Lakes Times
Thursday, July 8, 1982
[Excerpts] NEW YORK - Before she shot her cop boyfriend to death during a lover's quarrel and killed herself, model Catherine Reilly was a happy person whose career was just beginning to take off, her agent recalls. "She was a very happy girl, always smiling," Michael Amato said after learning of the incident which took the lives of Ms. Reilly, 28, and Michael Condon, 34, a decorated New York City Transit Authority officer [Full article here]

By The Associated Press
Published: July 8, 1982
[Excerpts] An actress-model who played the "little blue nun" in television wine commercials killed her boyfriend, a transit police officer, with his service revolver during a quarrel yesterday and then fatally shot herself, the police said. The bodies of the model, Catherine Reilly, 28 years old, and the officer, Michael Condon, 34, were found in her apartment at 315 East 54th Street. Dr. Elliot M. Gross, the Chief Medical Examiner, said an autopsy had indicated that Miss Reilly's death was a suicide and Officer Condon's a homicide. Officer Condon, who was separated from his wife, had lived "on and off" with Miss Reilly, the police said. They said he had been hit in the right shoulder by a bullet that then entered his chest. Miss Reilly was shot in the face... [Full article here]
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