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Friday, December 30, 2011

[FL] DOC Corrections Officer Tucker attacked his wife on side of the road, witnesses say

2 Witnesses say they saw Florida Department of Corrections Officer Johnny Tucker attack his screaming wife on the side of the road, sitting on her, pressing his forearm into her neck, snatching her up by her hair. Thanks to the professionalism of the responding Polk County Deputies, despite Tucker and his wife telling them that nothing physical happened, Tucker was arrested and charged with battery domestic violence.

Protect the wife.
Protect the prisoners he has control over.
Protect him from himself.

December 28, 2011
[Excerpts] A Florida Department of Corrections officer employed at the Polk City state prison was arrested on domestic battery charges. Johnny Tucker, 28, was taken into custody Monday by Polk County Sheriff's deputies. He posted bond and was released from the Polk County jail Tuesday. According to the sheriff's office, witnesses said they saw a man, later identified as Tucker, assaulting a woman next to a white Jeep Cherokee parked on the roadside. One of the witnesses stopped and approached the couple, but the couple got back into the Jeep and left, deputies said... Tucker was arrested based on the accounts of the witnesses and the statements of Tucker and his wife, the sheriff's office said. He was charged with one count of battery domestic violence... [Full article here]

By Julio Ochoa
December 28, 2011
[Excerpts] A corrections officer for a state prison in Polk County was charged Monday with assaulting a woman after a witness saw the couple fighting on the side of a road, deputies said. Johnny Tucker, 28, a Florida Department of Corrections officer who works at the Polk Correctional Institute, was charged with battery domestic violence... A man and his wife were driving south on North Combee Road when they saw a woman fall out of the passenger side of a white Jeep Cherokee that was parked on the side of the road... Tucker came out of the passenger door and fell on top of the victim, deputies said. The witnesses pulled over and saw Tucker sit on top of the woman with his forearm on her neck... When the witness got out of his vehicle and confronted Tucker, he grabbed the victim by her hair and pushed her into the Jeep... The tag led a deputy to Tucker's home, where he confronted Tucker and the victim, who both said they had an argument but it was not physical, the affidavit said. The deputy got sworn statements from the witnesses and returned to Tucker's home and arrested him... [Full article here]

The Ledger
By Chase Purdy
December 28, 2011
[Excerpts] Polk County deputies Monday arrested a state correctional officer on a charge he assaulted his wife during a roadside argument. An arrest affidavit states that Johnny Tucker, 28, of Lakeland, had pulled his white Jeep Cherokee to the side of Combee Road, and assaulted his screaming wife on the pavement... Two witnesses notified the Sheriff's Office upon driving up and watching as the dispute occurred, Deputy Stephen Harris wrote in the affidavit... The pair told authorities [they] saw Tucker push his forearm against the woman's neck. When one of the witnesses approached the quarreling couple,... When approached by a deputy at his house, Tucker denied assaulting his wife, authorities said. But when the pair was asked to fill out written statements, authorities found enough probable cause to make an arrest... This report will be updated. [Full article here]
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