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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[MN] Unnamed Ramsey County deputy still a cop despite wife's injuries and list of problems

...She said he hit her in the face twice, physically threw her out the front door, then "kicked and punched her" when she was able to get back in... The responding officers noted the deputy's wife had visible injuries. A domestic assault case against the deputy was eventually dismissed...

SUICIDE FILES: Sheriff Fletcher supporters who weren't investigated by Internal Affairs

City Pages
By Jessica Lussenhop
December 5, 2011
 [Full article here]
[Excerpts] In this week's feature, we told the story of Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy Dan Ruettimann, who committed suicide in early October. Shortly before his death, he asked a friend to pass a package of paperwork to this City Pages reporter... Ruettimann believed some deputies were spared Internal Affairs investigations under former Sheriff Bob Fletcher... The reports that Ruettimann pulled on other officers - four in total - cover a variety of offenses, from drunk driving to domestic assault. City Pages determined from a Data Practices request that Ruettimann was correct -- none of the officers were investigated by Internal Affairs for the crimes described in any of the reports. For this reason, City Pages is withholding their names... In 2005, officers responded to a domestic assault call to the same deputy's home. His wife told police they'd fought over who left the toilet seat up, and that he started to choke her. She said he hit her in the face twice, physically threw her out the front door, then "kicked and punched her" when she was able to get back in. Her brother told the cops he'd seen the deputy slap his wife twice and throw her out of the house. The responding officers noted the deputy's wife had visible injuries. A domestic assault case against the deputy was eventually dismissed... In 2000, he was found culpable in an excessive force charge. In 2002, he was faulted for driving conduct. In 2006, he was suspended for four days for Conduct Unbecoming an Officer... Yet another Internal Affairs investigation for "improper procedure" is currently open on the same deputy... Ruettimann said that he believed that the Internal Affairs process under Fletcher had been "corrupt and crooked." However, after new Sheriff Matt Bostrom took office, Ruettimann requested some Internal Affairs investigations of his own... Ruettimann requested three investigations for Conduct Unbecoming an Officer that related to his own troubles...
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  1. There's a lot than this one deputy. Many where protected by Fletcher, who used his IA as a tool to judge his non-beleivers. I will name evey last one of these deputies due in time...

  2. Deputy William Harvel. He's pictured on Fletcherforsheriff.com

    upper row, right-hand first one.

  3. Sgt Jim Dunlap

  4. Sgt Brenda Brozik

  5. Deputy Joel Lenoard

  6. Deputy Tim Gulden

  7. Harvel beats his wife and gets off the hook, no IA, no demotion, no nothing.

  8. Home White Bear Opinion Letters To The Editor .
    Posted: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 12:00 am | Updated: 5:26 pm, Mon Sep 12, 2011.
    Outstanding leader

    Deputy Norm Thurmer and Sgt. Jim Dunlap
    WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP — We are writing to show our support for Sheriff Bob Fletcher. Bob has been an outstanding law enforcement leader for the citizens of Ramsey County. While serving as your sheriff, he has transformed our agency into an organization that is constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of our community.

    Under Bob’s leadership we have developed successful community outreach programs such as meth prevention, youth literacy, and the curfew center. Other initiatives such as the Sex Offender Tracking Unit and Career Criminal Unit have been very successful as well. Volunteerism and technology enhancements have been expanded to more effectively utilize our resources.
    As Township residents and members of the Sheriff’s Department with over 100 years of combined experience, we urge you to re-elect Sheriff Bob Fletcher.

    Commander Dale Sommerhause and Undersheriff George Altendorfer also signed this letter.

  9. These people along with Fletcher and his media sources at the pioneer press and fox news, loaded the gun that killed Deputy Dan R. Kick a man when he's down and this is the result. What is sad is noone will ever be held responsible for their actions. There always more to the story.

  10. It's been almost a year and noone has been held accountable for the bullying death of Deputy Dan R. Reporters Brady Gervais, Pioneer press and Tom Lydon, Fox 9 where continully asking about Dan's personal business through data privacy requests. How did they come about this information? Some within had tipped them off. A circus for a story, resulted in a man's depression taking his own life. Tell the truth. Who leaked the information?

  11. Fletcher used you guys in his 2006 election against finny, supposedly protected the murderer and you support in Fletcher now years later Fletchers back in finney said his right hand side sitting in the same office he does or you got pimped


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