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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[MI] Ex police chief kills Rhonda Lynn Tinsey Bucholtz in his murder-suicide

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 former Bad Axe Police Chief Gary Bucholtz committed murder-suicide on his estranged wife Rhonda Lynn Tinsey Bucholtz. Gathered from news reports - Rhonda is said to have struggled with Gary in a Port Hope home, he restrained her with devices, took her from the residence against her will, abducted Rhonda from Huron County in a van, drove to Mason, rented a room at Heb's Inn and Motel, and killed Ronda and himself there by gunfire. Rhonda "enjoyed all types of music, interior decorating, outdoor activities and yard work, church activities, going on a Detroit Tigers annual outing, attending her children’s sporting events, and especially spending time with her loving family... She is survived by her mother... two sons... two daughters... two brothers... one step-brother... one grandson, and several nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins."
From around the internet:

"...Its like I wanna call her but I know she won't be on the other side to pick up. Gosh this is so hard..."

"So sad when you think you know someone and they go and commit the ultimate selfish act, murder suicide, Gary Bucholtz what were you thinking man it wasnt worth it, i guess I didnt know you at all..."

"...i cant sleep and i dont even want to eat all i can think about is mom."

On Renee's website, Michigan OIDV Project:
Chief Gary Bucholtz [Bad Axe, Mi]. Murder / Suicide: 11/29/2011

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